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The Best Wedding Planning Websites 2021

Weddings are probably the most dreamed about and planned days. From the perfect answer to the planning phase, it only gets busier. While it might seem that you have got everything under control, along the way, you begin to miss a few steps and make a few mistakes. From the bride and bridesmaids’ dresses to the groom and groomsmen’s tuxes, as well as the perfect location, the catering services, and food, to all the other expenses and enjoyments, weddings should be a dream come true.

Planning a wedding, THE PERFECT WEDDING would mean having everything set when it should be and how it should be. Sometimes, getting all these things right can put a real strain on the bride and groom. This is when you know that you need some help. What better support than have your wedding planned for you, right to your taste. The challenge most people have in achieving this desired outcome without the marriage being a total flop. This article is the right one for you as it contains a list of wedding websites with adequate information to create that prosperous and elegant wedding. 

What are Wedding Planning Websites?

You most certainly must have heard about wedding planners. They help make sure that everything is set and ready for your wedding. When planning a wedding, it is essential to give it to the experts who know what they are doing. With your wedding in full view, taking a stroll through the websites and finding the perfect one will eat up your time. Not to worry, we have brought together a list of top wedding planning websites to help you get your wedding planning program started and done in no time. So here is our list of Best Wedding Planning Websites 2021

3rd Floor Tailors


When it comes to getting the perfect wedding dress and accessories for the bride (which we can all agree is more or less the most important thing on the D-day), 3rd floor tailors can walk you through the planning and implementation of it all. Whether you have just a little idea of what you want to look like or the model’s kind of imagination, they can bring it to life. They specialize in designing exquisite wedding dresses for the beautiful bride on her big day. Their services range from alterations of dresses to tips for proper preservation of the dresses. Your wedding dress’ and your bridesmaid‘s dresses’ needs are covered with them.

One more thing about 3rd-floor tailors is that they bring the answers to you. Many times, questions pop up that you never thought would, more so at odd times. 3rd-floor tailors have a blog entirely dedicated to providing answers to the seemingly simple questions that are yet capable of ruining your wedding. If you are getting married, bride or groom, 3rd-floor tailors have got you covered on just what you need on your planning list.

The Knot


A new method used by couples is creating a website for their wedding. This website will involve all the essential information from the wedding theme, gift donation to the venue, perfect pictures, and all involved in a marriage. The knot is an all-in-one wedding planning website that helps you plan and enables you to take action. Get moving with your wedding list and watch it all get ticked off. From finding wedding vendors to getting a registry, the knot has got you covered. It also comes with a top-rated wedding planning app to bring the wedding to your mobile. The Knot is one of the best wedding planning websites in 2021.



We’ve talked about clothes and websites, and now we’ll like to talk about the physical location. A wedding site is a big deal. For years to come, the wedding pictures will show the memories, including where it took place. A beautiful location will always bring smiles to your face. EventUp will help you make decisions based on your preferences and tastes and blend them into a beautiful place. Again, one of best wedding planning websites in 2021.

When planning a wedding, your location means more than just looking good in the picture. You have to consider your guests, the theme for the wedding, the events during the wedding, and many more. Choosing the right location is essential, and it is possible with Eventup


url: is the place to be when it comes to all things weddings. They give tips for the wedding day, podcasts on etiquette and advice, point you towards designers for dresses and tuxes, and posts on vows and ceremonies with more still in the store. It is full of wholesome content for brides who don’t want to search too far and even get blissful and stress-free. 

Carats & Cake


Every wedding needs that wow effect. The decorations must be 10/10, the catering service too. Is there a wedding if there are no flowers and centerpieces? And how about the photographers? They leave a significant mark for very long, so they must be the best. From the tuxedos and the gowns to the perfect scenery and event decoration, carat’s and cakes help you bring that dream wedding to life. Finding the ideal venues, excellent vendors, and all the shopping you need to do for your wedding, carat’s and cakes have all you need in one place. 

Pantone Studio


For that beautiful colorful effect and theme on the wedding day, check out Pantone Studios. They will ensure that that awe-inspiring theme and color code is yours at affordable prices. Trust Pantone to bring creativity into your wedding!



Every already married couple can attest that something they could do with more control over is gift-giving. With Zola, the process of getting a gift for newlyweds is more comfortable and faster. There is space for things like group gifting for pricier goods and also for cash deposits. Everything becomes fast and easy!

Minted Weddings


The perfect wedding deserves the perfect invite. Your wedding invitation card is the first thing people get to see about your wedding, and it must look good. As funny as it sounds, a wedding invite could prove to be quite a daunting task when it comes to selecting the perfect design, theme, size, and color, especially when your wedding has special events and programs to be held. Getting the ideal wedding invite that leaves your guests anticipating what’s coming is a goal for every couple.

Minted weddings help you plan out the perfect invites with the ideal theme, colors, words, and everything else to be included. Get the worry about your wedding invitations out of your list and have minted handle that for you. 


url: … Are you serious ?

When it comes to the perfect planning, let’s not forget our ever-efficient It seems like something passive, yet Google offers a lot more that is incredibly beneficial to your wedding. Of course, at first glance Google itself and Google apps like Drive, Docs, Calendar, Gmail etc. are not best wedding planning websites of 2021. But with an entire collection of tools like spreadsheets and Google drive, you can plan your wedding, make uploads, save documents, and check things all from one workspace. Once again, Google makes its way into the center of our hearts.

Woman Is Looking For Wedding Planning Websites Using Her Laptop


Your special day should remain as just what it is… special. Fretting over everything might end up making it less than it is. Go through the wedding planning websites and ease the load of your heads and freckles off your face. With wedding planning websites, you can focus on the beautiful thing that is right before you. These websites will provide you with essential services that will make your day. Go ahead, try them out and relax.