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Mother Of the Bride Dresses: How and What to Choose

The wedding is special for everyone in attendance, present to celebrate with the newlyweds. It is equally just as special to the mother of the bride. As a mother, who is part of such a lovely union, you want to do your best and be your best. It includes what you wear to the wedding as well. It might be difficult for you to find elegant mother of the bride dresses.

Picking outfits to wear for special functions is not as easy as it seems, especially where there is a dress code, theme, or color code involved. It does not get easier with a wedding ceremony. The hassle of finding the perfect outfit for all wedding processes can be worrisome as wedding dress shopping. If you do not want to fall behind, it’s best to start the planning and preparation quick.

As the bride’s mother, it is essential that you stand out as you support your own on their special day. If it is your first wedding as a mother of the bride, finding out what to wear and what best fits into which occasion can be challenging. If you happen to fall into this category, there are certain things to consider when choosing a dress to wear to the wedding as the bride’s mother.

We are here to help you through the process of finding the perfect dress to wear to the wedding as the mother of the bride.

Mother Of the Bride dresses: How and What to Choose for The Wedding

When it comes to choosing the appropriate dress for the wedding as the mother of the bride, you have a lot of options, and at the same time, you don’t exactly have many options. It is better to streamline your choices by considering a few factors to make it easier. When you go dress shopping, some questions would be asked to help pick out your choice of dress, like the color and style. The venue, theme, color, and comfortability would help pick out the style and look of the dress to a large extent, alongside other vital factors. These factors would help you mirror your options to a select few that perfectly suit the occasion.

What To Consider Before Choosing a Dress as A Mother of The Bride

You Don’t Have to Blend In

Where choosing a wedding dress for your child’s wedding is concerned, many mothers get carried away with the effort not to outshine the bride. Here is the first rule to picking out the best dress; there is no such thing as outshining the bride. As the bride’s mother, you should be one of the happiest people on that particular day. One of the ways to show it is with your choice apparel; put in all you’ve got. There’s no dialing down on the wedding spirit. As the bride’s mother, it’s okay to stand out but not blend in.

Mother Of The Bride Dresses

Since you will also be popping into most family pictures, which would undoubtedly make it into the photo album your grandkids would be looking at in a few years, you must examine your best!

The Wedding Theme Matters

A common trend nowadays is putting together a creative theme for your wedding. People have far outgrown conventional weddings with just processionals and exchange of rings. There are no new twists, extras, creativity, or excitement to the wedding process. Wedding themes add a customized and personalized feel to weddings. It could be based on a favorite movie or hobby of the couple or just a bit of creativity from the event planner. So how does this concern the mother of the bride? The theme largely determines the dress of the bride’s mother as it indicates the degree of formality to casuals.

Mother With The Bride

When choosing your dress for the wedding, you mustn’t dress out of the wedding spirit; follow the theme. It was set there for a reason. It determines the atmosphere of the wedding alongside the procession of the program. For example, a beach-themed wedding would most likely occur at the beach. Wearing a cocktail dress or an evening gown with stiletto heels will not play out well. When the theme is set, your choice outfit would be planned to fit directly into the theme of the wedding while still making your stellar statement as the bride’s mother.

Follow The Color Code.

Another rising trend where wedding plan customizations and personalization is concerned is the use of color codes for the wedding. There are tons of reasons why people use color codes for the wedding, but the top two reasons would be for the fun of it and proper organization. When planning the seating arrangement, it can be done in color codes. Friends of the bride in one color, the groom’s family on another color, parents of the couples on a unique color just to set things in the right place for a hitch-free wedding. Most wedding planners nowadays adopt this system.

Mother Of The Bride With Guests

At the same time, the color codes can be for the fun of it, like different groups have colors for a sports festival. When a color code has been established, especially one distinct for the bride’s family, when choosing your dress for the wedding, prioritize the given color. Whatever dress you would be getting, try to get it in the said color. If you do not find one when dress shopping, you can always have one custom-made.

Comfortability Is Essential

As the bride’s mother, we understand the need to have a dress that stands out on the wedding day. However, do not place so much importance on standing out that you displace the need for comfort. Keep in mind that as parents of the bride, there will most likely be many moving around. Also, since weddings nowadays have activities in between the program to spice things up, keep in mind that some of these programs would most likely engage the bride and groom’s parents as well. So, when choosing a dress to wear to the wedding, it is essential to consider one that is easy to move around for the wedding.

Don’t Leave Out the Accessories.

Very often, mothers of the bride undermine the importance of how they look at their own children’s wedding. They leave out or forget some accessories and preparations. This is caused by getting too caught up in the wedding preparations process. You forget to adorn yourself with some essentials like the needed jewelry, makeup touchups, a good pedicure, and a manicure with eye-catching rings to match.

Don’t dial down on the jewelry and other accessories like your handbags and shoes. Take them just as essential as the dress itself since they largely complement each other. Make out time to get your hair done in preparation for the special day. The elegant look of the bride’s mother does not just pop up on the day of the wedding. It is a combination of efforts on the side of dress, accessories, and other preparations like a good spa day.

Family Portrait At Wedding


As the bride’s mother, resist the urge to dial down on your looks. The wedding day is not just about two people exchanging vows. It is also about two families coming together as well, and you are a part of that family. It is a special day for you, just as it is for any other family member of the newlyweds. You deserve to look your best!