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5 Essential Tips on Wedding Finances: How to Efficiently Survive Your Wedding

The time has finally come for you to plan and realize your dream wedding. Nothing can stand in your way now; you are in the right place, at the right time, setting up the base for your future with the ideal person. Meanwhile, this day is a truly magical experience; you shouldn’t let your mind wander easily. First off, you should have a plan of action for every single thing; your guests, your wedding style, wedding gown and of course, budget. In this article, we decided to focus on your wedding day’s financial side and present you with 5 essential tips on wedding finances. In other words, how to survive your wedding.

Figuring out and finalizing the budget is not an easy task. Your wedding day can turn out to be the priciest event you are going to plan. To summarize your spending, you should take into account your savings, income and a lot more. Read on to find out more about the 5 essential tips for your wedding finances management.

Know Your Finances

Whether you plan a small gateway or a big luxurious bash, you have to start with an initial budget. After deciding on the main aspects of the wedding event, monitor your cash inflows and outflows. Start with your and your fiancé’s savings. Understand what you have set aside for the upcoming months, honeymoon and your family life. Don’t forget to separate the emergency fund for both of you and recurring expenses like loan payments.

Next, calculate the contributions from family and relatives. It’s indeed a significant and meaningful gift to have your family participate in helping you with your wedding expenses. After calculating the initial budget you and your fiance will allocate, add up the additions from your family. Finally, you will have the whole amount and a clear picture of where you are headed with your expenses and planning.

Choose to Save

Yes, you have read that statement correctly! Initially, it is your choice to save money and cut unnecessary expenses for your wedding day. And if you are reading this, you have probably already decided to commit. There are certain practices and ‘tricks’ that you can apply to minimize a lot from your wedding spending list. Let’s dive in.

Paper Invitations, Cards, ‘Thank You’ Notes

One of the first items that come to mind for complete wedding planning is this stationery that adds up so fast and can cost you a lot. While it may be fun creating and designing these at first, it will eventually turn into unnecessary junk. Nowadays, it is better to use online invitations, RSVPs. Not only will you save a considerable amount of money on design, printing and postage, but you also will have a unique eco-friendly wedding element.

Wedding Day Transportation

A limo may look nice for some, but it is indeed a bit pricey. But do you want to have transportation that day that will cost you a lot? Instead, you can borrow a great option from your friends or rent a classic car. After all, a vintage cabriolet car will stand out and provide you with stunning transportation.


You have probably noticed, the decorations are eye-pleasing only for the first 30 minutes of your wedding. After that, those are just a pain on the table. Your guests can’t correctly eat and see with huge decorative elements located on their table. Also, flower décor is sometimes costly.

Tips On Wedding Finances: Decorated Weeding Venue

But, if you have decided that flowers are an inseparable part of your day, choose wisely. Take into account the season and the kind of flowers you are willing to have. Don’t just go with over-priced options. Choose one or two types with your fiancé and stick to your decision. Another great option is to purchase the flowers from ordinary flower shops that do not artificially maximize the prices.

After deciding to save and cut unnecessary expenses, you will be pleasantly surprised after the wedding.

Monitor Your Expenses

After discussing how to set up the initial budget and address the savings option, it’s time to handle the processes. We recommend using any budgeting and planning software you like to be aware of the money inflows and outflows. A traditional notebook planning is also a great idea. When you write your spending, it’s way comfortable to monitor everything. You may write down the expenses per person, per separate periods or whichever way you like. It’s up to you to customize and adapt the planning structure to you.

Additionally, don’t forget to double-check. Some venues and services seem affordable initially, but hidden costs come forward when you start to learn more. Don’t panic; you can always find and create a better option. Also, keep in mind that it is truly essential to know about the costs beforehand and not get a shock afterwards.

Plan As Soon As Possible

Believe us, the sooner you start, the enjoyable the outcome is going to be. Starting the planning process early will help you decide on the guest list, invite everyone on time, book the venue, caterers, and designers for your desired date and skip extra booking costs. You will also have more time for choosing the perfect dress of your dreams and just enjoying the preparation phase.

Additionally, when starting early, you can decide on the responsibilities of everyone involved. Not only the staff you are going to hire will know their duties, but also your friends will participate and support you. A small recommendation is to always involve friends, even in little responsibilities. By doing so, you are adding an exceptional warmth to your ceremony.

Set Your Priorities

Finally, it is vitally important to decide on everything with your partner. This may be the first event you are planning together, but this is also the most memorable one. In the process of organizing, you will grow even closer as a family, as it takes a lot of patience and cooperation.

Decide the guest list together, always take into account each other’s opinions and preferences. By doing so, you will have a mutual picture of the beautiful day you will share with your families and friends.

Keep in mind the budget and the style you are going to follow. Be selective with your guest list, and finally, prepare for one of the most remarkable events of your life.

Additional Tip:

Don’t stress out, and remember that everything eventually turns out fantastic. The most important part of that day is setting the base for your new family life. You have to enjoy that day to the fullest. After careful planning, you deserve to have a fantastic day to remember. 

To sum up, we are more than sure that our 5 essential tips on wedding finances were useful and will be soon put into practice. Don’t forget to start the planning process as quickly as possible and keep the crucial points in your mind to survive your wedding.