Of course, weddings demand a bit more extravagance, if not more. Thus, looking the part is quite essential. However, deciding on what outfit to wear could be quite daunting as all your plans to appropriately dress and accessorize become the center of interest. So after you got the invitation the question is how to dress for a wedding?

As much as the wedding invitation comes with a suggested dress code, you might still find it confusing in actually selecting an outfit suitable for the august occasion. Plus, as an honoured guest, you won’t want to procrastinate your outfit and dressing plans until the night before the wedding as you could end up not looking your best.

If you aren’t sure about what to wear as a bridesmaid, maid of honor, guest, or plus one, then this piece is particularly for you. There are different outfit options that you. Even if you are having problems with how to pick a wedding dress for your body shape, this is for you.

Before picking a wedding dress, one factor that must be thoroughly considered is the weather.


Seasonal Wear Wedding Tips

Summer Weddings

With a warm weather, you could choose from a diverse range of wedding venues. You could use a very luxurious hall, a garden, a seaside, or you could have a regular church ceremony. Suits and cocktail dresses in light colors are popular and regular choices for summer weddings.

However, you are free to accessorize. You could throw in a chic summer hat for a somewhat elevated and distinct look. For ladies, they could try flat heels, wedges, or sandals so as to prevent sinking into the grass or sand especially in outdoor places.

For gents, you could try out a linen shirt, and a sport coat as this is summer friendly as it will lessen heat absorption. This is okay for outdoor and indoor wedding venues.

How To Dress For A Wedding: Guests At A Beach Wedding Ceremony

 As extravagant as you’d love to look, try to be subtle so as not to steal the show. More so, if it’s a casual wedding, you could try out different outfit textures such as Jersey, rayon, and modal.

They are quite suitable for warm weather weddings. Thus, if you are having problems on how to dress for a wedding, if its in a summer outdoor or an indoor one, you could try out these options.

Fall Weddings

To suit the fall season, you need a layered look in hues or colors fit for autumn. Colors such as olive, burgundy, or camel are perfect. Men could try out cashmere suits, wool coats and regular leather shoes.

For the ladies, full-length gowns, a suiting shawl, tasseled clutch and heels such as satin will do just fine.

Winter Weddings

For winter weddings, you’ll obviously need something to keep the cold out and the warmth in. For women, a cashmere coat on a satin dress is appropriate to ensure warmth. If the wedding is a casual one, a cardigan on a silk cloth will be okay.

For gents, a two-piece suit with a sweater or vest will do just fine. As temperature reduces, a cashmere tie with a wool suit can help you keep warm.

Spring Weddings

For spring, floral fabrics are more fitting. For men, suiting up in lighter colors such as cream or charcoal is perfect for breezy seasons. It’d be more fitting with a pair of brogues and very nice colorful socks to match.

How to Dress for a Wedding: Bridesmaid and Maid of Honour

A wedding is an brilliant occasion. Thus, everyone attending must look the part. Given that the bridesmaid outfits are determined by the bride, it must match the bride’s attire. Here are some perfect bridesmaid dress ideas you could try for your wedding:

Clashing Boho Prints: This bridesmaids’ outfit gives a somewhat boho feel, and it is fitting for a garden wedding party.

Luxe Lilac: This outfit works pretty well with white flowers. It’d be also be an amazing for a garden wedding. It’d also work well with perfect boho accessories and fresh flower crowns for the bridesmaid.

All White: The bridesmaid can also be arrayed in full white like the bride, but they could choose their dress designs and styles. It’d be glamorous to all sparkle uniformly but with different styles.

Mix and Match Skirts and Heels: Simple designs are mix-and-match friendly. The number of colors involved actually accentuates the looks and appearances of the bridesmaid party. This is also a simple design that fits a simple wedding.

Bride And Bridesmaids Standing With Bouquet

These are some of the bridesmaids’ outfit ideas you could try. For the maid of honor, here are some dress ideas.

Formal Gowns: It is imperative the maid of honor is distinguished from the bridesmaids and one of the ways to show that distinction is by how she dresses. Formal gowns with exceptional designs and bright colors will do just fine.

Off the Rack Dress Styles: A maid of honor’s dress could be done in the most creative way possible. As the bride, you could take the liberty of selecting off the rack dress styles for your MOH such as fancy sequin and customized gowns, and the likes.

Casual dresses: If it’s a casual wedding that should be organized, and you don’t require much extravagance, a casual dress for the maid of honor is appropriate. A simple flay gown, or blouse will do. Now you know, or at least have an idea how to dress for a wedding if you are bridesmaid.

Tips on Choosing a Wedding Dress as a Guest

Even if you aren’t the bride or groom, you still need to look very good. When going for a wedding, these tips could help you:

  • Take note of the dress code. However, if you don’t feel like going with the suggested wedding outfit, you should take into consideration the place and format of the wedding so as to wear a suiting outfit.
  • Selecting dresses with trains are okay only if you’re a bride or bridesmaid. If you aren’t, it’s inappropriate and it could be quite uncomfortable.
  • Wearing a casual dress isn’t ideal even if it’s an informal wedding. You should try to look very different from how you look every day.
  • Wearing sexy or revealing outfits isn’t appropriate as it could draw unnecessary attention. Even for summer and spring wedding guest dresses, they must be quite decent.
  • For your shoes, it’s best you wear comfortable shoes, in that you may wear them throughout the day.  You never know, the wedding may last longer than anticipated.

How to Dress Up a Maxi Skirt for a Wedding

Some people bothered on how to dress up a maxi skirt for a wedding. What can we say ? You shouldn’t be bothered! It’s also an ideal choice as you get to be fashionable and comfortable. Thus, you are free to maxi-mize your appearance with it and appropriately accessorize.

Wedding Guests Dancing At Outdoor Party

Tips on Attending a Wedding as a Plus One

Tagging along with a friend that was invited to a wedding is okay, but you should observe some basic things because you are a stranger among the lot of people present. To flow with the occasion, try to:

  • Be sure to dress the part: If you look out of place, you will feel you don’t fit in and that could really make you feel so embarrassed and really have a bad night. Thus, ensure you dress appropriately.
  • Gifting:  Be sure you and your date have a gift. As much as you’re a plus one, you still need to be sure your date has a gift. If you don’t come with any believing he/she will, you may be disappointed.
  • Be sure to be punctual: When going as a plus one, be sure to be ready in case your date is planning on picking you up.
Woman Adjusting A Tie For Her Plus One Wedding Guest

Picking a Wedding Dress for Your Body Shape (For Brides)

A wedding dress will look more glamorous on you if it fits your physique and shape. Here are different types of shapes with the appropriate outfits.

The Hourglass Shape

Brides that have hourglass shapes regularly have bigger busts and wider hips. Thus, wearing plus size outfits like ball gowns, fuller skirts, and the likes may not accentuate your shape. Rather, look for outfits that are hugging. However, it shouldn’t be revealing as modesty is still the watchword.

Beautiful Bride In White Wedding Dress Posing Outdoor

The Pear Shape

Pear shaped ladies have wider hips and smaller busts. Thus, avoiding empire dress styles as they could create the illusion that you are bigger than you actually are. Rather, sleek fishtail/mermaid dresses will be just perfect.

The Triangle Shape

If your upper body is bigger in proportion than your lower body, there’s a probability you have a triangle shape. It’s best you avoid halter neck, strapless and off-the-shoulder outfits as this could accentuate your wider upper body and this may give you a funny look.

In conclusion, be sure to look the part when going for an grand occasion such as a wedding. It’s the status quo!   

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