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5 Essential Tips on How to Choose Wedding Shoes

Now that you have made that important decision to walk down the aisle, you might want to do it in good shoes. When preparing for a wedding, most of the time, we skip some little details that come together to make up a very important part of the wedding. Guest lists, the venue, sending out invitations, all of these are important but not as important as a happy bride. Among all items you put together for your wedding, the wedding shoes should not be too far from the top of the list. And you as a bride have to know how to choose wedding shoes.

When planning your wedding, you might put a lot of attention on your wedding dress. Of course, that is every bride’s dream; but the wedding shoes are also vital to a happy walk down the aisle. If you cross the hurdle of getting the perfect shoes for your dress, you might face some discomfort on a special day. Now this doesn’t mean choosing a wedding shoe is hard, at least, if done the right way, and that’s why we are here.

If you would like to pick the perfect wedding shoes for your wedding, here are 5 essential tips to help you get started. While there are a lot more than 5 things to consider, this list covers the most vital and essential parts to get you through your special day!

Dress before shoes

Shopping for your wedding is exciting. Sometimes, you get carried away with all that excitement that you begin to shop more on emotions than necessity. As a soon-to-be bride, many options will cross your path and chances are that you might get yourself a wedding shoe that catches your attention before getting an actual wedding dress. While this might seem like not much of a bad idea, it actually is. Wedding dresses are a delicate part of the wedding preparations for the bride and your shoes should complement your dress. Changes, switches, adjustments, alterations, all of these happen with the wedding dress, and most times, there is a last-minute change.

Getting your wedding shoes before your wedding gown could mess up the entire arrangement. As a bride, you most surely would not like a dress that conflicts with your shoes on your wedding day. Wedding dresses come in different shapes and sizes, and if you are a bride with an eye for fashion and style, you might want to finalize your gown before your shoes.

For example, wedding gowns with longer hems would mean you should go for something more comfortable that compliments your gown, since it won’t be the main attraction. However, a shorter hem would mean going for a wedding shoe that strikes a lot more than a message and captures the attention of all in attendance.

The wedding dress helps in making the final and most favorable purchase decision, so if you want to stand a chance at choosing the perfect shoes, then your dress should come first

Prioritize comfort

Since you are going to be as special as a princess, you might want to take a page out of Cinderella’s book. When picking your wedding shoes, no matter what style of dress you are wearing, always go for something that is just your size. The entire shopping process can be very confusing and finding something you like that is not your size is a prominent occurrence. However, it is vital that you understand the importance of wearing something comfortable on your wedding day to prevent the possibility of being a cranky bride.

While style, trend, and taste are important, always prioritize comfort when going for your wedding shoe. For one, it is going to be on for the entire event and you certainly can’t walk barefoot on your wedding because of discomfort. Now, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pick what you like. Once you understand that there are many options when going bridal shopping, you will find it easier to choose the perfect shoes. Stylish, comfortable, and trendy? You’re the bride; you can have it all!

The Venue Matters

Choosing comfortable shoes is beyond how you feel on the inside. Even if your wedding shoes feel good on your legs, there are still a couple of other things that could go wrong. Your venue, for one, is one of those things. Apart from your wedding dress, your venue also determines your type of shoes. If you choose wedding shoes without considering the venue, you just might be a barefoot bride.

Consider the location of the venue and every possible occurrence before settling for a final choice. For example, a beach wedding would make heel shoes a total no-no and a forest wedding will make fragile, lace style shoes a bad idea. If you would not like to remove your shoes every minute to pour out sand or pick out thorns from your lace shoes, then you should think a bit more before getting them.

Wedding venues go hand in hand with the theme for the wedding. Consider the venue, the theme, the events, and activities, and pick one that covers all of this while still complimenting your dress and standing out in its own way

Have a budget

Weddings are fun, but they can run you dry pretty quick; especially when you go shopping without a budget. Not only can you miss out on important details, but you might end up short on cash for other essentials if you jump at the first gown you see. Even if you’ve got a large flow of cash at your disposal, it doesn’t hurt to shop around a bit. Not only does this increase your chances of finding something better, you might also save up on some cash that will come in handy during the wedding.

With weddings, there is always something left to buy! Your wedding day is the start of a new life, and to prevent starting off broke or with a large debt on your neck, you might want to stick to that budget no matter how tempting the options you come across.

Always have a Backup

This is the last and most important tip to consider when planning your wedding. On your wedding day, many activities will get you moving from place to place-from the program of the meeting to greeting guests and other bride stuff, your wedding shoes will be getting a lot of action. You certainly don’t want to have an issue with your wedding shoes before or during the special couple dance you’ve been looking forward to.

The funny thing is, problems with the wedding shoes occur quite frequently during weddings and most times, without warning. This could really put the bride in a terrible mood. Having backup shoes is just playing it safe. If you’re worried about it not being used at the end of the day after taking up your cash, you can always sell it right after the wedding. Whatever type of shoes you have, always play it safe and get a backup! How to choose a backup wedding shoes ? Follow 4 previous tips and you will be safe.

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Final Thoughts on How to Choose Wedding Shoes

Shoes certainly seemed like some of those items you could skip planning heavily on but with this post, you have realized just how important it is. Like the wedding gown, your wedding shoes also have the power to determine if it is a perfect wedding or a cranky one. Take these tips and go get yourself the perfect wedding shoes!