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Suit Alterations and Repairs

suit alterations and repairs service

Suit Alterations and Repairs Services

Need professional tailoring services for your suit wears? We have all the professional hands and resources to see to it that your suits are appropriately altered to suit your fashion taste. Our suit alterations and repairs services here are topnotch and you can rest assured that you’ll get nothing short of quality.

Suit Downsizing

If your suits are quite oversized, we could help in altering it to a fitting size for you. All we need are your measurements, and you preferences in terms of how fitting you want it to be. It takes one with a rich tailoring experience to make these adjustments and we have the professional hands.

Suit Sleeve Shortening

If you need you suit sleeves narrowed, lengthened, or shortened, that’s no problem. We are all about ensuring you rock your clothes and wears in the most fitting and fashionably possible way.

Suit Hem Shortening

We are also in the business of making an oversized suit hem fitting on you

Shoulder Narrowing

Our suit alteration services also include making your suit wears match your shoulder measurement.

Take in Sides

Of course, making suits fitting on their owners are what we do best

Replacing Zippers

We also help in replacing faulty zippers. Those little puppies can ruin a good wear if they aren’t in good condition.

Tightening Buttons

If you need your suit buttons firmed up, we can also help in that regard. You wouldn’t want to grace an important occasion with loosened buttons, would you?

Suit Tears and Rips Repairs

Just because your suits have sustained tears and rips doesn’t mean it is fit for the waste bin or you are due for a new suit. Our suit alteration services are quite extensive as we professionally fix such problems. When we are done with your suit, it’ll be like there wasn’t a tear in the first place.

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Suit Altered?

For a new men’s suit, the average cost for alteration is within the range of $200 to $300. However, price can vary for making all the necessary modifications your suit needs to be quite fitting for you. Making such alterations are quite technical and we get it done for you at such affordable rate.

Suit Alterations and Repairs FAQ

Of course, suit jackets can be altered, but it’s essential you know that it can’t be made longer but shorter. It’s also quite a technical and risky modification process because it isn’t possible to adjust the buttonholes and the spacing of the pockets.

More so, shortening the jacket more than necessary will result in the garment becoming imbalanced. We don’t just make modifications. We also give our customers quality advice on how to make suiting alterations on their garments.

Some alterations are as complex as some are simple. Altering a woman’s suit jacket includes the following problematic factors:

  • Sizing issues
  • Sleeve length
  • Weight loss allowance

As mentioned earlier, some alterations are quite complex, and they are best left for a professional to handle. In altering a woman’s suit jacket, the common factors to be considered are listed above. More so, some women may prefer restyling their suit jacket.

This can easily be done if the jacket is considerably large. A large suit jacket gives you more options of restyling it to the shape you want.

In suit alteration, the most common parts involved include:

  • The shoulders and collar
  • The chest and stomach
  • The sleeves
  • The jacket length
  • The trousers
  • The misc

Also, the complexity of the problem also means the alteration process will be quite complex. Altering mostly mean shortening an oversized part or lengthening an undersized one and it also involves the preference of the owner of the garment.

Thus, altering a suit requires the necessary machineries, equipment, and the professional hands to use them which we have enough of.

It is possible to alter the size of your suit’s shoulder, but it’s quite a herculean task to pull off. It’s also quite expensive to handle. This is because altering the shoulder of your suit requires taking the sleeves off. The padding will need to be shaved or changed entirely.

Altering the shoulder of your suit will be worth it if it is done by a professional and we have the professionalism to handle it. However, if it isn’t done well, it could ruin your entire suit. Thus, you should go for nothing short of professionalism when going for your garment alterations.