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Suede & Leather Alterations

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Suede And Leather Alterations

Suede and Leather Alterations Services at 3rd Floor Tailors

Have you worn leather or suede clothing and feel extremely cool among your group of friends? Leather clothing tends to make you stand out among a crowd giving you that tough aura. Just like silk and cotton, leather pants and jackets can also need some alterations. Surprised!

Leather Pants Alteration

Do you have a pair of leather pants that does not feel comfortable whenever you wear them? Do not be sad as just with a few alterations, 3rd Floor Tailors are up to the task and voila! Your leather pants are as good as new.

Leather pants alteration could be getting your pants slimmer, enlarging or reducing the waistline, increasing or reducing the length of your pants, fixing holes in your pants. All these services can be rendered at 3rd Floor Tailors without much hassle.

Fixing Holes in Leather Pants

Patching up holes in your leather pants without making it obvious can be quite difficult especially if not done by an expert. It is advised that you do not try to fix it yourself so as not to disfigure your pants or make it worse.

Get your services from a specialist who deals with leather clothing and get your pants to the right shape. This saves you from stress and the extra cost of getting new pants. 3rd Floor Tailors find joy in the comfort of our customers so we are happy to help with your alterations.

Increasing or Reducing the Length of Your Pants

Of all leather pants alterations, this is seen as the most common. In a case where you just got a new pair of leather pants and realize that the pants are too lengthy, you don’t need to worry about returning or giving out such pants as it can be altered to suit the length you desire.

However, if the reverse is the case and the pants are shorter, there is also a solution for this as pants tend to have extra hem allowance at the bottom, which allows your tailor to give your leather pants the extra length required.

Enlarging or Reducing the Waistline of Your Pants

No one wants pants that does not fit the waist properly, and not every pant is well suited with a belt at the waist. Realizing that the waistline of your pants does not fit is not a waste of money. 3rd Floor Tailors have experts that can alter that waistline without disfiguring your leather pant.

Irrespective of the problem with your leather pant waistline, there is a solution as there are usually hem allowances in your pants. If not, then an extra hem can be added and you are good to go.

Fixing Your Zippers

Have you ever picked your clothes ready for an event and found out your zipper is worn out? The sheer disappointment that comes with not being able to wear what you actually wanted. Your leather pants are not useless once the zipper has worn out, this can be easily changed to a new one and you are ready to party.

Leather Jacket Alterations

Your leather jacket alterations are just not about when there is a tear or bad fitting. Are you a stylish person and you decide to give your leather jacket a new look, then you need not worry as 3rd Floor Tailors are right at your service.

Altering the Style of Your Leather Jacket

Are you tired of wearing your leather jacket in a particular way every time, then you do not necessarily have to get a new one as you can get the present one altered to suit your taste with 3rd Floor Tailors.

Do you desire to change your long sleeves leather jacket into a vest or a vest into long sleeves? This is possible with a lesser cost from getting a new jacket. The sleeves can be removed and changed to a vest, or if reverse is the case, then sleeves can be sown and joined to your vest jacket to give you a long sleeve jacket and you are ready to slay with a new look.

Fixing Buttons & Cuffs

There is this irritation that comes with seeing your buttons gone when you least expect it. Getting the buttons replaced is not much hassle as this can be remedied with new buttons and you could also make that leather jacket fancy by adding beautiful buttons at the cuff or suitable places on the jacket.

We believe at 3rd Floor Tailors that your leather pants and leather jacket can be good as new with the right alterations. Leather pants and leather jacket alteration can be quite tricky, but with the right tailor, you can get what you truly desire, and 3rd Floor Tailors are at your service.

Suede and Leather Alterations FAQ

Leather jacket alteration depends on what you are altering. You can alter a larger size to fit your body size or alter a smaller size to fit you as long as there are extra hem allowance within the jacket or extra hems is added. The sleeves of your leather jacket can also be removed and changed to a vest to suit your style.

Altering your leather jacket varies with the kind of alteration needed. Changing zippers and button cost less than altering the size of your leather jacket.

Altering leather pants can be tricky because the pants have to fit perfectly as much as possible and, it also has to be comfortable. Replacing the zipper and patching up would cost less to fitting the leather pants to your required taste. Sometimes extra hem has to be added and this increases the cost.

Satisfying our customers is our top priority at 3rd Floor Tailors. Alterations such as button or zipper change take less time than altering to body fittings or making your jacket stylish.