3rd Floor Tailors  in on Facebook now. Like, comment, share and visit our page to be informed about our latest news, promotions and offers

What does it mean for our customers?

From now you can contact to us by phone: 647-977-8336, by email: hello@3rdfloortailors.com, by contact form on our website: 3rdfloortailors.com  and Facebook. 🙂

What does it mean for 3rd Floor Tailors?

Just one more way to contact with our customers, get feedbacks, listen to your opinion and improve our experience.

We are not going to post non-relevant information or spam.

Games? Maybe.

Collecting “Likes”? No. Like as if you really like us.  But we always can like your pages. Just visit our office at 575 Queen Street West, become a customer and let us know you FB page address. You will definitely get our like.

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