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5 Simple But Effective Ways to Select Shoes to Match Black and White Dress

So, you have some black and white dresses and just can’t seem to find the perfect shoe colors for your monochromatic outfits. While you have the option to get creative, we have some tips that may amp your creativity as regards selecting shoes to match black and white dress. Today, we’ll be looking at how to select shoes to match your black and white dresses.

Regardless of what pattern or style of black and white dress you’re looking to match, this article will be explaining how you can select the right shoes to match black and white dress. In this regard, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting tips that’ll help you cut the decision-making process.

Shoe Colors that Match Black and White Dress

Selecting shoes to match black and white dress based on their colour can be slightly daunting as there are many colours that go well with black and white dresses. However, we’ll be focusing on a few colours and how you can personalize these colors to fit your style.

Black Sandals, Boots, Shoes

As simple as this might seem, black shoes, sandals and boots go well with black and white dresses. For official outings, you can consider kicking it with black heeled shoes. Black boots go well when you’re hiking out with friends or partying. For cool evening strolls, black sandals or flat heeled shoes would be just fine.

Blsck Shoes

White Shoes

Wearing white shoes to match black and white dress is an excellent option. However, you want to make sure that the colour shade in your white shoe matches the one on your black and white dress. Disobeying this rule will cause your outfit to look mismatched and we don’t want that.

Woman Wearing White Dress And White High-Heeled Shoes While Walking On Sidewalk

Black and white shoes

Now this pairing idea doesn’t come easily to most people, but you should totally give it a shot. While you’re at it, here is a tip to consider – if the outfit has more white in it, aim for shoes that have more black and vice-versa. Plus, black and white shoes blend so well with black and white jumpsuits, palazzos and the likes.

Black And White Shoes

Red Shoes

Red happens to be the most popular color to wear with black and white dresses. This is due to its high contrasting nature. So, if you’re looking for a show-stopper, wearing blood-red shoes to match black and dress will go far in giving you that show-stopping effect. It’s no wonder it is the chosen color for stop signs.

Shoes To Match Black And White Dress

Silver Shoes

You’re probably surprised that silver shoes are on the list of shoes to match black and white dress with. But have you stopped to think of the metallic effect silver shoes will give to your black and white dress? Silver shoes come across as the shiny versions of white shoes, plus it happens to look amazing on all skin tones. If you’re going for this shoe color option, we advise that you go for the mirror metallic silver as it looks good on all skin tones.

Woman In Black Dress Wearing Brown Leather Flats

Bright green shoes

Not everyone will agree with this, but we’ll advise that you try bright green shoes to match black and white dress and here is why – apple green shoes cutely pair well with black and white dresses and other color options. Plus, the unconventionality that comes with this color option makes it more attractive.

Green And Brown Peep Toe Heeled Sandals

Colorful shoes

It’s imperative to understand black and white are universal colours and as such, they tend to match a broad range of colours. There is really no restriction here as you can get creative around your show colour choices. As regards getting creative, here is a tip to note – if you can’t get colour-creative, you can rely on patterns. Relying on patterns allows you to wear shoes that match black and white dress effectively.

This means that your shoe pattern should complement that of your black and white dress. This way, you can disobey some fashion rules and still get away while looking cool at the same time.

In the next part of this article, we’ll be looking at how to select shoes based on some crucial factors.

Factors that Should Influence Your Shoe Choice

We’ve done our considerable diligence as regards how you can choose shoe colors for your black and white dresses. However, choosing the right color of shoes to match black and white dress is only one part of the interesting puzzle.

We’ve come to understand that certain factors influence certain shoe patterns, and we’ll explain this in the following paragraphs.

Consider the Occasion

More times than we can count, occasions tend to influence our choice of dressing which also includes patterns. For instance, you won’t wear your 60’s-style over-the-knee boots with a cocktail dress for your mum’s 50th birthday ball. You might consider wearing a heeled shoe that complements the cocktail-ness of your dress. The idea here is to choose a shoe option that matches the event.

Dress Length Matters Too

It’s quite imperative to consider your dress length before choosing a shoe type. For instance, if you’re attending a formal occasion, you should consider wearing an open-toe heeled shoe if you’re wearing a floor skimming black and white dress. The heel will provide the extra lift you need that invariably stops you from tripping over. However, if you’re already tall, you can simply go with a smart, flat sandal.

When to Select Shoes to Match Black and White Dress

Matching your shoes’ exact color to the color of your dress is considered a more classic, old-fashioned appearance. This, however, may be modernized by selecting accessories in contrasting colors or by selecting a purse that compliments rather than matches the outfit. However, there is an exception to the rule – and that is the LBD. Pair your Little Black Dress with black stiletto shoes or black boots with a block heel to amp up the drama.

Utilize Contrasting Colors to Make a Statement

If you’re feeling bold, you might fully contrast the colors of your black and white dress and shoes to create a serious, current fashion statement. For instance, you might wear a purple court shoe with a fitted black and white dress to work, or a brick red sandal with a turquoise black and white cocktail dress to your graduation prom.

During the summer, these clashing hue combinations tend to appear the most pleasant. They may be loud and bold, but when executed well, they carry a serious stylish punch.

Besides the event, the length of your dress, and the color of both wearables in question, you must also consider the present season. There are several kinds and varieties of footwear that come and go with the seasons; nevertheless, the trick is to experiment with the ever-changing fashions as they arise in certain situations.

Final thoughts

There, you have it – how to select shoes to match black and white dress. Feel free to get creative with the tips we discussed. Don’t forget to check other articles as they may steer you in the right direction as regards making the right fashion decisions.