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Whether you are looking for unique evening dress or planning a destination wedding, thinking about designer bridal gown or having a hard time choosing a wedding venue we are here to give you ideas that might be very helpful. 

how long do prom dress alterations take

How Long Do Prom Dress Alterations Take

A Prom is one of the essential parts of a high school student’s life. It’s something that people look forward to for years and end up remembering long after it’s
engagement party dress ideas

Engagement Party Dress Ideas

Getting engaged could be a thrilling and remarkable experience – one that stays evergreen in your memory. It’s all bright and exciting and there are numerous butterflies in your belly
How to Alter a Slip Dress

Ultimate Guide on How to Alter a Slip Dress

The women’s fashion industry is one of the most versatile industries out there. And as there are so many ways to make a fashion statement that’s it’s pretty tricky to
Best Pre Wedding Shoot Dress Ideas

Best Pre Wedding Shoot Dress Ideas

Ever seen those picture-perfect pre-wedding shoots that seem to bring out butterflies in your belly, and it keeps you wondering, how does it look this good? One thing about pre-wedding
How to Alter a Bridesmaid Dress that is Too Small

How to Alter a Bridesmaid Dress that is Too Small?

Each and every bride has some sort of fear before the wedding day, and some of these fears are unrealistic and quickly pass, but some, unfortunately, are sometimes coming true.
How To Alter a Bridesmaid Dress That Is Too Big

How To Alter a Bridesmaid Dress That Is Too Big

When it comes to dresses, absolutely anything can go wrong. It could be right from when you bought it, or on the D day. Whatever way it happens, it is
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