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when should I have my wedding dress altered

When Should I Have My Wedding Dress Altered?

Your wedding day is the only day you will show off your gown to your loved ones and your significant other. To happily remember the day, you have to make
how do wedding dress alterations work

How Does the Wedding Dress Alterations Work

The days leading up to your big day are always stressful. Especially if you have been planning that fairytale type wedding that you fantasized about as a kid complete with
how many sizes can you alter a wedding dress?

How Many Sizes Can You Alter a Wedding Dress?

Planning a wedding could be both exciting and stressful. It could sometimes seem like a seemingly unending ride. From picking the wedding date to finally walking down the aisle, the
How To Customize Your Wedding Dress

How To Customize Your Wedding Dress

The day is finally here; the wedding is approaching, the event preparations are all in process, but what about the day’s key attribute? The Wedding Dress! Is it just as
How Long Do Alterations To a Wedding Dress Take?

How Long Do Alterations To a Wedding Dress Take?

Weddings should be perfect! Not precisely the fairy-tale kind of perfect, but enough to rank as one of your most memorable moments. When planning your wedding, a lot of processes,