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How To Add Crystals To a Wedding Dress: 3 easy ways to do it right.

For years, pearls and sequins have been compulsory accessories for every bride. It is part of the hair accessories, the shoes, and makes up the most part of the bridal dress, and has enjoyed a fair share of bridal trends. Recently, crystals are coming in with quite the heat and are determined to take the top position in the hearts of many brides. In this article we will show you how to add crystals to a wedding dress.

Just like it works with pearls and beads, crystals, when places closely together in an organized formation, will class up any outfit and usher in the stunning, breathtaking look every bride wants on their special day. Nowadays, a common trend is to get a simple-looking bridal dress and spice things up to a whole new level by adding crystals to specific places. One more great thing about crystals is that they are effortless to customize. You can always mix your crystal color choice with your wedding theme color, flowers, bridesmaid dresses, or favorite colors.

Whether you have a plain dress on your hands, or you want to spice up your dream dress a little and add a little glamour to your wedding dress, then crystals are just what you need to bring in that Hollywood bling and add some shine or maybe even a breathtaking Hollywood class to your wedding dress. Now it’s one thing to make a masterpiece out of your wedding dress with crystals; it is another thing to get it done.

Crystals are excellent to add to a wedding dress. They have the bride not just feeling as precious as diamonds on that particular day but also looking like one. However, this can only work out if it is done well. So here are most important things to consider when adding crystals to a dress.

It Should be Done by a Professional

You might have heard about specific dresses that are supposedly impossible to crystallize. Yes, some gowns with a delicate material that is adding crystals will only make the dress worse. Here’s the thing, no matter the material, in the hands of a professional, your dress will get the sparkle that it deserves. You can also try it out yourself, but if you have never tried it before and do not have a spare bridal dress, we advise you to let an expert tailor take care of it.

Choose Your Crystals Wisely

Just like not every tailor can work on your wedding dress, in the same way, not every crystal can be used on your bridal gown. Specific dresses require gluing, while sewing it on can be best for others. Sometimes, the setting is not done directly on the dress. So before you run off getting the prettiest crystals for your dress, you might want to check with your designer/tailor to know which would be best. It would also be best to consider the choice, either a flat back, clear, or colored crystal. Making the wrong choice would mean bad news for your dress, as an overhaul will ruin the dress.

Layout And Pattern

Transforming a simple dress into something special would mean a lovely pattern and layout. You can always design your layout and pattern yourself to reflect your personality and customize it to suit you more. Now before thinking about the pattern, consider where you want the crystals to be. On the bodice? Veil? Sleeves? Or hem? Whichever it is, the location will help you come up with a suitable layout and pattern for your wedding gown.

When you have your style all planned, the next smart thing is to design the dress. This way, you know how it will look like on the dress and the necessary changes that should be made before adding it to your clothing. Make sure to also discuss your pattern choice with your tailor or designer if they will be handling it for you so that they can make the necessary adjustments before the final application.

Now before you go ahead to get that dress all sparkled up, here are a few things you should know about crystals, especially if you plan to get it done yourself.

Here are a few terminologies you might want to get accustomed to getting a grasp of things

  • Gross of Stones: This means a pack of stones having the same size and color; they usually contain about 144 crystals. If you want a mix of colors and would not like to get a pack of each, you might try a bridal store or craft store where you can get smaller amounts and mix them up together.
  • Hot Fix: These are the most popular crystals added to dresses. This is mainly because they are easier to put on. You can arrange it on the material and place a hot tool over it. Since it comes with a heat-sensitive material at the bottom, they stick to the garment, exactly where you want them to stay.
  • Flat Back: They have a lot in common with the hot fix glue, except that they do not have glue attached. They are usually applied with craft glue, and some are even sewn on carefully to the dress material. An advantage flat backs have over hot fix crystals is the affordability.

How To Add Crystals To a Wedding Dress: 3 main methods

Now there are three ways crystals can be added to a wedding dress, and here they are;

Using a Needle And Thread

Using a needle and thread is the neatest way to add crystals to a bridal dress. Another great thing is that it works on so many different types of materials. Once you have made the layout, have it on a picture and follow the said pattern on your dress, sewing each crystal on one by one. One caution that should be taken when sewing on with needle and thread is to avoid making any mistake.

Once a needle and thread has gone through your dress, it leaves that permanent mark. Always use a brand new needle to avoid pick-and-runs. Ensure your thread color is the same as that of the dress. Clean hands are also essential to prevent a stain on the clothing.

With Glue

Flat backs especially can be glued using a strong adhesive that can be got from your everyday craft store. You will also need tweezers and tin foil. Now you arrange the stones how you want them to stay. Pick each one up carefully with tweezers and apply little glue to the clothing using the toothpick. Avoid adding too much so as not t cause a ring of glue that stains the dress.

Continue in this way and avoid moving any piece until you are sure that they have dried up. One note of caution when dealing with flat backs and glue methods is that they do not last as long as the other methods. Another is that after washing, the stones and glue can stain your dress, depending on the type of stone and glue used.

Hot Fix

This remains one of the easiest methods to apply crystals to a wedding dress. You have to arrange the crystals as you have them in your layout or pattern. Once this is done, heat your hot fix tool. After a few minutes, place it over the head of the stones and stay for a few minutes, so it sticks. Avoid shaking so the stone doesn’t glue outside of the layout and ruin the pattern. One setback or disadvantage to this method is that not all materials are heat resistant, and some are very delicate. Know your equipment before trying a hot fix on it


Now let’s end this with a hack. If you do not want to alter your dress permanently, you can always have the embellishing done on the material and wrap it around the bodice — place crystals in strategic places to add glamour to your walk down the aisle. Get your crystals done on your wedding dress a professional. Try 3rd-floor tailors today!