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Accessories – Practical Guide on How to Match Your Bag with Your Outfit

Bags are the perfect blend of functionality and style all in one fashionable piece. Matching bags with shoes and belts were the trending fashion. So you might be asking, what’s trending NOW! How do I match my outfit with my bag? I have so many outfits, how to make it work? The key is to have a few handbags that blend and flow well with any outfit. So how do you get bags like that? And how to match your bag with your outfit? A good place to start is to know exactly the look you are going for.

Your bag is a necessary accessory to your everyday look. It goes everywhere with you, carrying your valuables and making your outfit quite the bomb. Initially, people played safe with matching handbags. Matching with shoes, belts, and hair colour. Now, the rules are different, and that is that there are no rules to how well you can make your statement with your bags. Not to worry, we have got you covered, here is a guide to get and rock that bag well enough to make a fashion statement with versatility and style.

Here are things to consider to match your bag with your outfit


How To Match Your Bag With Your Outfit

When matching a bag with your outfit, one of the most important things to consider is its functionality. A bag is more than just a fashion statement; it does a whole lot more. Imagine going out to a casual or formal event looking all classy and stylish with your phone, cash, jotter, or makeup/hairbrush falling out of your hands, making you look unkempt and disorganized. Your handbag serves as the safe haven that is sturdy enough to carry all you need for your outing and fashionable enough to compliment your outfit.

So when picking a bag to match your outfit, consider what will be kept in it, how secure it is, and if its size and design meet your needs. For a formal/cocktail outing that would require few things, a clutch will be most advisable. However, for more activity filled outings like shopping, a bigger bag will be required.


Just like the occasion determines your outfit, in the same way, the occasion determines your bag choice. Gone are the days where bags are seen as a side attraction. Nowadays, bags can be that one accessory that takes a bland look to a WOW look. From larger bags to clutches, the occasion would determine which you are going for and how you will be rocking it. Here are a few guidelines for wearing a bag depending on some common occasions.

How To Match Your Bag With Your Outfit

Official Outfits

Outfits for official or business occasions, like tailored trouser suit wears will go well with a satchel or structured boxy bag. A tote bag also goes well with an official look. Tote bags come with enough space to carry all your stuffs, including your laptop. Satchel bags also go great with high waist trousers and skirts with soft linen gauzy tops. 

Shopping Outfits

When going shopping, casual wears like sneakers, shorts and a simple T-shirt are always the usual pick. This outfit, going hand in hand with a large-sized tote or hobo bag will fulfill both the stylish and functional look.

Sophisticated/classy outfits

A classy outfit will require an even classier and stunning bag. A briefcase bag or top handle tote is enough to give a sophisticated boardroom look.

Cocktail/dinner outfits

Clutches and mini bags are the best choice for outfits like this. Naturally, small bags give a more sophisticated look and are a great choice for formal cocktail events. For plain dresses, go for a bag that really makes a statement that “I am here,” while for more detailed dresses, a small plain bag will be best.

Body Shape

This remains one of the most ignored considerations when it comes to picking a bag for your outfits. Know it or not, your body shape really makes the difference when matching a bag with your outfit, and you need to know it right to do it right. Not only does your bag accessorize your outfit, it also help draw attention to and away from body parts to alter how the entire outfit is viewed. ‘

Woman Holding Green And Red Leather Handbag

Here are a few body shapes and the best bags to go with them, and keep in mind, it is all about proportions.

Big busts

Handle totes bags and saddle bags draw attention to the bust area and should be avoided as they make you appear much larger than you are. A better option will be a waist-length bag that draws more attention to the smaller parts of your body.

Pear-shaped body

People with pear shaped body types will always have the larger part of their body at the hip area. To utilize more parts of your body to create the perfect look, you will need to draw attention away from the hip area, which means staying away from hip-length bags and paying more attention to the smaller parts like the waistline area.

A curvy body shape

Body shapes on the curvier side, also known as the hourglass figures, should opt for low-hanging bags, which have you appearing much slimmer and taller.

Petite Figures

No satchels, no long or low hanging totes, no large handle/straps or fringes.

Tall and slim

If you are on the tall and slim side, oversized bags work wonders on that stature. Slim, long bags are a total no-no. Go big, or go home. 

Plus size

On the plus side? Here’s a great tip, medium-sized bags are just right! Be Goldilocks, not too big, not too small, and you will look amazing.

Fabric Type and Color

It is very possible to mix and match your outfits and your bag choice makes the entire look lack coordination. Gone are the days where you are so focused on playing it safe that you don’t end up expressing yourself. There are ways you can match a bag with your outfit without the usual same shoe, same belt choice, and still look amazing. It all burns down to how well you know your fabrics and colors and how to match without clashing and here are some things to keep in mind.

Stylish Young Woman Sitting On Pavement In City

Play with colors

You can play with colors and still play safe. Matching the same color of bag and dress is absolutely old school. Switch things up a bit. Create a personal fashion palette of your own. Consider your skin tone, your outfit, and that will help you pick a different, yet matching color to make that perfect bomb look.

Switch up materials

Same dress, same bag material? An absolute no! Switch things up. Mix up materials, from leather to sequence, to silk, to wool, there are so many options just waiting on you to explore.

Patterns are great!

Want to really turn heads with your bag choice? Mix up patterns from plain and patterned matchups to leopard prints and stripes. Just make sure to be different enough to fit perfectly.

Strike a Balance

For the final tip, it’s important to strike a balance. It’s cool to make fashion statements and express yourself as much as you want. However, it is equally important to know when to strike a balance. Experiment, explore, and entertain, as many ideas as possible but don’t overload it. Pay close attention to details, Including accessories and jewelry.

Woman In White Dress Shirt Holding Brown Leather Handbag

Extra Tips for the GO!

  • Strong colored dresses are better with light colored bags. Eye catching embellished dresses blend with softer outfits (and vice versa). 
  • Bags usually have handles and chains. Pay attention to these details and match them with your jewelry
  • For heavily patterned dresses, pick one of the scarcely used colors in the patterns and match your bag with it
  • Try matching your shoes with your lipstick and your bag to your collar. Works every time!


Here are just a few tips to get you through the basics. Remember, fashion is what you make of it, and a statement is simply your own expression. Whatever you come up with, wear it with confidence and never be too scared to discover your own creative style.