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2021 Summer Wedding Dress Trends That Will Help You to Look Chic and Comfortable

What do the bride and summer have in common? They are both hot! Summer is that time when lots of beautiful people come together to tie the knot. With the season comes many summer weddings, and know it or not, even summer weddings have their own wedding trends. A beautiful bride deserves an equally breathtaking wedding dress, and summer weddings really bring that radiance to life. Now, when it comes to finding a wedding dress for the summer, even with your options all teamed up, it is still not as easy to make a choice. Everyone has their style, preferences, choices, and their theme for the wedding, and we are here to help with 2021 summer wedding dress trends.

We all love weddings a lot. Yeah, quite the fairy-tale moment and weddings just seem to be packed full of magic and happily ever afters. With dear ones in attendance, the bridal dress really has to be the bomb. So yeah, there you have it, the wedding dress is actually a serious matter and it’s time to get serious!

Trends have a way of bringing something special to an event when done right. If you are getting married soon, there are few trends you might want to run through before going shopping for that perfect wedding dress. From one hand straps to 3 piece outfits, people have been getting really creative with their summer wedding dress. With the season comes the desire to look chic and comfortable. With that summer body in perfect shape, it’s time to bring a dress that not only appeals to you on a personal level but also rocks out some of the year’s best trends. If you want, you can even merge a few trends together to make up the perfect dress.

So whether it is just a hobby, looking to get inspired, or you are really tying the knot, we have rounded the top favorite trending dresses of 2021 together in one place to help you make that important decision.

Short dresses

Chic, comfortable, classy, cute, all in one piece. Short dresses are an evergreen trend for weddings in 2021. Summer weddings come with the fuzzy warm feeling, nothing too official, so it is no wonder short dresses are ranking on the top shelves of the 2021 wedding dress trends. Short dresses also go well with smaller minimalist weddings, and with the pandemic ravaging the world, short dresses definitely find how to really put the heat on that outfit. Get you a killer pair of shoes to go with the short hemline and be rest assured; breaths will be taken as you walk down that aisle.

Ruffle it up

Ruffles work great when properly implemented, and that shouldn’t be a problem with the perfect wedding dress designer. Another great thing about ruffles is how creative you can get with them. A mermaid silhouette dress with ruffles really brings out your figure while still adding that extra detail to really spice things up. A ruffled skirt, full skirt, or unexpectedly creative ruffled position is a great way to go.

Floral dresses

With summertime comes the beautiful flowers blooming just like a new bride. With a small wedding, in a garden, or at the beach with lots of floral decorations, a floral dress could really make the icing on the top. Adding little special details is a growing trend in 2021 from 3D rosettes to breathtaking embroidery designs, floral dresses give the warm, refreshing feel of a good summer day. You can go full floral or mix it up a bit with floral patches to add a bit more variety to your look.


Feathers are another finishing touch wedding dress designers are into this summer. They have also been a great inspiration for many wedding themes, one of which is the ever famous swan-themed wedding. Not just with themes, feathers on wedding dresses also have that sophisticated feel with a touch of glamour around them. From simple details to gorgeous embellishment, feathers are an exceptional choice.

Off-shoulder sleeves

Gentle, inviting, romantic, sleek, off-shoulder express these perfectly. Not just in 2021, but in past years, off-shoulders have been topping the entire fashion industry trends and are yet to be dethroned. Its intriguing neckline works wonders with many dress styles, most especially silhouette, ball gowns, short gowns, and mermaid dresses. Lace, silk, whatever fabric you choose, and off-shoulder will bring it to life.


If you are one to experiment and really put your personality into your wedding outfit, then this 2021 summer wedding dress trend has your name on it. Walking down the aisle looking all eccentric and out of the usual will definitely have heads turning. Pants also work well for a multi-purpose wedding outfit. The wedding, the reception, whatever it is, pants coupled with a beady top, chiffon shirt, oversize top would really drop the vibe.

Square necklines

Past bridal dress trends have been about the heart-shaped, v-neck, or round necklines. This summer, we are going a little out of the box. Square necklines are taking over fast! They have a way of accentuating the collar bones and shoulders. Making a comeback from the Regency eras, square necklines matched with heavy satin crepe or floral lace are an eye-catching trend in 2021.

High slits

Now these have always been close to our hearts where dresses are concerned. Slits have a way of adding a rebellious flair to every outfit that dons them and pulls attention with sophistication. High slits were initially noted for their sex appeal as they really show off some skin. Take your feminine charm to the next level this summer with something sexy, stunning, and comfortable. From a silhouette that really shows off the curves to a formal A-gown, high slits are a sexy way to mark the date.

Slip dresses

Certainly not a new style, but it’s definitely coming in with a revival thanks to Kate Moss and Caroline Bessette-Kennedy. The slip dress feature a satin dress that pays close attention to the curves, or maybe a breezy style with straps, showing off your features the perfect way. They are most common with formal nuptials with classy settings and destination weddings. If you love the style but not too much on showing a bit of skin, then you can always make a covering with a laced-up material, adding a sexy yet minimalist feel to the dress.

Transitional pieces

Now with so many beautiful pieces from the 2021 summer trends, chances are that you are stuck on more than one choice for your wedding dress choice. Well, not to worry, there’s a hack with transition pieces. You can merge up to three summer dress trends in one without pinning on two different gowns. From capes and coats to ruffles and hems, transitional pieces are trending in most summer wedding dress collections in 2021. They are like additional add-ons that can give a special, custom feel to your wedding dress; they can also make for the perfect cover up in emergency situations.


With the pandemic, restricted movements, and isolation that came with Covid-19, one would expect a decrease in weddings and equally wedding trends. However, as people get more creative with their weddings, themes, and venues to meet the regulations, 2021 summer wedding dress trends have also followed up in creativity as well. It’s your special day; make the most of it.