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Custom Tailoring

Professional Tailoring by Brøsche

Tailoring Dreams into Reality

Most people would agree that finding a cloth that fits well and reflect personal style is hard to find. In a bid to solve that difficulty, we bring you custom tailored clothing that fits your unique body like a glove. We make your garment “Size You” so you no longer have to settle for off the rack.

In addition to our re-modelling and alteration services, 3rd Floor Tailors offers custom tailoring services too. That is to say our sub-brand Brøsche  is specialized in designing and creating unique dresses. Our range of custom wear includes prom dresses, shirts, jackets, trousers, bridesmaids dress, mother-of-the-bride dresses, evening and cocktail dresses. Brøsche offers a one-to-one personal experience, making sure the final result fits you and your wardrobe perfectly.

Sometimes altering a ready-to-wear dress is not possible. Either the color is not right, or the quality of the fabric is too poor to be adjusted. Using our in-house expertise, you will create a new dress unique to you with only high-quality fabrics and pay the utmost attention to every detail. To achieve our desired results, we create a perfect balance between comfort and elegance by combining traditional custom tailoring techniques with a modern approach.

There is a saying that quality comes at a heavy price. It may be true in many cases, but we will do our best to make you look like a “Dior” or “Chanel” girl without paying the Dior price.

Our custom tailoring services include (but are not limited to)

Want skinny straps? Higher waist? Beaded belt? Deeper-v back of the dress? Cups and boning so you can nix that bra? A-line? Ballgown? Sweetheart neckline? Straight neckline? Scoop? Or off-shoulder and strapless?

Look no further; We can customize every aspect of your dress.

How it works

Initial consultation


You will be engaged in a collaborative discussion with our team to conceptualize your garment and sketch it together. Only after your satisfaction, we’ll proceed to take precise measurements and commence the production process, bringing your vision to life.

Choose your fabric


We can help you choose the right fabric for your design, which can either be luxurious linens, wools, fur and leather or beaded fabrics sourced from the finest mills. Alternatively, we can also work with material you already own or want to source for yourself. 

Toile Fitting


Our tailors will diligently  check the pattern in regards to your measurements and fabric choice – still plenty of time for you to modify and request changes, ensuring a perfect fit and style, before we move onto the next and most exciting stage of the process.

Making your garment


After the initial fitting, your chosen pattern will be expertly cut into the selected fabric, followed by meticulous stitching to bring the pieces together. Our skilled team will ensure precision and attention to detail, transforming the fabric into your desired garment, marking a significant milestone in the process.

Finishing Touch


Once your dress is ready, we will arrange a final fitting before you take your finished garment. We aim to delight you in our Bespoke Service – from the start to the very end, being involved in every decision made, finishing off with you wearing your perfect garment.