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How to Celebrate an Engagement Without a Party — 7 Proven Ways

With the engagement rings glistering on your fingers, you just want to make it a memorable day. Your wedding is right around the corner too, and it’s very important to make the most of the moment. Sometimes, what we call making the most of the moment does not mean something loud and extravagant. At times, you just want something simple and sweet. The loud engagement parties with lots of guests and attendees are a bit too cliché and expected. You and your partner can go for something a bit more soft and serene with enough passion and love that will burn into the memory of you and yours. So how to celebrate an engagement without a party?

There are a lot of ways to get the perfect engagement celebration without throwing the much-expected party. You can always get creative, imaginative, fit in a few hobbies and favorites and produce the perfect simple and sweet engagement celebration. Wanna know how to celebrate an engagement without a party? We are here for you. Keep reading to discover 7 ways you can have the perfect engagement celebration without even throwing a party.

Have a family special

When it comes to going big or going home, if you are going for a serene engagement celebration then there is nothing like home. Sometimes, when it comes to having a celebration about a special day that is close to your heart, the best people to have around are the people who are the closest to you… your family. One thing you can be sure of is that for every special occasion, especially weddings, your family brings back the memories like no drink ever can.

Get your family and your family-to-be together to one place and celebrate the good news the Ol’ fashioned way. Not only does this help you create even longer-lasting memories, but it also helps the family to bond and feel more at home with one another, just like it should be.

You could get a bit more creative and throw in a family tradition, a few games, or something more peculiar to you and yours and make your families a part of it. No matter how fun you think this can get, know it can get even more and you don’t even have to throw a party.

Get a photo shoot done

“We keep this love in a photograph, and we make these memories for ourselves” no one could have said it better than Ed Sheeran did. What better way to capture a special moment than in a photograph. Striking that special pose, being your natural selves around one another, and making some special expressions that would make even your grandkids think it’s a fairy-tale kind of love. A picture to celebrate your engagement does a lot more than help you mark that special moment, it also helps you get going when things get tough.

Not going to lie, sometimes, when you face some blocks after the wedding, the smile of your partner in a picture on a special day like your engagement day brings it all back and fills you with a lot more than just love. A photograph to celebrate your engagement is a top choice in more ways than one

Go Social

The main reason for throwing an engagement party is just to let your family, friends, and all those who care about you and yours to know that you have decided to tie the knot. Why go through the stress of throwing an actual party when you can just go social. Get a nice picture of the both of you, probably with rings in visible sight. A video is also a great idea. And then share with your followers, friends, and family. This way, all the wishes, and celebrations can be handed over the air without an actual party. Saves you a lot more than your time if you think about it.

Take a short vacation

There are tons of ways to make that engagement celebrating much more special and creative and it all starts with fewer people and more of the two of you. With no party in sight, you and your partner have the freedom to visit that special place you have always wanted to go to. Get yourself a weekend out of town to put yourselves together and get ready for the hectic activities that come along with planning a wedding.

Getting out of town and doing something special together certainly beats a big party. It helps you bond, get rid of any built-up tension, create special moments and long-lasting memories together. When it comes to a union, at the end of the day, it’s all about you and your partner. Invest as much as you can in making that as special as possible.

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Stay home

This might sound boring but trust me when I say It’s not. A staycation would mean cutting off from every other person and focusing on the one person who loved you enough to put a ring on that finger and say forever is the way. Celebrating your engagement with that special person would mean building something more than any party can help you with. This gives you an opportunity to spend more time with one another and further clarify things together, as a would-be couple. Keep each other company, discuss goals and aspirations, cozy up, do something special, like a hobby you both have in common, and have the real engagement feel sink in.

Bring back the first date

This sounds a bit cliche but it’s effective all the same. When it comes to making a special announcement and marking special moments, couples tend to remind themselves of a first. A first kiss, first gift, first ride, first vacation, first meeting, or a first date. As common as it is, it tops the list of cupid’s arrows when it comes to effectiveness. Spend the special day and mark the special moment bringing back a first. This method lets you get as creative as you possibly can. There are no limits here and you can go as wild as possible and make a simple first a magical fairy-tale that will forever remain in your hearts.

Night out with friends

Marking a special moment with your best pals has a way of putting the spark into your celebration. Get a few friends, your best buds, and closest pals, and go out for a time out. You can host a game night, hang out, share special stories and funny moments, take a few beverages with a little bit of booze and let the night burn out with your mood as high as can be.

How To Celebrate An Engagement Without A Party


At the end of the day, you realize you will be getting married in a few months, maybe even weeks. The road to getting married gets very bumpy with the planning and all. So it’s best and most advisable to live in the moment by celebrating the closest most memorable time of your lives together, and you don’t even need to throw a party. Getting the special thing to do with so many options laid out before you might pose a little bit of confusion. But not to worry, you can have it all sorted with your special someone and you won’t even be needing to go through the stress of a party.