We live in the twenty first century where the pace of the world is only growing faster and faster. Environment changes and global warming is affecting everything and the change is happening so rapidly across the fashion spectrum. Everything changes rapidly. Everything, but wedding trends.

Bridal is considered one of the most conservative fields in the fashion industry. Yet, the shift is affecting the bridal industry and continues to take it to a more conventional approach while respecting the heritage behind it.

Today we bring you 5 main wedding trends that we would love to highlight in the wedding industry and would love to see now!!


Sustainable approaches

It’s known that you are expected to spend a lot of money on planning and creating your dream wedding.

But who said you can’t create it with a sustainable approach – from the dress to the venue. Raising awareness towards the fashion impact on the environment has made people more aware of climate change and are starting to take action towards their own personal closet. So why not widen the perspective and take it further to your own wedding dress and that special day.

Accent colors in details

Brides are not as attached to a white dress on their wedding day anymore. What the white represents is still valid but with a twist. On your day the attention is all on you, with slightly pushing the boundaries on color and adding color accents to your white or off white dress. You are taking your personalized day even further.

Minimalist approach in Wedding Trends

Simple yet elegant and classy. What’s classier that a tailored bridal suit that makes you stand out on your day like no other.  A Japanese influence has been very noticeable in modern bridal wear and accessories, like sashes, clutches, fascinators, jackets, Kimono capes and so much more. This minimalist approach focuses on comfort over glam! But who said you cant have both!!

No more corsets restraining your breath, with the right bespoke suit your body will be accentuated in all the right places while you feel as comfortable and elegant as ever.

Something Blue, Something Shinny

The color Blue has always been associated with weddings as “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” although it might have started with this tradition yet the wedding industry is taking it even further.

Metallic Blue has been used in wedding themes, venues and dresses lately and we can’t get enough of it!

Destination bohemian weddings

Weddings are becoming more personal than ever. Its not about the people and how to please them anymore, its about being surrounded with love and appreciation from close family and friends and doing it in a place that disconnects you from the world you know. That why more and more couples are choosing to have a destination wedding rather than a banquet hall.

Choosing a Zen space for you and your significant other on your special day that is truly about the celebration of a beautiful union is what a wedding should be about.

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