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Pants Alterations & Repairs

Repairs, Renewals, & Resizing

Pants Alterations And Repairs Services

Pants Alterations and Repairs Services at 3rd Floor Tailors

Do you feel sad about disposing of that favorite pair of pants because it is either too small, big or short for you? You do not have to worry about that anymore as 3rd Floor Tailors will readily alter those pants to your desired taste.

Pant alterations and repair services depend on what you want to alter on your pants. Alterations range from zipper change or button replacement, enlarging a smaller pant, reducing the size of a larger pant, hemming your pant, increasing and reducing the length of your pants, reducing or increasing the size of the waistline. 3rd Floor Tailors are equipped with experts who are also experienced in rendering these services.


Imagine having a nice pair of pants without hemming; it makes it look shabby. Hemming your pants makes it look neat and appropriate for work, seminars, or whatever events you want to attend wearing it. Hemming can also be done when your pants are too long; you could hem the bottom instead of cutting off the extra layer of cloth.

Reducing or increasing the size of a waistline.

Wearing too tight or big pants for your waistline can be really uncomfortable. Why endure discomfort when 3rd-floor tailors can have that remedied within a short period. With a little adjustment after getting your waistline measurement, you can have a comfortable pair of pants in no time. Relieving right!

Changing zippers

Zippers tend to be frustrating sometimes when they decide to go bad the day you have an important meeting. Frustrating right?
That pant with a spoilt zipper is still useful and just needs a little repair, with a change of zipper to a new one guarantees a lesser cost in purchasing a new pair of pants.

Increasing or reducing the size of your pant

What do you do when you order a pair of pants online and they do not fit? Be rest assured that 3rd Floor Tailors are ready to be of help. Those pants can be altered to your size with just some little adjustment. If your pants are smaller, the hem allowance within the pant allows for the pants to be altered to your size, but if the hem allowance is not enough then extra hem allowance can be added to give you your required size

Cost of Pant Alterations

The cost of pants alteration is quite lesser than getting a new pair of pants. The kind of alterations needed to be done would determine your cost. Alterations such as button and zipper replacement tend to cost less than services such as hemming, patching up, and fitting pants to the appropriate size. Sometimes, this service may require extra clothing material in cases such as needing an extra hem allowance.

3rd Floor Tailors ensure to provide affordable and reliable services to our customers as your satisfaction is our priority

Timeframe for Pant Alteration

We at 3rd Floor Tailors understand the need for urgency and we ensure to meet up with the stipulated time you need your pants. Some minor alterations like zipper and button change take less time to alter than the major ones like fittings and hemming.

Also, alterations like patching tend to require time depending on how large or bad a tear is. Alterations such as this require an expert to produce a pant that is different from a new pair. 3rd Floor Tailors are always ready to be of service to our customers.

Location and Where to Bring the Pant

Are you searching for experts in tailoring that can help you alter your pants to your desired size? Then you do not need to search too far. 3rd Floor Tailors is the perfect place you are searching for.Do you reside in Toronto, Canada? Luck is quite on your side as 3rd-floor tailors is right at your fingertip. We are situated in Toronto’s fashion district, at 821 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1G1 .So, what are you waiting for! Do not dispose of those good pair of pants when you can get it back to its right shape with 3rd Floor Tailors.
Tailor Is Working On Pants Alterations And Repairs

Pants Alterations and Repairs FAQ

If your pants have hem allowance, then it makes the job easier. With your right measurement, the pant can be loosed and adjusted to the required size. However, if the hem allowance is not enough, then extra hem can be added to get a perfect result. It is advised that such alteration should be done by an expert.

Altering a wide leg pant can be quite technical because you need to get the right measurement, be able to trim off excess layers of cloth and sew properly. So, it is advised that such alterations should be taken to a professional.

Getting the right body measurement is important in altering pants that are too big. It also depends on the part of the pant that is not in the appropriate size. If the waistline to the hips and leg is big, it can be sown in from the waist down to the leg or, better still, given to an experienced tailor.