Choosing the right gift can be stressful because you want something that shows your child and partner how much you care about them and how you value their growth into responsible, loving adults. You also want to think about who this gift is for—is it for your child, their partner or both? Considering some of the wedding gift ideas below should help you narrow down what you’re going to get for the newlyweds.

Photo Album

Wedding Gift Ideas: Photo Album

A photo album is a lovely gift that can tell a story about how you’ve watched your child grow into a wonderful adult. You can also get the partner’s parents involved, and compile an album that shows them growing from baby to adult, with the awkward teenage years in between. You can have it culminate in some of your favourite pictures of the couple together, showing how they’ve found each other and made a relationship real.

Heirloom Items

Antique Jewelry

It may always have been your intention to pass along jewelry from a great-grandmother or a vintage pocket watch from an old ancestor. Now might be the perfect time. Even if you don’t have any heirlooms, you can start the tradition by passing on something that your son or daughter admired when they were younger. It’s a great way to convey your trust in them and your hopes that they too can one day pass it on to its next owner.

Quality Household Ware


This is a classic wedding gift idea for a reason—the value of it appreciates over time. If your newlyweds are just starting out, investing in a set of good cookware or dishware for them can be a meaningful necessity that will last them a long time. If they’re handy and into DIY, you can consider a good set of tools that will serve them well. Far into the future, the couple can still be reminded of their wedding day every time they use this very practical and thoughtful gift.

Furniture and Décor

Furniture And Décor

This idea is wonderful if your son or daughter is moving into a new place as well or if they’ve been on a tight budget and unable to afford to furnish their home the way they want. Make a day of it and take the couple shopping at their favourite furniture and décor store, and treat them to a nice lunch. They’ll appreciate being able to pick out something without thinking of the bills they need to pay.

Honeymoon Bonuses

Luxury Hotel

You can give your newlyweds a sweet treat by calling their hotel and upgrading them to a nicer suite or adding in a more extravagant breakfast package. Consider their interests as well and see if you can get them tickets or a booking with an activity that you know they’ll be able to bond over. Nothing tightens the marriage bonds like a shared activity, and it’s something that will last in their memories forever.

Gift for Son- or Daughter-in-Law

Art Lessons

This can be a wonderful way to officially welcome them into your family. You may have to ask your child for help on this one, but consider getting something that speaks to their interest that they wouldn’t normally get for themselves. Is your new daughter-in-law big on crafting? Maybe think about booking her a session in an art studio so she can have fun and feel appreciated.



Helping the new couple create memories is probably one of the best gifts that you can give. Consider gifting the couple an experience they can do together, like helicopter lessons or scuba diving. Naturally, you should look at their interests and dislikes carefully. It would be unwise to give a son-in-law a wine tasting tour if he doesn’t like alcohol to begin with.

Personalize It

Hand Crafting

You can have something handmade or personalized for your newlyweds. You can monogram towels with their initials for them, or have wine glasses etched with their wedding date and names. Any kind of handmade art that features their wedding date is going to be something special to them. Consider something small that they can hang on the wall and be reminded of from time to time.

Pay for a Photographer

Photo Camera

This is an incredibly special day for your soon-to-be married couple. Photographs are wonderful mementos that the couple will cherish forever. You can help them preserve these memories by offering to hire a wedding photographer for them or pay for the one they’ve chosen as a token of your appreciation. It’s a great way to support the couple and make sure that they have something to remember their wedding day by.


Cash Money

A lot of new couples will agree that this is the best wedding gift idea. It’s no secret that weddings (and honeymoons) are expensive. If the couple has paid for the wedding entirely on their own, or even with a little help, giving them some cash or a cheque on their big day can really relieve some financial stress as they embark on this important start of their lives together. Give what you think can help them and make a difference in their budget. With the choice of what to spend it on, they’re likely to appreciate this more than you think.

No matter what gift you select, the fact that you’ve put thought and effort into it will show the new couple that they are appreciated and loved. Consider something that they need, like linens or cookware, and don’t have the money to splurge for the best option. Something as simple as a gesture that can help them relax and enjoy their wedding can also be received well. Hiring a wedding planner for the couple can take a load off their mind. And if you’re really stumped—just ask them what they’d like. You’ll be surprised at how easy the request is for you to execute.

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