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Best Mother of the Groom Dress Ideas 2021

Best Mother of the Groom Dress Ideas 2021

While the about-to-weds will be the sun around which all revolves on their wedding day, this day sure means a lot to you too. You want to look great as
posing tips for wedding photography

Posing Tips for Wedding Photography

The long-awaited wedding day is here, and it brings along not only joyous emotions but a bunch of responsibilities as well, and we are here to help you prepare for
toronto wedding venues by the water

Top 7 Toronto Wedding Venues by the Water

Toronto, the picturesque metropolis-capital of Ontario, is an exceptional location for weddings. Also known for its magnificent skyscrapers, diverse sceneries, and great tourist attractions, Toronto offers unique venues to grooms
5 minimalist wedding décor ideas

5 Minimalist Wedding Décor Ideas

Your wedding is finally approaching. Like the big day it is, you need to make it a memorable one; therefore, the décor is of utmost importance. Your wedding décor is
best wedding planning websites 2021

The Best Wedding Planning Websites in 2021

Weddings are probably the most dreamed about and planned days. From the perfect answer to the planning phase, it only gets busier. While it might seem that you have got
how to choose a bridesmaid

How to Choose a Bridesmaid

You are finally getting married! Wedding preparations are underway, with a lot of important choices and decisions to be made circulating your priority list. Having to all put together the
to celebrate an engagement without a party

How to Celebrate an Engagement Without a Party

With the engagement rings glistering on your fingers, you just want to make it a memorable day. Your wedding is right around the corner too, and it’s very important to
Epic Outdoor Wedding Venues in Toronto Ontario

Epic Outdoor Wedding Venues in Toronto, Ontario

The big day that you have long dreamed of is finally about to be here. It seems like you are walking on clouds, and the sky looks brighter. You particularly
how to choose wedding shoes

5 Tips on How to Choose Wedding Shoes

Now that you have made that important decision to walk down the aisle, you might want to do it in good shoes. When preparing for a wedding, most of the
How to Build Your Wedding Website

How to Build Your Wedding Website

Your Wedding Website is more than just a digital platform; it’s the long-lasting place that you create after your engagement (most probably) for yourself, your family and your wedding guests.