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how to add sleeves to a wedding dress

How To Add Sleeves To A Wedding Dress

Wedding dresses come with so many decisions, so many choices, and, most times, it feels like you can’t find the perfect one! It’s even more frustrating when you see all
how long does tailoring a dress take

How Long Does Tailoring a Dress Take?

Everyone loves to get their clothes out to the tailor and get it back just when they want them. The truth is that the time it takes to tailor a
2021 summer wedding dress trends

2021 Summer Wedding Dress Trends

What do the bride and summer have in common? They are both hot! Summer is that time when lots of beautiful people come together to tie the knot. With the
when should I have my wedding dress altered

When Should I Have My Wedding Dress Altered?

Your wedding day is the only day you will show off your gown to your loved ones and your significant other. To happily remember the day, you have to make
how to match your bag with your outfit

How to Match Your Bag with Your Outfit

Bags are the perfect blend of functionality and style all in one fashionable piece. Matching bags with shoes and belts were the trending fashion. So you might be asking, what’s
what type of dress to wear to a summer wedding

23 Chic Wedding Guest Dresses for a Summer Wedding

Summer and Wedding – our favorite season and event in one line. We love summer, adore brides, and can never get enough of weddings. This is why we’ve taken the
5 Types of Summer Dresses to Meet the Season with Chic

5 Types of Summer Dresses to Meet the Season with Chic

Isn’t summer everybody’s favorite season? Alright perhaps it is not yours but summer is one of our favorite seasons. With COVID’19 gradually going away, we are excited to be out
When to Wear a White Dress

When to Wear a White Dress

White and black, white and red, white and blue, white and purple, white and…. White seems ubiquitous, quietly slithering into every color combo. From the runway to home décor, it’s
how to dress to look thinner in summer

How To Dress To Look Thinner In Summer

What’s one thing summer and clothes have in common? They are both hot! But clothes? Only when done right. Summertime is that season with the ever-rising temps and inviting beach
why do wedding gowns have trains

Wedding Gowns and Trains: What You Should Know

Weddings are events that are celebrated on a large scale due to its significance and similarity to fairytales. Every lady wants to feel like a princess even more on their