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Our News & Blog For Brides

Blog For BridesWhether you are looking for unique evening dress or planning a destination wedding, thinking about designer bridal gown or having a hard time choosing a wedding venue we are here to give you ideas that might be very helpful.

Follow our blog for brides (and not only) to get updates on latest bridal trends and news. From wedding vendors to post-wedding depression, from top venues to alteration tricks – we have everything to inspire you, answer your most important questions, and prepare you for your most important day.

This blog is also helpful for those who are invited to a wedding or thinking about throwing an engagement party. You will learn what to wear on different types of wedding ceremonies and what type of gifts are newlyweds expecting from you.

Is This Blog for Brides Only?

You can have a feeling that this blog is for brides only. But despite the fact that we are trying to cover all aspects of wedding and related events we also sharing with you useful information related general clothing design, alteration and trends.

In case you didn’t find your information in our blog don’t hesitate to contact us by sending us email, calling us (647) 977-8336 or just visit us at 575 Queen Street West with all your questions and needs.

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