You may be dreaming of the flawlessly-executed wedding, or be stressed out over the last detail because of how important your big day is. Either way, there are a few things to remember to check off your list as you continue planning for your wedding. Our list of the most common wedding-planning mistakes will help you to identify problems before they occur.

Not Planning for the Rain

Not Planning For The Rain Is One Of The Most Common Wedding-Planning Mistakes

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, this is especially important. Your rain cover can double as shaded areas from the sun, which is great for guests who need a break. Even if your venue is inside, having a plan for bad weather is good if your ceremony and reception are in different places. Knowing how you’ll get you and your dress to the reception and stay dry is a good plan and guests may appreciate the option of a light rain poncho for their own fine wear. Services like AccuWeather or TheWeatherNetwork can help you to have at least an idea of what to expect and avoid one of the biggest wedding-planning mistakes

Not Knowing your Budget

Coins And Pencils

Of course, unexpected expenses happen, but the last thing you want is to be dipping into your savings. You don’t want to steal from your retirement fund or borrow on credit just because you stretched your bank account further than you could reach. Staying within budget will help you afford last-minute ordeals and avoid falling in love with a dress or venue that is out of reach.

Sending out Save-the-Dates Too Early

Writing In The Calendar

You’re excited and that’s natural, but having to uninvited people is a huge faux-pas. If you pre-invite more people than your venue can hold, telling potential guests that they can’t come is not polite. You also can’t assume that enough people will say no so that you stay within your seating capacity. It’s best to plan your guest list so that you’ll have more seats than necessary.

Deciding to do Makeup and Hair on the Day

Makeup Accessories

This adds stress if you choose not to have a trial makeup and hair day. You should have a makeup artist and hair stylist that you trust and know will come through for you on your day. Doing a trial also allows you to take some liberties and try out other looks that you may not have considered. Any changes to suit your needs can be accommodated before your big day to avoid one of the most common wedding-planning mistakes.

Skipping a Videographer or Photographer


Thinking that you’ll save money if you don’t have someone to capture some of your most important moments may lead to regret down the road. Make sure that you’ve thought through these decisions and if you do hire a videographer or photographer, know what you want and communicate it well. These are pictures that you’ll have for a long time and you should like them.

Finally, don’t get worked up over every detail. Focus on what is most important to you and sort out the way you’ll achieve it. Maybe you’re stressed out about the food but not the guest list—put your energy toward making the meal your highlight. And maybe give your spouse-to-be the tasks you’re not worried about.

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