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Best Mother of the Groom Dress Ideas 2021

Best Mother of the Groom Dress Ideas 2021

While the about-to-weds will be the sun around which all revolves on their wedding day, this day sure means a lot to you too. You want to look great as
how to alter a circle skirt

How To Alter a Circle Skirt

Circle skirts are by choice one of the most loved and favorite style of skirts ever invented. They could be classy or straightforward, long or short, regular or custom, whatever
how to repair a dress

How to Repair a Dress

“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.”- says Edith Head, and there is no other statement that we believe more. Dresses are a staple
posing tips for wedding photography

Posing Tips for Wedding Photography

The long-awaited wedding day is here, and it brings along not only joyous emotions but a bunch of responsibilities as well, and we are here to help you prepare for
choosing bridesmaid dresses for different body types

Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses for Different Body Types

Yes, the perfect wedding dress creates the perfect image for a dream wedding. However, this is not an absolute truth with your bridal train out of the equation. As a
How To Alter Leather Clothes

How To Alter Leather Clothes

Clothing alterations require skill, precision and expertise. Making changes to your clothes, both minor and major changes, requires a professional touch to do it right. Often, clothing alterations goes wrong,
how many sizes can you alter a wedding dress?

How Many Sizes Can You Alter a Wedding Dress?

Planning a wedding could be both exciting and stressful. It could sometimes seem like a seemingly unending ride. From picking the wedding date to finally walking down the aisle, the
how much does it cost to get pants altered

How Much Does It Cost to Get Pants Altered

With the rise in expressive fashion, we are all looking for ways to show who we truly are through our clothes. This is why many people are tending towards tailors
How To Customize Your Wedding Dress

How To Customize Your Wedding Dress

The day is finally here; the wedding is approaching, the event preparations are all in process, but what about the day’s key attribute? The Wedding Dress! Is it just as
toronto wedding venues by the water

Top 7 Toronto Wedding Venues by the Water

Toronto, the picturesque metropolis-capital of Ontario, is an exceptional location for weddings. Also known for its magnificent skyscrapers, diverse sceneries, and great tourist attractions, Toronto offers unique venues to grooms
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