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5 Creative Dance Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

One of the most fun parts of a wedding is the dancing. Having a good time on the dance-floor is one of the things that your guests will talk about and remember. With a little planning, some rehearsal and maybe a bit of choreography, you and your fiancé can pull off an entertaining show for all of your guests. Pick something that has meaning to the both of you and get on your dancing shoes! Here is our list of 5 creative dance ideas for your wedding.

Entrance Dances

One way to make a big entrance is to come out dancing. You and your partner can hit the floor in style, playing one of your favourite upbeat jams and then following with something slow and romantic. Or, you can have the bridal party really tear it up with some choreographed moves.

Entrance Dance

Consider ambiance-setters like sparklers, rose petals or a lightshow. Choose what best fits your mood and the tone that you’re going for, and have fun with it. Using a popular dance from a movie is a fun way to start your reception and can get everyone dancing if you choose the right one.

Group Dances

The most well-known dances at weddings are bound to be the Chicken Dance and the Cha-Cha Slide, but you can also mix it up with dances like Michael Jackson’s Thriller and N’Sync’s Bye Bye Bye. However, you run the risk of your guests not knowing the dance. Instead of chancing it, you can play the music video or a have a fun dance tutorial where you and your partner teach a few moves as an intro to the dance so that everyone can participate. If you choose something catchy that people have heard before, you’re likely to have people rushing to the dance floor.

You can also warm up your crowd with popular line dances like the Hokey Pokey, the Macarena and the Hustle. These ones are bound to get people on their feet, where you can show them a good time.

Father/Daughter and Mother/Son Dances

One of the most important dances that a bride will have is with her father. You can make it memorable and significant with the right choice in song. Your father will appreciate dancing with his little girl on her big day, so it’s hard to go wrong. A sweet song like Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle or Isn’t She Lovely by Stevie Wonder can really bring tears to your guests’ eyes and be something that both you and your dad will remember for years to come. It’s a very special moment that everyone will appreciate.

On the flip side, for your groom, the first dance with his mother will be a lovely moment for the two to share. There are a lot of good song choices and you can confer with his mother on her favourites. It’s a great way to include family in on a part of your wedding that they will make memories during. These are very tender dances that include family and strengthen bonds. A few good songs that set the atmosphere are You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban, Have I Told You Lately by Van Morrison or Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton.

First Dance as Married Couple

This is a wonderful opportunity to show off your dance moves, personality and synchronicity with your new partner. Picking your first song is obviously going to be a very personal choice and is likely to be the song you and your partner call “Your Song.” It may make for a perfect first dance, or it may not quite be the vibe that you want to set.

Consider what you and your partner are comfortable with, and how much time you want to invest in learning steps and routines. Once you’ve settled on a song, there’s still a lot that can be done to make your dance unforgettable. And don’t be afraid to pick a song that isn’t a traditional “first dance” song. There is a wide variety to choose from, especially if you and your partner want to get funky on the dance floor.

You can change outfits. A bridal dress typically isn’t the greatest for movement and is often heavy. Between the ceremony and the reception, you can slip into another dress that you can comfortably dance in. Putting on comfy shoes is also a good consideration. You can coordinate with your partner and match in a cute and fun way.

Kids’ Dances

If kids are allowed at your wedding, then it’s a great idea to have a special time for them to hit the dancefloor. You can ask your DJ to put on popular kids’ songs and encourage them by modelling dance moves that they know like Flossing and the Nae Nae. It’s a fun activity for you to learn and participate and it gives the kids a chance to burn off some energy after sitting still during important adult activities.

Plus, it’s incredibly cute to watch since no one dances as uninhibitedly as a child. Toddles to teens can show off some sweet moves and have a good time. Encouraging them to dance will make it a fun and fantastic wedding for everyone involved.

Ultimately, dancing is supposed to be a fun and energetic way to let loose. Your wedding can have moments of tenderness, reflection and emotional engagement, but it can also be the most fun party you’ve ever had with all of your closest relatives and friends. It’s a fairly inclusive way to get people involved and it doesn’t pressure people to participate if they don’t want to.

5 Creative Dance Ideas For Your Wedding

Pick some current hot songs, some throwbacks and a few wistful and slow songs and let your DJ do the rest. Having requests open is another way to get people involved with your wedding and having an awesome time dancing. There’s no best way to get people dancing, but offering adequate space and good jams is a start!