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Wedding color mistakes to avoid: Tips and Examples on How to Choose Wedding Color Scheme

Some people have a natural knack for selecting matching tones and textures, but for the rest of us this can be a challenge. Let’s be honest, there are some colors that just don’t look fabulous together and, when it comes to your wedding day, you don’t want to select a color scheme that looks like it was put together by a three-year-old.

To help you avoid this and create a wedding color scheme that’ll dazzle your guests, we have created this list of things to avoid, as well as information on how to select an amazingly complimentary color scheme for your special day – Enjoy!

Wedding color schemes to avoid

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Going back to black

Weddings are celebratory events that inspire joy and happiness, so why would you want to dampen the atmosphere by going too dark? Color schemes that are too dark or have a lack of light are a natural depressant that makes people feel gloomy. Don’t start your special day with a disadvantage!

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The fruit salad

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Some brides make the mistake of choosing two bright and contradictory colors to try and make an impact on their wedding day with something extremely… different. This is a very risky strategy that doesn’t often work and can sort of make your wedding venue look like a fruit salad.

The laboratory

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Bright, white and boring… You may want your special day to look clean and angelic, but a life without color is no life at all. Don’t degrade your special day with a lack of tone and depth alongside your favouite white or cream. Add some personality and vibrance to the day with at least one color instead of subjecting your guests to feeling unable to touch anything all day.

The playpen

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Selecting a primary color style scheme should only be reserved for those having an outdoor or festival style event and even then, eek! Red, blue and yellow may look great on a finger painting, but for your special day they are very hard to make look fabulous in the grown-up way you may want.

How to choose a matching wedding color scheme

To avoid wedding dressing disasters, there are several methods that you can use to select the best color scheme for your wedding day. From seeking professional advice to creating your own color scheme, we hope that this will help you to find the perfect match for your special day.

Choosing wedding color schemes with color pallets

Many of the amazing wedding vendors that you have to choose from will have a range of preset color pallets for you to examine. These often consist of a range of tones for a certain color or some well-matched colors that have been put together by professionals.

If you have ever purchased a set of eyeshadows or decorated a room, you may already have some good examples of matching tones in your possession. It doesn’t matter where you get your inspiration from, the colors that look good together look amazing in all walks of life.

Creating your own wedding color scheme with a color wheel

You may have stumbled across the color wheel in art classes as you grew up, but to this day designers use this tool to select the best colors for their work. The color wheel was created to clearly demonstrate which colors go together.

According to color theory, visually dynamic color combinations consist of any two colors that are opposite each other, any three colors that are even spaced around the wheel or any four colors that are evenly spaced. These matching combinations are referred to as color schemes.

Color Wheel

According to color theory, visually dynamic color combinations consist of any two colors that are opposite each other, any three colors that are even spaced around the wheel or any four colors that are evenly spaced. These matching combinations are referred to as color schemes.

Selecting wedding colors with a meaning

If you’re struggling to choose your wedding scheme colors because of pure indecisiveness, it may help you to know what each color is supposed to represent so that you can choose colors that represent you as a couple.

Each of the below colors has certain traits or characteristics associated with it on a psychological level, so if you’re having difficulty selecting the best color for your wedding then why not add a little more depth to your choice by selecting a color scheme with a meaning.

Red definition: Passion, energy, excitement, courage, strong emotion, strength

Orange definition: Adventure, optimism, creativity, freedom, fun

Yellow definition: Spontaneity, happiness, positivity, opportunity

Pink definition: Love, compassion, sensitivity, tenderness

Blue definition: Loyalty, honesty, trust, integrity, calm

Green definition: Growth, harmony, peace, encouragement

Purple definition: Compassion, mystery, imagination, creativity

Brown definition: Comfort, honesty, natural, stability

Grey definition: Maturity, timelessness, practicality, communication

Black definition: Mystery, elegance, power, seduction

Getting wedding color scheme inspiration from your icons

Chances are you have already been scouring the latest bridal magazines for some inspiration on your wedding color scheme or theme. This is a great strategy! High profile weddings are often put together by some of the best wedding coordinators and designers in the world, so why not steal the inspiration without paying the consultation price?

High profile wedding themes don’t have to be expensive too! You can often replicate aspects of these types of wedding much more cost-effectively than your favorite celebrity counterpart if you’re smart about it and you choose your wedding vendors wisely.

Choosing the best wedding color scheme for your special day

We hope that this article has helped you to discover the different ways that you can select a wedding color scheme if you’re struggling to make this essential decision about your big day.

Your special day is exactly that, so make sure that you take the time to make it the perfect experience for starting your lives together as a married couple. Regardless of any of the above factors, the decision about which colors will look the best on your wedding day is entirely up to you, after all, it’s all about you and your partner and what makes you happy!

Congratulations on your engagement and good luck with your special day!