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How To Add Sleeves To A Wedding Dress: 11 simple methods to do it correctly

Wedding dresses come with so many decisions, so many choices, and, most times, it feels like you can’t find the perfect one! It’s even more frustrating when you see all you need in a dress, from the bust to the length, yet one thing, just one itsy bitsy part, is off; The sleeves! Who knew something so small could ruin the perfect dress for you? Well, it definitely can. We might not realize it, but sleeves could make the difference between the perfect dress and a side option, and no bride wants a side option on her special day. Now we are going to teach you how to add sleeves to a wedding dress.

Here’s the thing, you are the bride, and you can have it all, and yes, even the perfect sleeves. You can now add your preferred sleeves to your preferred gown, and voila, the ideal dress ready to be worn by the perfect bride. Don’t stress! We will walk you through just how to get it done!

Can You Add Sleeves To a Wedding Dress?

One question that gets asked quite frequently is, “Can I add sleeves to my wedding dress?” The answer is just what you said to your groom, YES! If you love a dress style, then you can bring it to life with a simple trick. Whether you have a sleeveless gown on your hands or one with a sleeve you don’t like very much, there is a way to go around it. Here, we will show you 11 creative yet straightforward ways to add your perfect sleeve to your perfect dress. We have got you covered on all sides, from removable straps and detachable straps to beaded cap sleeves.

Before we get right into how to switch up those sleeves, here are a few reasons why you might want to add sleeves to your wedding dress in the first place, just in case you haven’t yet figured it out.

Why You Might Want To Add Sleeves To Your Wedding Dress

It Is Cheaper

Ssh! Don’t tell anyone we told you this, it’s a secret. Well, not precisely, but here’s the thing. Adding sleeves to a wedding dress helps cut down on the price. As we said before, finding the perfect sleeves is undoubtedly not easy. Going ahead to get the perfect dress with the perfect sleeve customized for you comes with its fair share of costs. Instead, get the perfect dress, and have your preferred sleeves added to it, and there you go, customized and personalized at a fraction of the price.

Dress Style

Take it or leave it, but sleeves make a difference to the overall outlook of a dress. Get you the perfect sleeves, and you can switch up any dress to have a preferred theme, look, style, or even mood. A trending wedding dress style is the casual silhouette with lace bolero sleeves, striking elegance, and sophistication. Or, as I like to call it, an air of effortless class.


That sleeveless open-back dress? Stunning, but it might not go so well in the place of worship. That’s where sleeves come in; they have got your back, literally. Detachable sleeves are an exceptional go-to choice here. You might also want sleeves like this to switch up your bridal photos a bit. Make it look like two, maybe even three dresses in one. Now that’s a hack you want to try.

It’s a lot easier and affordable than having the entire dress redesigned and customized. So here is a few bridal sleeve ideas and how you add them to your wedding dress

So, How To Add Sleeves To A Wedding Dress?

Cap Sleeves

We can’t tell enough how much we love cap sleeves. They rank right next to caplets. Cap sleeves are so sweet, stunning, and easy to add. It is simply perfect but without the stress. Cap sleeves come in different types. From beaded cap sleeves to fur, nets, or laces, cap sleeves can brighten up even the most regular dresses. You can always get removable cap sleeves made by your very own seamstress to match your already stunning wedding dress.

While you can get them sewn into your dress, you can also get them attached to snaps that will snap them right on with your wedding gown, and you are good to go. Beaded or laced up, you can’t go wrong with these.

Thick Wedding Straps

It’s just like a bra strap, but better. Thick wedding straps work in the same way your bras do. All your seamstress has to do is get that choice sleeve, most times beaded pearl or lace, and attach a strap that hooks into the inner part of the gown, and just like that, you have got the perfect sleeve. Wedding straps so efficient and easy to wear. You can put them on and put them off wherever and whenever you want. Another great thing about wedding strap sleeves is that they come ready-made and can be bought at your everyday bridal store.

Off-Shoulder Lace Sleeves

Short, simple, and sweet. Your bridal tailor can have this made for you in less than three days. With a pleasing smile, I bet even under 24 hours. Simple and easy to make yet sophisticated and classy. Like its reputation, lace sleeves are graceful, and when merged with an off-shoulder style, exquisite. It comes with an air of delicate beauty, just like a new bride. You might want it cap-sleeve-sized or falling a bit more off the shoulder. However it is, with a few pins, you can have it on and off anytime!

Puff Sleeves

If you are going for big, bold, and beautiful, then a puff sleeve is the perfect piece to send that message across to all in attendance: “Hey! I’m the bride”. Now a sleeve this eye-catching certainly needs the attention of a seamstress to get it done. While you can get one ready-made, puff sleeves that would go well with your preferred dress would have everything hitting high, except the price, of course. Get that perfect look with that ideal sleeve attached to your wedding dress.

Detachable Tulle Sleeves

Now not to be biased, but these sleeves top our list of favorite bridal sleeves ever to grace the aisle (Sorry, cap sleeves.)

Detachable tulle sleeves say every message you possibly want to pass across on your special day with little to no effort. What is even better is that they need not be attached. Just slide your hands through, and they’re on like the perfect pair of gloves. Beautiful, elegant, classy, delicate, sophisticated, princess, queen(let us stop here, We love them so much.)

Lace Applique Straps

Stunning is the word. Stunning. If you are looking for a way to add sleeves to your sleeveless wedding dress and have lace in mind, this is a definite YES for you! Sitting just over your shoulders looking so effortless to put on yet perfect for walking in, lace applique is a fully customizable style. You can choose to have it on or slide it into your gown. You can even go with a one-strap sleeve, a flexible choice; we tell you, a flexible choice.

Lace Cover Up Sleeves

A detachable sleeve that screams “your Majesty” with its simplistic yet royal appeal, sliding down the arms and complimenting the whole dress. Lace cover-up sleeves are pretty easy to put on with as simple as office pins here and there. Get your bridal tailor to take the perfect measurements, and you can piece that right on like it came with the gown.


When it comes to adding sleeves or switching up the look of a bridal dress, the bolero has been an evergreen choice for new brides this season. Made with lace, silk, beads, nets, name it, it fits right on. Pull it on, pull it off, completely detachable in every sense. You can always reach out to your bridal tail to get one made just to your taste or buy one from a bridal store.


Caplets remain one of the best ways to add sleeves to your bridal dress. Just like the name suggests, they are capes worn right over the bridal gown. They can be beaded, lace, full pearls, or net, depending on you and your bridal tailor. Caplets go well with other dresses as well to either spice things up or switch things up. However you see it, caplets are a great way to add sleeves with no stress attached.


While some of these sleeves can be bought in your everyday bridal store or made if you have a bit of tailoring experience, some require an actual bridal sewist. Your bridal tailor knows how best you can put it together and how to make that dream dress a reality for you. One thing is for sure; custom sleeves are more affordable than a custom wedding dress. It’s your wedding, and you can have it all!