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When to Schedule Hair and Makeup Trial for Wedding

You’ve got the date; you’ve got the dress. Now all that’s left is to look your best. So here it is, you need a makeup artist and a hairstylist for your wedding. It is even better when you get two in one place. Not just anyone, but a good one who knows their job. While you might want to settle for just any makeup artist, do well to keep in mind that not every makeup artist knows how to do bridal makeup. Settling for just any hairstylist can also pretty much ruin your day.

It’s your wedding day, and the last thing is to have yourself looking less than your best. But that’s even way better than having terrible makeup. It would ruin your wedding pictures, but it can also ruin your day effortlessly. That’s why brides need hair and makeup trial for wedding.

When planning a wedding, there’s a lot to think about in the planning process, and sometimes, we let a few things slip that come back to haunt us on our special day. Finding the best hairstylist and makeup artist to run your makeup and hair is no walk in the park. You don’t just walk into a salon and hire one. There are many things you might want to consider when looking for a makeup artist and hairstylist for your wedding day.

Once you’ve found one, you also need to know how and when to schedule a trial before the wedding day. Don’t you worry! We have put all of this together as a guide to help you get the best makeup artist and hairstylist for your wedding. We would even throw in a quick bonus and tell you when to schedule a hair and makeup trial for your wedding.

Why Do You Need a Hair and Makeup Trial for Wedding?

Everyone thinks the makeup artist and hairstylist will show up at your front door on your wedding day and work perfectly. It doesn’t work out that way. Most brides with perfect makeup and hair on their wedding day have already scheduled a trial day with their makeup artist. A trial is a key to perfection where hair and makeup are concerned for your wedding day.

Hair and Makeup Trial: What is it About?

When you find your choice of makeup artist and hairstylist, it is most advisable to schedule a trial. Not only does this help you and your makeup artist meet at a point on what you want for your wedding, but it also helps alleviate any unforeseen circumstances that could affect the process of getting the bride ready for her perfect day.

So basically, a trial day is when the makeup artist, hairstylist, and the bride come together to fix things up just like they would for the wedding. They would try out a couple of new and different things to have the bride looking her best. Sometimes, the bride might pick and hairstyle or makeup look that does not exactly go too well with her dress or something else. On a trial, the day is when this is discovered rather than having an emergency run on the wedding day. Your hairstylist and makeup can fix you with something new and equally stunning for your wedding.

Hair And Makeup Trial For Wedding

A trial day is just as important as the wedding day itself. It determines how the bride looks and how she feels on her special day.

So yes, you should schedule a trial day before the wedding day. Before planning a trial wedding day, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind.

When Should You Schedule a Trial Day?

Scheduling a trial day comes right after finding your choice hairstylist and makeup artist. So, the process to it is this. So before scheduling the trial for your hair and makeup, there are a couple of steps you should have gone past. Let’s look into a few of them.

Find Your Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist

First, find the perfect hairstylist and makeup artist specializing in wedding gigs. When it comes to hair and makeup choices for your wedding day, you will come across a TON of options. There are many people in the field ready to take up your needs. However, you need to be sure that they are good at not just any job in their profession but also pretty good with the bridal ones. To be safe, you can get one whose niche is bridal makeup and hairstyling.

When you’ve found one specializing in bridal makeup and hair, it doesn’t precisely guarantee they are good at what they do. You might need to see some reviews and a portfolio of past successful jobs. This lets you know that they know what to do and how.

Book a Consultation

Once you have found your choice of hairstylist and makeup artist, the next step is to schedule a consultancy. Booking a consultation comes right after locating your choice hairstylist and makeup artist. You could have either found them online or thanks to a referral from a friendly neighbor or relative. The consultation means meeting up with this professional to talk and plan out what you want and how to make it happen.

At this stage, factors like date and costs are discussed. While some charge a trial day separately, most make it a part of one complete package, which comes with a couple of other excellent offers that would benefit the bride. Maybe even her bridesmaids, mother of the bride, and a few special guests. Once you have consulted and settled on the details for the service, you can go ahead to schedule a trial day.

Schedule a Trial Day

Since it is all for the wedding, you might want to schedule a trial date that comes up right before the wedding day. The number of things determines when your trial day can be placed. One of which is the availability of the hairstylist and the makeup artist. If your wedding date happens to fall in a season that has a lot of weddings, you might want to speed up on the consultancy, or you might have a hard time getting a scheduled date for your trial day.

 Also, if the trial day would feature other people who will be engaging the services like a special guest, mother of the bride, or the bridal train, you might want to consult them and settle on a date that works well enough for everybody.

There are fewer chances of a surprise on your wedding day, and we certainly don’t mean the good kind of surprise.

Now that you have gone through the steps needed to schedule a trial day, as the bride, it’s time to sit back and let the professionals do their job. If anything comes up, they know how to get it done perfectly well.

Wedding Makeup

How To Do Your Makeup for a Wedding Guest

A wedding doesn’t mean you are the bride at the wedding. You might be the guest in attendance. However, that’s no excuse to look any less than pretty, provided you don’t have plans to outshine the bride. If you happen to be a guest who is incredibly close to the couple and their family and got invited to the wedding, you need to plan out your look. When we say your look, your hair and makeup play essential roles in bringing that to life. So how should you do your makeup for a wedding guest? There are some pretty basic rules to ensuring that you get it right!

You have two options. You can either have it done for you by a professional makeup artist. On the other end, you could get your makeup done by yourself. Provided you have basic makeup knowledge and experience, of course.

If you would be hiring a makeup artist to get your makeup done for you for the wedding, most of the rules given to the bride apply. It all starts with finding a makeup artist, of course. Next would be booking them for their services.

One primary difference between hiring a professional as the wedding guest and as the bride is this;

You Don’t Necessarily Need a Bridal Makeup Artist

Bridal makeup artists are employed specifically for the bride. Their job description centers around doing their best where their services are concerned to help the bride equally look her best. Some level of experience and expertise is required here. However, as a guest, you do not necessarily need to go through the stress of finding a makeup artist that features bridal makeup. A professional makeup artist who knows her job is fine.

You Might Not Need a Trial Day

As the bride, there are many peculiarities to putting yourself together for your special day—an equally lot to consider. The makeup artists need to take all of these into consideration. This increases the need for a test run to ensure everything goes well and smoothly. Except you happen to be on the bridal train, you do not need to have a trial day before the wedding. A spa day, maybe, but not necessarily a trial day.

DIY Makeup as a Wedding Guest

If you go for the other option, get your makeup done yourself as a wedding guest. Here are a few tips to help you stay right on track!

Matching Colors

When doing your makeup, try matching your color with the colors on your dress. Avoid adding too many colors. You could make it a monochrome look. Your lipstick, for example, can be the same color as your dress or trouser. You could go chill on the complete makeup and then add a bit of pop with your lipstick.

Add Some Eyeliner

Eyeliners generally give a bold and chic look. It also helps accentuate your eyes, especially if you have added a bit of shine. Just wing it! But don’t go overboard with carving it out. Black eyeliner is good.

Pop The Natural Beauty

Not every wedding expects you to show up with a gala walk. Sometimes, a confident, natural pop is delicate. With a little bit of concealer and some pop here and there, you’re good to go.

To a large extent, as a wedding guest, your makeup is primarily determined by the dress and accessories you put together.

Partial View Of Hairstylist Fixating Veil On Brides Hair

How Much is Wedding Makeup in Toronto

Getting your wedding makeup in Toronto is a great idea. However, it would be best if you had an idea of the pricing first. While different makeup artists charge differently for bridal makeup in Toronto, you can have a picture of the average cost to get bridal makeup done in Toronto.

The average cost for bridal makeup in Toronto costs around $650. This is, however, subject to additional services like service costs and others.

For a more defined breakdown;

Bridal makeup for the bride is usually around $200-$300. If your makeup artist has to travel down to your location, they might add a travel fee. It might be wise to get one in your location to cut costs.

Aside from the bride, if the service would cover the bridesmaids, it is charged separately and added to the overall bill. Each bridesmaid’s makeup can cost around $100 to $150. If you would like to add extra people asides from the bridesmaid, maybe the bride’s mother or a special guest, it can attract an additional $100.

So, you can spend as low as $200 and as high as $700.

The services would include a trial day for the bride, of course. This is where the makeup artist can try out the products to find out what works best. It will also help check if you are okay with the final look or prefer a different one. Skin tone checks and the like can be done to ensure the best results.

Beautiful Bride And A Makeup Artist

How to Find Hair and Makeup for a Wedding

Finding hair and makeup for the wedding is not hard work. The hard work is finding the artist and the stylist for the job. So, once you have found the choice makeup artist and hairstylist, you’re as good as 80% where finding the hair and makeup is concerned. Just sit back and let the professionals walk you through the process.


Once you understand what you need, finding the perfect makeup and hairstyle for your wedding is as easy. With this guide, you’re well on your way to crossing that hurdle off your list of things to do to make the wedding day run smoothly.