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Tailoring & Alterations,
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Conveniently nestled in the heart of Toronto’s fashion district, 3rd Floor Tailors offer expert custom design, tailoring & alterations. From seamlessly mending tears to remodelling a vintage favourite or making a custom design, our tailors are dedicated to ensuring top quality and service.Each of us have unique artistic backgrounds and extensive technical knowledge that allows us to find the best creative solution for all your tailoring needs. We’re designers and artists ourselves. We understand the value of saving your favourite vintage numbers while continuing to wear them.Some of the things we do:

Our years of experience with European and North American customers allows us to design and produce clothing that will enrich you and your wardrobe.

Visit our studio on 575 Queen Street West to see our latest collection or call us at (647) 977-8336 with your tailoring needs. We will do the rest!

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Personalized & Uncompromised Tailoring & Alterations Services

We can help you to transform your old favorite piece of clothing into new and trendy again, fit long or wide pants or skirts to your size, replace damaged zippers, re-line your favorite jacket, trench coat or winter coat, make the clothes you purchased from a generic store look like expert tailored pieces.

Each person is unique but after wearing generic clothes from department store one often gets lost in the crowd. We can help you gain a different and unique style.

Visit our studio on 575 Queen Street West or just call us (647) 977-8336.

With more than 30 years of experience in tailoring & alterations we will cover all your wardrobe needs.

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When you’re looking for special dress then in most of cases it means that there is also another work to be done for that special day. Don’t worry: Our professional tailors and designers will make your tailoring or alteration process as simple as possible. At the same time,  with the latest fashion trends, helpful ideas and tons of interesting articles we’ve got you covered if you are budgeting your wedding, thinking about romantic proposal ideas or looking for unique venues for your wedding.

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