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How Long Does Tailoring a Dress Take: Never again miss your deadline

Everyone loves to get their clothes out to the tailor and get it back just when they want them. The truth is that the time it takes to tailor a dress has varying time frames. Each seamstress/tailor will have different answers as to when your dress will be ready. So if you want to know exactly how long does tailoring a dress take – here is the thing, depending on the skill of your tailor, complexity of the dress, and style of the dress, it can span from a few hours up to 4 weeks to get it finished up and ready to wear.

Since you want to know how long it would take to get your dress tailored, here are a few things that make up the time spent when tailoring your clothing.

Three Things That Determine How Long Does Tailoring a Dress Take

The Skill of the Tailor/Seamstress

When it comes to making clothes, skills matter a whole lot. Thus, it is vital to have your dress to an experienced tailor to get it done. Some dresses require past practice and experience to get it done. Others might require the expertise of a flexible tailor. With modern-day trends and changes in fashion style, you would need a tailor. She or he must be on track with the growing trends and changing styles. This will help to bring your dress to life in time.

Getting an expert to handle such a dress would mean you get your dress in a few hours or a day. However, a less experienced tailor would take extra time and effort to understand what you want and, even more, time to get it done. To avoid mistakes, they might first practice on another material. Оr they might draft a pattern before getting on to your dress. This will only cost you a lot of time. So yeah, if you are looking to get your dress as at the time due, then get yourself a professional with the skill.

Style of the Dress

Sometimes, we pick very complex dress styles and want our dress made under 24 hours. The truth is that the complexity of the dress can also increase the time spent making it. Certain dress styles require more time paying attention to details and getting a good job done. Just like a cocktail dress will take more time than a summer dress, and a wedding dress will take more time than a cocktail dress. The style of the dress matter and determine how long it will take to get the dress all done and finished.

Expecting a cocktail dress in a day should be out of the question. Except when the express fee for faster delivery makes it happen. Some dresses require processes that involve staying a few days. Suit dresses, for example, require a specific amount of time to let hang. The same goes for other additional things like seasoned ironing, starching, and seaming. So when wondering how long it will take to get your dress made in this case, it is vital to consider the style and give the tailor enough time to get a good job done. In cases like this, the time frame varies. Only the tailor can let you know when a particular dress will be ready for pickup.

The Complexity of the Materials

The time taken to sew a cotton dress is different from that of net lace material. Most dresses come with delicate fabrics, and proper care and attention come first. Dresses that come with net materials should avoid mistakes as much as possible as it can ruin the outlook of the dress. In the same way, some dresses cannot undergo alteration due to the delicate material used in making them. Some materials come with patterns that need calculated markings to cut out and sew. The pattern on a dress can determine how the dress comes out and, paying attention to details such as that takes time.

One more thing is the type of equipment used. Some materials have specified equipment for sewing them. Using other equipment can certainly make the dressmaking process slower. Some outfits require the use of hand sewing methods which, as we all know, requires much more time compared to machine sewing. And thus makes the process even longer.

So yes, as previously said, a lot can determine how long it will take to get your dress made. And your tailor is in the best position to tell you how long it will take to get it done. If you are wondering why your dress is not ready in a few hours, here’s an insight into the process required to make the most basic dress. You can be sure the process doubles the more stylish the dress style.

6 Steps to Getting a Simple Dress Made

Fabric Selection

The selection of fabric remains the most critical step to getting a dress made. Keep in mind that not every fabric can make every dress and, dress styles require the fabric to be carefully chosen. You can either get the material yourself or trust your tailor to get one for you. Most tailors prefer to source the fabric themselves to make things easier. Some fabrics are not a good idea for the style you want to make. All of these contribute to the extra time taken to get you the perfect dress.

Reading Patterns

Patterns save you a lot of time in the sewing process. That is if you know how to read the pattern well alongside the fabric to be used for the dress. Patterns come with the information needed to get the dress made and all the things you need to pay attention to when making the dress. The reading of pattern requires slid calculations and measurements as well as proper planning.

Marking the Fabric

Before going right out to putting scissors in the dress material as many people expect, marking the fabric is a careful and intentional way of bringing the dress pieces into view. Marking out the pattern on the material gives more time to spot possible mistakes and mishaps that might occur. Before marking, ironing, and sometimes starching is required, which will only end up taking up more time but is actually for the best dress quality.

Laying & Cutting

Cutting is done carefully and intentionally and is first introduced with pinning. The material/fabric is properly pinned all over before cutting takes place.

Sewing the Fabric

Pattern markings are made on the material including, buttonholes, darts, and pockets. The pieces are then professionally pieced together.

Finishing Touches

Most times, after your dress has been made, you are required to come for fittings before the final touches are made to the dress. From ironing and adding buttons, the finishing touch is the final step in tailoring a dress.


The time spent in making your dress depends on these processes. Also, the time each of these steps takes depends on the complexity of the material, equipment, skill, and dress style. The time it takes to tailor a dress varies from tailor to tailor, as well as from dress to dress. While some dresses can be done and dealt with in a day, some other dresses require special effort and extra attention to the details