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How Much Does It Cost to Get Pants Altered

How Much Does It Cost to Get Pants Altered. Honest Breakdown of Service Prices

There exists such a thing as a perfect fit! With the rise in expressive fashion, we are all looking for ways to show who we are through our clothes. This
How to Choose a Flattering Wedding Dress for Your Figure

How to Choose a Flattering Wedding Dress for Your Figure

Picking out a wedding dress can be exciting and terrifying. It can look good on the mannequin and not so good on you. Does that mean you are the problem?
How to Dress for a Wedding

How to Dress for a Wedding: Fascinating and Complete Guide on Bridal Dress Codes

Of course, weddings demand a bit more extravagance, if not more. Thus, looking the part is quite essential. However, deciding on what outfit to wear could be quite daunting as
how to make a dress shorter

How to Make a Dress Shorter: Easy and Affordable Methods

Dresses come in different sizes and lengths. Some dresses look best with the flowing, droopy look. Others are best with shorter hems making them look chic and cute. There are
How To Add Crystals To a Wedding Dress

How To Add Crystals To a Wedding Dress: 3 easy ways to do it right.

For years, pearls and sequins have been compulsory accessories for every bride. It is part of the hair accessories, the shoes, and makes up the most part of the bridal
how long does tailoring a dress take

How Long Does Tailoring a Dress Take: Never again miss your deadline

Everyone loves to get their clothes out to the tailor and get it back just when they want them. The truth is that the time it takes to tailor a
how to match your bag with your outfit

Accessories – Practical Guide on How to Match Your Bag with Your Outfit

Bags are the perfect blend of functionality and style all in one fashionable piece. Matching bags with shoes and belts were the trending fashion. So you might be asking, what’s
How to Alter a Dress Bust

How to Alter a Dress Bust. Fun & Easy Guide

The perfect dress for your special occasion does exist, but sometimes it may need some small (or not so small) changes to reach utter perfection. Don’t be sad when you
unique wedding proposal ideas

Top 9 Unique Romantic Proposal Ideas.

Love, weddings, and the entire business of marriage can be so beautiful! That is why the proposal style is essential. If you are one for the drama or maybe the
the woman is counting money

5 Essential Tips on Wedding Finances: How to Efficiently Survive Your Wedding

The time has finally come for you to plan and realize your dream wedding. Nothing can stand in your way now; you are in the right place, at the right