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How To Customize Your Wedding Dress. Top Tips to Do It For (Almost) Free

The day is finally here; the wedding is approaching, the event preparations are all in process, but what about the day’s key attribute? The Wedding Dress! Is it just as perfect as you have imagined as a little girl when passing near the bridal shops? An ideal wedding dress not only accentuates your beauty but also gives you the feeling that you’re the Queen of the Day. And we are here to help that feeling last for a long time and share some tips on how to customize your wedding dress.

There are numerous ways to add custom elements to your dress and spice it up with your uniqueness, for example, belts, sashes, brooches, cover-ups, hair accessories, and a lot more. When adding an accessory of any kind, think about what will correspond to your character and the wedding day’s style. Keep in mind that the customization elements should go along with your look and not change it. Now, let’s see in detail what are the best ways to customize your wedding gown.


Let’s start simple, what is the most optimal and beautiful accessory at the same time? Of course, the purse. During your wedding day, you may not need lots of stuff to carry, but you’ll need several emergency make-ups, pins, a tiny mirror, etc. Choose an evening clutch that matches your whole look and doesn’t get too much attention. Use the purse both as an accessory to stand out and storage for your convenience. Let your clutch play with the textures and colors of your look and add a magnificent final touch.


Whether you have decided to go with timeless classics of the wedding shoes, like Manolos, Louboutins, Jimmy Choos or any other particular pair you have selected, shoes play a critical role on your wedding day. On your special day, you are constantly on your feet, dancing, taking pictures and simply enjoying your wedding. Keep in mind the comfortability of the pair you choose. Additionally, you can give freedom to your imagination and choose a statement colour for the shoes. Overall, the choice of shoes is also an option for customizing your wedding day look.

How To Customize Your Wedding Dress


One of the most common options for adding some personality to your wedding day look is using hair accessories. Admittedly, the best time for choosing a hairpiece is after you have already decided on the hairstyle of the day. Accessories can change your whole look and make you a magical bride. Keep in mind that a veil is not mandatory; other hair accessories will emphasize your beauty. You can always consider a tiara, fascinators, flowers or just small hair brooches.

Statement Jewelry

Big earrings, iced-out accessories, statement necklaces are all excellent choices for finalizing your wedding look. You can choose to wear family pieces or maybe a contemporary item to match your appearance. Feel free to experiment with jewelry and find the one that suits you the best. Coordinate the choice of jewelry with your hairstyle and gown style as well. For a strapless gown, you will need a statement necklace. For an up-do hairstyle, big chandelier earrings are perfect. Lastly, remember that your wedding day is about love and how you feel that day.


Yes, you have read that correctly; colours are a great way to customize your wedding dress. Indeed, it is not traditional, and many people do not accept wedding gowns in colours other than white. But that is not a matter of bothering you. When shopping for your wedding gown, try on some colours to better imagine the feeling in that particular dress. You are also free to add a small piece of colour to your look. Maybe you decide on a red belt or a pink cover-up; it is utterly your choice.


If you have chosen a strapless dress for your wedding day, a fantastic way of customization is adding beaded straps to your gown. Just a simple and minimalistic design will add a unique touch to your look. Additionally, you can make them removable and change your appearance during the day. There are so many design options to choose from.


As mentioned earlier, belts are also included in our list of wedding customization elements. We believe that a delicate belt will be a great addition to your wedding look. You are free to choose from a wide minimalistic band to an elaborate piece with stones. Be sure to try various options to see which one accentuates your beautiful body and goes well with your look.


If you have decided to go with a wedding gown with a neckline, you are free to make your adjustments to that neckline. Make it a particular piece of your wedding gown. Think outside of the box and add new textures, colours and elements to complement your beautiful neckline. You are also free to transfer a neckline from your favourite dresses to your wedding day. This will surely make it a custom piece made specifically for you. All in all, the neckline design is a beautiful way of making your wedding gown stand out.


The skirt sets the central part of your dress you have decided to go with. Whether you choose a flowy fairytale or a mermaid story, be sure to feel comfortable and elegant for your wedding day. Keep in mind that you can detach your skirt at any time you would like and transform your whole look into a new one. Also, you can add levels of volume to your dress to make it even fluffier. So, the skirt’s part is a unique place to customize and add a touch of elegance to your look.


You have endless options to choose from when it comes to the sleeves of your wedding dress. The size, fabric, design and everything can be adjusted to match any taste and preference. Coordinate the sleeves with the theme of the day and add the glam to your wedding look. Huge dramatic sleeves are a very eye-catching choice for your dress, just like minimalistic flowy sleeves. Also, just like with the skirt, you have an option for removable sleeves, so again, you can customize your look during the wedding night. Be sure to choose sleeves that match your beauty and personality. 


Last but not least, take into consideration the idea of a cape, jacket or shrug. These are great options for chilly weather and a grand entrance to the ballroom. A cover-up gifts a special kind of elegance to your wedding look. The cover-up that you choose to go with can be in a different colour to better accentuate your appearance. Overall, you will have a warm addition to your wedding day and a stunning piece to make you stand out.

How To Customize Your Wedding Dress: Final Words

Finally, your one-of-a-kind wedding look is ready for the world to see and admire. You will not find any other bride with the same look as you on your wedding day. Not only will you look stunning on your special day, but you’ll also have an extraordinary feeling of unrepeatable confidence. Don’t forget that it is your day to shine, spread love and set a solid start with your partner.