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How to Choose a Bridesmaid (6 Easy Rules To Follow)

You are finally getting married! Wedding preparations are underway, with a lot of important choices and decisions to be made circulating your priority list. Having to all put together the right way is paramount to having a smooth, happy wedding. One of the major reasons why the couple tends to be in a bad mood during the wedding is when something really important goes wrong, especially something that has to do with the couple themselves, like a bridesmaid. The bridesmaid is very important to the wedding as they kick start the entire wedding train. But how to choose a bridesmaid?

Having a bridesmaid is beyond just picking out of your good closest friends to stand by you and help with the little cute things during the wedding. A bridesmaid does a whole lot more than that. Knowing what to expect of your bridesmaid will help you chose which is the best fit for that positions. When weddings are concerned, it also means a large number of people. Chances are there are a lot of applicants worthy of filling in the position of a bridesmaid. With our help, we will bring you the perfect guide to choosing the best bridesmaid for your wedding.

How many do you want

The wonderful thing about a bridesmaid for a wedding is that you can choose more than one. Depending on the type of wedding, where it will take place, the theme of the wedding, and special events or entertainment, your bridesmaids could be very few or even maybe a crowd. At the end of the day, it all depends on you. The events on your wedding day mostly determine how many bridesmaids you will be needing.

Some couples like to have a little entertainment like a drama, a small presentation or just something to put the fun in the wedding. These events might require more than the usual number of bridesmaids. Consider the events and other things previously listed and choose how many bridesmaids you would want for your wedding based on accessibility and preferences.

Involve your family

The people you would want standing with you on your special day would be those that care about you and are happy for you. Those that would want to share your happy moments with you. The first place to go searching is with your family, on either side. As funny as it sounds, who you choose to be your bridesmaid can cause a family feud, even during the wedding. While it is important to promote peace as much as possible, it is equally important to put your foot down and do what pleases you. After all, it is your wedding.

At the same time, it is important to not be too self-centered. When selecting a bridesmaid for your wedding, always start with your family. Check with your partner’s family as well, get them involved. When choosing a bridesmaid from your family, be careful not to overlook other things. There are lots of requirements that determine who should be your bridesmaid. While you choose members of your family, do well to check them to ensure that they meet those requirements to avoid a major issue on your wedding day.

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Know your dear ones

Chances are that you have a big circle and only come to realize it when planning your wedding, sending the invites, and making those major choices. That’s when the real confusion sets in. When it comes to your wedding, always think first about your dear ones. Your wedding is that time when you show those you really care about by letting them stand by you on your special day.

Think of those that have always been there, those who have stood by you, those who were important to the union between you and your partner, your wedding day is when they should be the closest. Sometimes, a dear friend might be even closer than a family member, do not leave them out; after all, there is always space for more than just one.

Remember your childhood friends

Growing up, there is always that one person you just can’t seem to forget. They are in every birthday picture and summer vacations. Somewhere along the line, you might have parted ways or just gotten a bit distant. Your wedding day is the perfect opportunity to close up that gap and bring back the friendship. A wedding is not only about one relationship, but it’s also about a whole lot more, and sometimes, a reunion could be the best wedding gift you get. Include your childhood friend, make that phone call, and you will be surprised to see that they are ready to fly down from whatever part of the world they are to make your day a special one.

How To Choose A Bridesmaid

Be careful who you take advice from

A wedding day is when opinions fly around the most. Everyone seems to have a better way to which it should have been done. Do it this way, do it that way, and at the end of the day, you feel like a guest at your own wedding. While it is sometimes advised to talk to recently married brides about planning the wedding, this could prove to be quite the bumpy ride. They always seem to have so many great ideas about how it should be done and how it should turn out.

Of course, this might be of great help, but the moment it starts to bring the wrinkles to your face, that is when you turn around. When planning your wedding and choosing your bridesmaid, never forget that it is still your wedding. They will bring suggestions on who is best fit to be the bridesmaid, sometimes based on who is more beautiful or who they like the most. Remember you want your dear ones standing close to you, and with that in mind, you are in the safe zone.

Who’s the maid of honor

The maid of honor, sometimes known as the chief bridesmaid, is the most important when it comes to choosing the bridesmaids that make up the wedding procession. They are most involved in all of the activities that make up your wedding. As a hint, always go for your best friend. If she is your best friend, then she has seen the ups and downs of your relationship and has been there through the cruise of it all.

Your best friend planned the wedding with you and knows what you want, like and prefer. Not only does this make the wedding run smoother, but it also helps relieve the tension. Someone you can relate with as easy as blinking your eye, having your back on your wedding day would help you get through the day and focus on the beautiful, essential things of your wedding. When you have your maid of honor figured out, then every other thing will fall right into place

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There is no wedding procession without a bridesmaid, and your wedding procession is vital to your wedding itself. Choosing who is best is at the end of the day based on your preferences and needs. Skip the stressful advice and know when to put your foot down regardless of other opinions. At the end of the day, it is your wedding!