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How to Hire a Wedding Florist: Style, Pricing and More.

The flowers at your wedding can truly set the atmosphere and impression that you want for your special day. But do you know how to hire a wedding florist? Picking a florist that can help you achieve this is an important task and one that should be taken seriously if you want to accomplish that fairy tale wedding or a chic reception.

Choose Your Style

Just because your favourite flower are calla lilies doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a great arrangement for your wedding. Think about your theme and what kind of vibe you want your guests to encounter. Go through images from other weddings and various flowers in an image search. Maybe you want tall and exotic or minimal and sleek; be sure to pick the type and have a few examples to tell your florist about.

Know Your Budget

Peonies are going to be significantly more than roses, and lilies out of season are going to be more expensive than lilies regularly. You should budget appropriately and see if your flowers can get multiple uses. If you take care of your blooms, then you can potentially use them once for the ceremony and again for the reception. Think of using greenery to lower the cost if you choose a more expensive flower, so your bouquets can still look full and gorgeous.

Use Your Contacts

If you’ve had friends walk the aisle before you, ask them about the process. You may find tips that they’ve learned about how they would do things differently a second time around—and you can benefit from that experience. Ask them about their florist, and if they would recommend their service. Having someone that you trust vet another person can take the pressure and uncertainty off you picking a florist and hoping for the best.

How To Hire A Wedding Florist

Interview Potential Florists

Once you know what you want and have an idea of who to approach, go visit some floral shops and set up some interviews. Ideally, you’ll find a florist who knows what you’re going for, can offer help in areas that you’re unsure and can fit your vision with their abilities. Make sure that you match the person with the job, so that if you’re looking for a florist who can also transport their work, you state that to them.

Confirm Your Choice

After you’ve narrowed down to a few florists, get estimates for the costs of what you want done for your wedding. Look at the various plans drawn up, and have your florists show you where costs can be cut. The florist that jives the best with you is likely the one that you should choose. Ensure that you give them enough time, about five or six months, before your wedding to pull off your dream floral décor.

Fine Dining Setting With Flowers

It can be a challenge to find the perfect florist — and find the time for everything in your busy wedding schedule, but the resulting ambiance that your stunning flowers add is worth the trouble.