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3rd Floor Team

Professional Designers and Tailors

LILIT Azaryan

Owner/Creative Director

Lilit AzaryanI opened up 9 years ago (2014) with one simple idea behind – to help others to prolong the life of their favorite garment by either altering/remodeling or fully recreating it. It’s been an absolutely amazing and honest journey, where I had to constantly adjust to people’s needs and it was fascinating to see the growth of a client’s interest in actually starting to care about the pieces they own.

Coming from a Textile background definitely helps to see beyond the silhouette and shape of a piece, it also allows to go deep into the structure and texture of the fabrics, then easily manipulate and combine at first seemingly not matching ones.

I am a self-taught sewer, and there was hardly a moment in my life that I wasn’t pushing the boundaries and not trying new things – this gave me a sense of freedom in creating and excelling myself in the field. To be honest, I really believe you can never stop learning – and I think this dedication of mine is probably one of the strongest assets I have.

I was born and raised in Armenia, by the time I was a teenager I was already an experienced sewer, as my Mom and Grandma would always support and praise me in my learning process. I remember going through my grandma’s wardrobe over and over again and seeing same pieces in completely different light; of course there were lots of errors and mistakes, I probably ruined tones of precious pieces, but also learned to use them in future for something else.

The sustainable approach in fashion is much more connected to us than we think, it’s funny but it’s like a reproduction in biology, where the offspring carries the DNA of a parent;) – same way when let’s say we take a torn and worn piece of clothing, keep the core of it introduce something fresh, and new and here we have a completely new piece clothing with the same DNA that still feels ours.

The definition of sustainability is so broad, it feels overwhelming and concerning, but I believe if we all do our part this world will be a better place to live in. It’s as simple as that…


State Academy Of Fine Arts Of Armenia
State Academy of Fine Arts of Armenia
Hogeschool Van De Kunst Utrecht
Hogeschool Van de Kunst Utrecht
L’institut Français De La Mode Ifm Paris
Institut Français de la Mode
Winchester School Of Art / University Of Southampton
Winchester School of Art / University of Southampton


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