Dressing for a wedding can be a fashion magic trick to pull off between your wardrobe, budget and the season. However, with a little creativity and some smart accessorizing you can enjoy the bride and groom’s big day while looking the part.

If you’re not a bridesmaid or maid of honor, you’re tasked with getting your own outfit together, which can be a daunting trial on its own. Your first consideration should be the weather, to make sure you’re comfortable at the wedding.

Seasonal Wear

Weather can be hard to dress for in formal wear, but here are some ideas to keep in mind.

Winter: Is might look a bit difficult to dress for a wedding in winter time. But dark, heavy fabrics are your best bet to stay warm and classy. Merino wool is both insulating and luxurious. A fancy wrap or shawl of faux fur can look and feel fantastic. A pantsuit is also appropriate.

Spring: Play with bright colours and lighter fabrics. Err to the side of clothes that won’t be ruined in an impromptu spring shower. A cute bolero jacket can also block cold winds.

Fall: Tights can keep you warm and offer a pop of colour to otherwise subdued colours. Have a formal sweater ready just in case. It may not be that cold, so pick out an option for warmer weather as well.

Summer: Light-weight fabrics and high-heels are great here. You can pick summery colours and patterns as long as you don’t stray into something too flashy. Skip the hosiery to avoid getting sweaty.

Additionally, take a look at the venue and see how you can tailor your outfit to it. Beach wedding? Sandals are probably okay. Greenhouse in the winter? You can probably get away without very warm clothes.

Appropriate Dress for Wedding

Take care to match the theme whether it’s formal and classic or a something silly and fun that you can get creative with. It’s also worth checking religious dress codes. Should you attend in a sari with full mehndi? Ask the bridal party for tips if you’re stuck on ideas, and try not to bother the (very busy) couple with minor details.

How To Dress For A Religious Wedding

Good tips: avoid white since it’s typically the bride’s colour, and avoid all black dress for wedding since that’s usually a funeral colour. Dress to be comfortable and bring additional clothes if you need to change; a second pair of comfort shoes can make a difference on the dancefloor. Stick to side of overdressing, rather than underdressing since it’ll show that you’ve made a good effort.

Maid of Honour and Bridesmaids dress for wedding

Your bride will definitely have your dresses or outfit picked out. She may even have the accessories for you. However, if that’s not the case, you can match your clutch, jewellery and any accents to the same colour or choose something dainty and minimal in order not to detract from her aesthetic.

Bridesmaids Dress For Wedding

Plus One

Though it may be hard to figure out all the details of the wedding as the guest of a guest, ask your date for as much information as possible. Work with them to coordinate outfits if you can, maybe with matching accent colours. Otherwise, classic and formal styles and subdued colours are a safe bet.

Plus One Dress For Wedding

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