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5 Best Toronto Wedding Venues to Consider for Your Wedding

Picking a venue and a date are probably the most important first steps in planning a wedding. The date you pick will influence your choice in venue as well, since most brides don’t want to walk down the aisle of a farm wedding in winter. So we decided to put together a list of 5 Best Toronto Wedding Venues .

Below, we have some inspirational venues that you may want to consider for your wedding. Choosing a setting that means something to you is a good start, like if you and your fiancé had a first date at the ROM.

Toronto Botanical Gardens

5 Best Toronto Wedding Venues -Toronto Botanical Gardens

This charming space evokes nature and fairytales. The Toronto Botanical Gardens is filled with beautiful flowers (so maybe strike florist off your list), greenery and an area ideal for both ceremony and reception. You can choose between various halls at the TBG and enjoy a staff dedicated to helping your day become magical.

The Guild Inn Estate

5 Best Toronto Wedding Venues - The Guild Inn Estate

This lovely venue features the waterfront, sandy beach, and historic monuments. It is ideal for photography since every area in the Guild Inn looks distinct from each other. The indoor and outdoor spaces mean that it is a wonderful option for a summer or winter wedding. Trails that feature old statues and forgotten relics are a perfect space for your guests to wander and explore.

Cambium Farms

5 Best Toronto Wedding Venues- Cambium Farms

This farm and barn has specifically been renovated and converted into a space for weddings and events. The rustic barn is huge and authentic, having been built in 1873 and still standing. Beams, posts and rafters all lay exposed, looking very handsome and historic. It’s a large venue that can host 250 people indoors.

Aga Khan Museum

Aga Khan Museum

If you and the fiancé are art and culture lovers, then a wedding at the Aga Khan might be a dream come true. You can get married surrounded by beautiful and thoughtful art pieces and provide a space for your guests to curiously wander in between the ceremony and the reception. You have your pick between a few spaces based on your tastes. You’ll also be offered catering, clean up and lighting services among others. 

St. Andrew’s United Church

St. Andrew’s United Church

Whether you’re religious or not, you can’t deny the beauty of a church wedding. The stained glass, the pews and the history of the building are alluring. Churches are architectural wonders with a magnificent ambiance. One of the best parts of St. Andrew’s is that they accept couples of all faiths (including none) and sexualities, unlike a lot of other churches that have strict regulations on who can be married in their chapel. This wondrous church has a lot to offer and can even help you and your fiancé prepare for marriage.

Now you have a list of 5 Best Toronto Wedding Venues. With a little luck and some appropriate timing, you’ll be able to secure the wedding venue of your dreams. Each venue listed is financially reasonable with some saving up and planning, even though they look like something from a movie. Choose your wedding venue with thought of the season and make sure to have lots of time ahead to prepare.