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how long does tailoring a dress take

How Long Does Tailoring a Dress Take?

Everyone loves to get their clothes out to the tailor and get it back just when they want them. The truth is that the time it takes to tailor a
how to match your bag with your outfit

How to Match Your Bag with Your Outfit

Bags are the perfect blend of functionality and style all in one fashionable piece. Matching bags with shoes and belts were the trending fashion. So you might be asking, what’s
how to dress to look thinner in summer

How To Dress To Look Thinner In Summer

What’s one thing summer and clothes have in common? They are both hot! But clothes? Only when done right. Summertime is that season with the ever-rising temps and inviting beach
How to Alter a Dress Bust

How to Alter a Dress Bust

The perfect dress for your special occasion does exist, but sometimes it may need some small (or not so small) changes to reach utter perfection. Don’t be sad when you
posing tips for wedding photography

Posing Tips for Wedding Photography

The long-awaited wedding day is here, and it brings along not only joyous emotions but a bunch of responsibilities as well, and we are here to help you prepare for
unique wedding proposal ideas

Unique Wedding Proposal Ideas

Love, weddings, and the entire business of marriage can be so beautiful! That is why the proposal style is essential. If you are one for the drama or maybe the
the woman is counting money

5 Essential Tips on Wedding Finances: How to Survive Your Wedding

The time has finally come for you to plan and realize your dream wedding. Nothing can stand in your way now; you are in the right place, at the right
wedding color scheme

Wedding color mistakes to avoid: Tips and examples

Some people have a natural knack for selecting matching tones and textures, but for the rest of us this can be a challenge. Let’s be honest, there are some colors
Destination Wedding

What You Should Consider Before Planning a Destination Wedding

If you’re planning on getting married in the next couple of years, but are struggling to figure out how you’re going to afford your big day, then a destination wedding

10 Wedding Gift Ideas from the Parents

Choosing the right gift can be stressful because you want something that shows your child and partner how much you care about them and how you value their growth into