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How to Make a Plain Wedding Dress Look Better

Let’s face it! There are so many reasons why you might have a plain wedding dress on your hands, and if wedding planning has taught us anything, it is that brides naturally want something a little bit more than the usual. Most of the time, a plain-looking wedding dress is a product of taking it easy on the wedding budget. It is more or less a trend to get a plain-looking bridal gown and spice it all up by yourself. And it is good to know how to make a plain wedding dress look better.

Plain bridal dresses are certainly more affordable than their classed-up counterparts. Another reason could be not finding your dream style. Wedding dresses also get handed down, and it might just be a family tradition.  You can go for a plain wedding dress and put in a bit of work here and there, and voila! The dream dress for the dream bride. One not-so-common reason could be a minimalist bride going for a minimalist bridal gown.

Your Plain Bridal Dress Can be better

Whatever the reasons might be, what remains is the fact that you could always make a few changes to a plain-looking wedding dress to have it all classed up and ready to take a walk down the aisle with the bride in it. You might need an expert tailor to make this happen, except, of course, you have little tailoring knowledge. These are easy customizable steps you can always bring to life with as little cost as possible.

How To Make A Plain Wedding Dress Look Better

So yeah! Let’s get right into making an affordable, dream bridal dress (Sounds too good to be true? Well, you’re not sleeping beauty, and this is not a dream)

We have got you covered!

So yes, if you are considering getting a plain dress for whatever reason and are looking for ways to make it better, then you’d love what comes next!

Ten Ways to Make A Plain Wedding Dress Look Better

Add Some Lace

The lace remains a top choice for anyone looking to make a dazzling, luxurious, and sophisticated entrance on your wedding day. One beautiful thing about adding lace to plain dresses is that they can be added almost anywhere. From the bust and sleeves to hem and waist, making up a new neckline, or shaping out the bodice, lace has a way of making a dress from WOW to SPECTACULAR. They can be added to the dress with hot glue or sewn on with the hand. However it goes, lace is a versatile and stylish option.

Wrap it up

Wraps can undoubtedly give a brand new look to that plain wedding dress. Wraps come in different types and designs, giving you the luxury of picking the one that works best for you. You can find them as as caplets, boleros, jackets, and sleeves and are made in different materials, including lace, satin, fur, and faux. They could be short and luxurious or long and elegant. They could even be made into a train. Whichever way, wraps are great!

Ribbons and Buttons

Here is a simple one for everyone. Adding ribbons or buttons to your simple wedding dress is an excellent way of classing things up. Ribbons take us away from the usual waistbands and are even better when you go for a bold, daring color. Standard bridal ribbon colors include gold, purple, and even blush! In some cases you can even see red and blue ones, it’s up to you!

Buttons also come to play well when you have a plain zipper back to add elegance to the dress. Don’t hold back; you can go all the way to the hem. Pearl buttons or satin ones, sometimes even sequence-themed and sparkling Swarovski’s, are an excellent choice.

Embellishments are accessories that come on your dress. Here are a few ideas of embellishments you can adopt to take your plain-looking dress to the next level.

Crystals and Rhinestones

Crystals give off an expensive and classy vibe when attached to bridal dresses. You can either opt for colored or plain ones. They are known to add dimension and style with an air of luxury.  Gems and rhinestones are also great and more affordable than crystals giving a refined and classy look. They can be added to sleeves, bodice, neckline, and hems. They can be hot glued or sewed on.


Either as a jewelry piece or an embellishment, pearls have always been close to our hearts. Pearls remain a trendy choice for wedding dress embellishments and are even better when used in collaboration with beads and sequins. Just like the first, they can also be hot glued or sewed on. They can be used to make the waistband and neckline as well.


Sparkly and dazzling is the way of sequins, and they can do so to any plain-looking bridal dress. Sequins can be used to both give a romantic yet laid-back look or an accurate dazzle statement just with size and color choice.

They can be attached singly or in strips with hot glue. It is, however, most advisable to sew them on with a machine or needle and thread. You can always get an expert tailor to help bring this done for a better, more stable job. There are also ready-made sequins that can be easily added to your dress.


Beading never goes out of season. From sleeves and bodice to the central part of the hem of your bridal dress, beading can make a significant elegant difference. It is effortless to attach and comes in different colors and sizes to help with your options.

Three Things Asides the Dress That Makes a Bridal Look Much Better

Believe me when we say that asides from making changes to a plain bridal gown, there are other things you could do to take your bridal look off the charts. Here are our top 3 (Yeah, Bonus tip time!)


Choosing the right jewelry to go with your bridal dress could make the difference between a simple look and a stunning look. If you feel your dress is a bit under the tone, go all out with your jewelry. The right accessories at times go well with a simple-looking dress. Short length or long length, whatever length your wedding dress is, your jewelry choice/accessories will make it their job to take attention away from a plain-looking dress and crown the entire look with a WOW factor!

The Shoe Factor

Ever wondered why brides invest so much time into bridal shoe shopping? Well, we would have you know that it is a suitable investment. The perfect-looking bridal shoes not only add a stride of confidence it also helps make every other thing that makes up your wedding outfit look like they were custom made with you in mind.

Hair and Makeup

The hair and makeup are another vital part of a bride’s look on her special day. Do it right, and no one even has time for the dress as the bride herself will leave everyone in attendance in absolute awe. You can go for a natural, effortless look or something more trendy and daring. Your hair and makeup choice could dress up a gown up or down, something different, comfortable, with the right accessories and striking makeup, and a plain wedding dress will be entirely out of sight and out of mind.


Sometimes, even fully accessorized and designer-looking dresses might not be much of a great idea. From ill-fitting dresses to poor workmanship, unfinished seams, beads glued in, itchy materials, and so on, all of these will make a pretty dress quite the nightmare on your special day. So here are some great ways to spice up that bridal look. In need of an experienced tailor to handle your alterations and adjustments? Try 3rd Floor Tailors.