With the rise in expressive fashion, we are all looking for ways to show who we truly are through our clothes. This is why many people are tending towards tailors rather than ready-made clothes, especially for grand events. We can’t step out looking like someone else, the individuality must shine. Furthermore, as much as your focus is on how much does it cost to get pants altered, there are various other things to consider when talking about clothing alterations, even before talking about the price.

Some of these things might include the location you’re trying to alter on your clothes if it can be altered. Or the tailor you go to to have the alterations done on your clothes. Or even how quickly you need it done as well. For you to think of altering your pants, you already understand that what is most important in an article of clothing is not the style, design, designer, material used or pattern, it is the fitting. An item of clothing is not beautiful on its own until it fits your body. This factor is what makes you stand out and it leads us to find a good tailor.

Here are few factors that can affect the cost of your pant alterations

Tailoring Services

Along with other things mentioned, finding a good tailor greatly influences the price of the alterations or repairs as getting an affordable and reliable tailor can be such a task. It might even cost you your clothes due to their ineptitude. However, once you can bag a good one, it would be smooth sailing from there.

The initial step is to look them up on Google to find out if the place they are is comfortable for you. Yes, Google “tailors in your location” and see how easy it will go. Getting a tailor in your community goes a long way for subsequent meetings. Next will be to go through their reviews. This helps to pick out which tailor would be best for you. Although it isn’t too trustworthy, you can look at their social media posts too.

After that, contact them, either through phone call or email and ask them questions you would expect tailors to know at a particular skill level. If they are unable to answer it, you can try someone else more experienced. Something like, “is there a way for me to redo the hem of my jeans and retain the original hem?”, Anyone into sewing should know the answer. After that, take one or two clothes, like a jacket to fix the jacket sleeves, pants or a dress shirt with shoulder straps that won’t hurt if they are not properly done and try them out.

No, you cannot try to alter your wedding dress from an unknown tailor, please. Also, you do not need to know your size beforehand as they can get you measured. When all these are followed through to your taste, you should have the best tailor who makes outfits to suit your body. Besides, some tailors focus mostly on some particular styles or articles of clothing.

There are whole designers for only wedding dresses, just pick your size. Therefore, you will know who to steer clear of, and it will also determine how much the alterations cost.


You should do well to pay attention to the time you asked for the service as well. Some designers usually have a lot of workloads and would need to be booked way before the time you plan to use it. Some tailors charge more for the service if you need your clothes urgently. So, in addition to the range of prices that are listed, the price for time will matter too. A good guide for this would be to see how busy some catering services are such that you can’t request urgent caterers except you are willing to pay more.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Pants Altered: Part & Price to Consider for Clothing Alterations

For different articles of clothing, there are proper places to alter them that will not destroy the clothes in the end.  For example, there is a guide to altering dress shirts, you can reduce the shirt sleeves length at the cuff. Also, you can shorten the collar points, take in the sleeves to make it fit better by reducing the fabric. There is always a right way to do things in sewing.

For pants, that is, dress pants, jeans, chinos and other trousers, here are some things you can do. You can fix the zipper, and the estimate you should expect to pay is $10-$20. Another part of the pants that can be fixed is the button which is quite cheap and a quick DIY will do. If you’re terrible at sewing and you’re certain you will do a bad job then, the price is about $5-$10.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Pants Altered

Also, the hem is another place that can be altered without drastically ruining the pants. Although the prices can be higher for retaining the hem of jeans or maintaining the cuff, the range you should expect to pay is $10-$20. An alteration we cannot overlook is the rise in pants. To reduce it by 1-2″ you would need to have money at hand, the range is $20-$30. 

For the leg of your pants, you can either take in the legs or taper them depending on the sizes. To take in the keg, you’ll reduce the size to fit around the knee, the thighs and the calf. This will go for a range of prices for this adjustment is $15-$20.

The other adjustments for the legs, that is, the tapering, involves creating a narrower look below the knee. This costs about $10-$20. The last possible adjustment without ruined your pants is the waist adjustment. The waist costs about $10-$20.

Doing It Yourself on These Clothes

If you have some knowledge of tailoring and/or sewing with needles, then you might be able to reduce the alteration cost. That is, it can be free! Apart from the tools you would be using like, needle and thread, buttons, zippers and elastic bands, depending on what alterations you’re making. These items can be gotten in local stores for affordable prices, especially when compared to going to a tailor.

Like I said, if you’re good with a sewing machine, it will be a breeze. Having a sewing machine can be very helpful with knowledge of tailoring. This way one can alter anything on their clothes from jackets to shirts and shirt sleeves, various garments. And if you’re really good, even a suit jacket, sheath dress or wedding dress. All this with a low budget and right there in your home!

So, how much does it cost to get pants altered? To wrap it all up, we see that the price of clothing alterations between tailors and from clothes to clothes differs. The price for alterations on pants also varies depending on where you are altering. Over time, your familiarity with the tailor will help them take you into account, know your sizes for all articles of clothing and give you a discount.

So you can finally get those clothes out of your wardrobe and into a tailor’s shop or pick it up and do it yourself. When putting alterations on any garment, all these factors must be in mind. As a result, you will see how you will look in your best wearing affordable designs.

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