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Ultimate Toronto Wedding Dress Shopping Guides: 20 Things to Know

Of all decorations, exquisite designs and exhibitions in a wedding, what every bride considers very dearly and carefully is her wedding dress. Why? It is one of the most important things that determine if the wedding will turn out to be everything she envisioned.

Guests will remember how exquisite and ravishing the bride and groom appeared than how splendid the venue looked. In that regard, we’ve put up this Toronto wedding dress shopping guide. There are things you must be aware of before going wedding dress shopping.

Here are 20 things to know before hitting shops and malls in Toronto.

Pick a Wedding Theme

Before deciding on the type of wedding dress you want, be sure to have picked a wedding theme. Will you prefer a formal romantic affair, or a garden-themed wedding ceremony? This wedding dress shopping tip also determines the type and style of bridal gown to be used.

Thus, you must know your theme before deciding on the wedding gown to be used.

Consider Your Body Type

This is one of the wedding dress shopping tips that is very important (though basic). You must ensure you know your body type as this will largely help in the selection of your wedding dress. To do this, take the measurements of your shoulders, bust, waist, and your hips.

Toronto Wedding Dress Shopping Guide

With these measured 4 body parts, compare them with the list of body types below.


This body type has wider shoulders, wider hips and a slim waistline.

Pear shape:

The pear shape body type has wider hips, lesser bust and shoulders.


Plus-size ladies have body proportions that are larger than the average body size of women. Generally, they are quite curvaceous in frame.


Petite women are smaller and shorter than the average body type.


This body type has all body parts almost in equal measure (shoulders, bust, and hips).

All these body types have dressing styles that fit them and it is best you know which you belong to. Nothing beats a bride in a fitting wedding attire.

Have a Budget

As much you wish to marry the man of your dreams in a very classy wedding ceremony and with a pretty wedding gown, you must also consider the extent to which you can make that happen. Almost all the wedding dress shopping tips depend on this.

Wedding gowns come in different price ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Thus, going shopping without having a price range in mind can be quite expensive as you may end up spending more than you can afford.

Ensure you have a price range and try to keep to it. Moreover, you’ll also need to put some money aside for other wedding accessories and alterations. Thus, you have to be quite discretional in expenditures.

Your Wedding Venue Should Also be Considered

The venue of your wedding can also help in determining the wedding dress to purchase. This will help you know the wedding dress that will be more comfortable. It also determines the formality of the occasion and this also informs your dressing style.

If you are planning on having a formal indoor wedding ceremony, a ball gown is quite appropriate, but it won’t be a perfect match for, say, a beach wedding. Thus, you must also consider your venue. You must consider whether it is a good fit for the place where you’ll be tying the knot with your Significant Other.

Find the Right Alteration Services

There is a high possibility that the wedding dress you purchase won’t be exactly your size. Thus, you’ll need a very good seamstress to make the necessary adjustments and alterations after you’ve bought it. Also, you should know that getting good wedding dress alterations is just as important as choosing the right wedding dress.

Wedding dresses are quite complex, and as a result, you’ll need the services of a professional to handle any modification or alteration you might need.

Wedding Dressmaker Altering White Wedding Dress

Know What You Want

One of the wedding dress shopping tips to also closely consider is having a clear idea of what you really want. You must be sure of the design, style, and fabric. However, it’s best you also draw inspiration from your wedding venue, the weather condition, and the formality of the occasion.

All these factors should influence your preference.

Ensure You Work With a Bridal Consultant

When it comes to wedding fashion, bridal consultants are who to go to for guidance. They are experts in recommending perfect styles of dresses to fit wedding ceremonies. Be sure you try out this wedding dress shopping tip.

Have a sit-down with a bridal consultant and share your wedding dress ideas with them. They’ll surely help you in selecting a very good wedding dress with a fitting style. The expertise of bridal consultants also stretches as far as identifying a dress that will look good when worn even if it doesn’t have a hanger appeal.

So, consider their suggestions.

Shop Timely

Shopping for your bridal gown should be prioritized as it takes an ample amount of time to buy and make the necessary alterations. If possible, shop for your wedding gown at least 6 months to 1 year before your wedding.

This will give you enough time to use the latest offers and choose from the latest collections. All your bridal appointments should be planned at least 6 months before the wedding ceremony.

Ensure to Book Your Appointment

You’ll find this in every Toronto shopping guide for wedding dresses because it is very important. A lot of bridal salons only entertain brides to be that have already booked an appointment with them. It is always best you book your slot before going so that your shopping session can be more efficient and productive.

The reason why this is very important is because it it’ll help you not only secure a time that’s convenient for you, your bridal consultant will also be able to focus on you since she won’t be too busy juggling appointments.

Be True to What You Think is Right For You

This is the most important wedding dress shopping tip you must take with you to any bridal salon. You have to understand that regardless of who you go with or whatever opinion you are given, it is your wedding and it is your dress. Thus, it is completely in your hands to make any decision you feel is right for you.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider people’s opinions. In fact, most ladies go to the bridal salons with the most important ladies in their life that love and want the best for them. Then, there are several persons that believe one dress or the other is right for them.

Just ensure that at the end of the day, you’ll be the one to make the final decision regardless of what opinions are put before you. Don’t ever try to make your wedding look like the riskiest outfit of your life and begin to regret it later. Your dress has to be a reflection of what makes you feel and look confident and beautiful. So, don’t ponder too much on it. Whatever you choose, your husband will be impressed!

Try Not to Wear Too Much Makeup

You will literally find “don’t wear too much makeup” in every or almost every Toronto shopping guide for wedding dresses. It is always advised to not wear smudgy or dark makeup that could stain every dress you try on till you finally find the one you say YES to.

Lipstick has always been notorious for staining dresses and it’s usually quite difficult to get rid of the stain when it does. So if you really want to go with makeup, you have to be very careful.

However, if you don’t want to wear any makeup at all, it is advisable you dab on your moisturizer and apply very little foundation and really light blush to make those beautiful cheeks glow. Then, you can moisten your lips with a tint-less lip balm.

Moreover, you should decide before hand how you want your hair to look on your big day, whether you’d love it tied up or free. Try visiting the bridal salon with a hairdo that somewhat matches what it’ll look like on your wedding day. To an extent, this will help you get a great idea of how the wedding dress compliments your overall appearance.

Come Along With the Lingerie You Plan to Wear on Your Wedding Day

Nobody will tell you but try as much as you can to not forget the lingerie you plan wearing on your big day, the day you visit the bridal salon. While trying different wedding gowns, have it on to give you the exact idea of comfort and fitting.

Depending on the fitting of your underwear, you may want to make a few changes on your choice of dress.

Free tip: Also wear similar heels that you’d wear on your big day. This is all in a bid to make sure you are very comfortable on your wedding day.

Cropped View Of Bride In Lace Bra Holding White Wedding Dress On Hanger

Go Wedding Gown Shopping Well Fed

People don’t often discuss this, but, this is a very important wedding dress shopping tip. As beautiful and elating as it feels going to shop for your wedding dress is, it could also be pretty exhausting.

This is because you may have to visit several wedding boutiques and get pretty tired so you’ll need to eat so you’d have enough strength for that.

Remember, you shouldn’t eat too much so you don’t feel bloated and tired.

Woman Eats With Knife And Fork A Pizza Margherita With Mozzarella Tomatoes And Basil.

To Make Selection Easier, Bring Your Camera

Choosing the best dress for you doesn’t have to be a hassle. You can get a trusted friend to take a few photos of different angles of the dresses when you wear them.

This can efficiently help you compare and contrast all the dresses you’ve tried on to know the one that fits best.

Although, there are some place that won’t let you take photos. If this happens, you can take note of the pros and cons for each of the dresses and easily book a follow up appointment.

Things That You Definitely Shouldn’t Do Are-

Buy a Wedding Dress Online:

This is one of the don’ts of Toronto shopping guide for a wedding dress. If you try it, you might forever live to regret it. There have been several disasters that have risen from ordering a dress online instead of going to get it yourself.

You only have one shot at your wedding. Make it worth it because it is something you’ll remember till you die. Don’t take risks like this and ensure you visit a bridal salon by yourself and test it to know the exact dress you want.

Be Afraid to Be Honest:

You can say no as long as you don’t like the dresses offered to you. It is your wedding and it is such a huge deal so you have to please yourself.

Be Swayed By Steep Discounts:

This is a pro wedding dress shopping tip. As a bride to be looking to stay both budget-friendly and environmentally, a sample dress might seem like an awesome idea.

However, you should keep in mind that sample dresses that are reduced by 80% must have been tested by several brides and may suffer tears and stains. So, before grabbing that dress and thinking you are lucky, check it very well to see if there are damages that can’t be fixed.

Bring So Many People:

To avoid clash of opinions or even quarrels, don’t bring too many people. Keep your crew small and intimate so that things won’t get out of hands.

Final Thoughts

Shopping for your dream wedding dress can be one of the most memorable moments of your life. Take note of the above tips to make it a smooth and easy process.

Place a Call Across in Advance

You’ll save more time if you call the boutique or shop in advance to be well acquainted with their wedding gown inventories and accessories before going there. This will ensure you don’t visit a boutique that doesn’t have what you want.

Weekday Shopping is Ideal

Be sure to go wedding dress shopping on a weekday as bridal salons and boutiques are usually crowded on weekends and this will result in getting less attention. So, go during weekends.