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How To Customize Your Wedding Dress

How To Customize Your Wedding Dress. Top Tips to Do It For (Almost) Free

The day is finally here; the wedding is approaching, the event preparations are all in process, but what about the day’s key attribute? The Wedding Dress! Is it just as
How To Make Your Own Wedding Gown

How To Make Your Wedding Gown. 10 Most Important Steps

Weddings are fun when you do it right. When it comes to preparing for your wedding, you always want it to go perfectly, but at the same time, a lot
Wedding Trends

5 Wedding trends we love to see right now

We live in the twenty first century where the pace of the world is only growing faster and faster. Environment changes and global warming is affecting everything and the change
Post Top 5 Most Unusual Wedding Dresses

Top 5 Most Unusual Wedding Dresses

The line between unusual but beautiful wedding dress and fashion disaster can be a thin one. Straying from traditional white, lace and train isn’t for the faint of heart, but