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5 Tips on How to Choose A Perfect Wedding Theme

Let’s face it. When it comes to wedding planning, it is very daunting to choose a wedding theme.  You are faced with a need to make several choices in the midst of unlimited options. However, the importance of finding a perfect theme for your big day cannot be overemphasized. So how to choose a wedding theme and why is it so important?

This is because your wedding theme will define the overall outlook of your wedding and set the mood. Additionally, the theme offers some sort of guidance and makes other difficult choices easier to make. It is a determinant of the bride and groom’s attire, floral arrangement, colors adopted by the bridal entourage, table centerpieces, invitations, decorations, down to the food and drink.

Right now, you probably have a lot of completely different ideas and concepts on your mind and don’t know how to choose a suitable theme for your wedding. Relax! To help you out, we will explore 5 top factors you should consider when choosing your wedding theme.

Without any further ado, let’s get right into it!

Consider the season your wedding falls into

When it comes to deciding on a theme for your big day, an essential factor you must consider is the season of the year your wedding will take place. The season helps in figuring out the direction rest of your wedding will take. Each season offers its own unique opportunity for an enchanted wedding. Is your wedding taking place in the summer, autumn, winter or spring season? These considerations will make the task of choosing a wedding theme less overwhelming.

Aside from the fact that different seasons offer different vibes and atmospheres, many details such as flowers, menu and attire will depend on the season. For instance, if you are having a summer wedding, your ideal theme would include bright and bold colors – bright blue, yellow, peach are perfect wedding color palettes for summertime nuptials.

On the other hand, if you are planning a spring wedding, you can build a theme around wishy-washy colors and dazzling bouquets with natural elements like berries and a garden look. For a winter wedding, the best wedding theme is one that would be appropriate for a cold winter day. Winter weddings can be an excellent setting for bright whites and glitter. A popular fall theme is woodland settings and warm colors.

What does your venue inspire?

Another crucial factor you must consider when thinking about your wedding theme is your venue, regardless of whether you have the venue booked or simply have an idea of where you would like to have your wedding. Pay attention to the surroundings, features and ambiance and draw inspiration from them. What does your venue look like? Is it an open space? Is it indoor? Is it a hall? Church? Garden? Barn? Does it look traditional or modern? What does it inspire? What kind of colors will complement the venue rather than clash with it?

Open Air Wedding Venue

If you have opted for an outdoor theme, then go bright, bold or down to earth. If you have chosen the beach or near water as the venue for your wedding, you can consider a relaxed, casual and natural theme that will work with the beach setting, preferably a gorgeous theme with blue, white and silver color tones. If you have chosen a romantic garden as your venue, then a classic or princess theme will be perfect. Also, a grand wedding hall will be suitable for glamorous celebrations.

Consider your Colour Preferences

Choosing a wedding theme color will aid your selection of a perfect wedding theme. To do this, you can think about your favorite colors and that of your groom and see if they pair well. If you don’t have a particular color you love, take a cue from your wardrobe. Look through your closet and identify the colors you wear the most.

Also, you can browse through different color combinations to see if anyone catches your fancy. You need not be an expert in color combinations to know what colors work best when combined. The color wheel will show you the colors that work best when coupled, and this will be of great help to your wedding and evening gown selection. Typically, these colors are opposite of each other. Some come in cool and warm colors and will work in harmony when mixed. You can consider pairing a bright and neutral color.

Mind Your Wedding Budget

This is very vital in all aspects of your wedding planning. You should set a realistic wedding budget and stick to it as it will guide you in selecting your wedding venue, theme and decorations. If the venue and wedding decor you like exceeds your original budget by far, do reconsider. It is also worth noting that the venue will take the largest chunk of your wedding budget, so it is essential to choose one that is ideal and reflects your personality.

Some themes are more expensive than others when it comes to execution, so put your wedding budget into consideration as you narrow down your ideas. For example, a dazzling party in a big ballroom involves plenty of lights, decorations and flowers. However, a vintage chic garden-themed wedding can be the best choice if you’re on a budget because you can use wood, wildflowers, and natural greenery for your decor.

Also, an indoor garden-themed wedding party might not be cost-effective because filling a ballroom with flowers will be very expensive. Rather it is advisable to opt for an actual garden that doesn’t need too many extra decors?

How to Choose a Wedding Theme? Show Personality

While it’s easy to borrow and source for wedding theme ideas from Pinterest boards, it is important to remember that this is your special day, personal to your tastes, preferences and your unique relationship.  Therefore, the theme you choose should be a true reflection of you and your partners’ personalities and genuine interests. It should also mean something to both of you and be recognizable by your guests as a translation of you both.

Let your personality and that of your partner guide you into choosing the right theme for your wedding. Think about things you and your partner like. What interests you and your partner? What are your hobbies? Are you more introverted or extroverted? Do you have similar hobbies?  You can also take cues from your wardrobe and incorporate these into your floral arrangements, centerpieces and other details, no matter how quirky and unique it may be.

There you have it! We hope this article has helped you discover how you can choose your wedding theme if  you’re struggling to make this essential decision about your special day. Don’t forget to consult with your partner and involve them in the decision making process. You want to ensure the day represents both of you accurately.

While there seem to be a lot of do’s and don’ts and several factors to consider, the ultimate decision of your wedding theme is entirely yours to make. After all, it’s your day! Choose a theme that will make you and your partner happy and unforgettable, no matter what!

Congratulations on your engagement.  Have fun planning your themed wedding!

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