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Top 5 Most Unusual Wedding Dresses

The line between unusual but beautiful wedding dress and fashion disaster can be a thin one. Straying from traditional white, lace and train isn’t for the faint of heart, but it can make your wedding and your dress a memorable statement for everyone who attends. Here is our list of top 5 most unusual wedding dresses you can find in stores and online.

We’ll skip impractical dresses like the Charmin Toilet Paper Roll dress and monstrosities like the Cookie Wedding Dress (yes, it’s unfortunately real).

Blush Dress
(Kelly Faetanini – Florence)

Unusual Wedding Dress - Blush Dress (Kelly Faetanini – Florence)
Blush Dress (Kelly Faetanini – Florence)

White is typical, traditional and flattering for everyone, but it takes a daring bride to even consider something that’s not ivory, eggshell or dazzling white. This blush dress is cute, stylish and a statement. It’s not an outlandish colour like red or gold, which can make the wrong sort of impact. It’s classy with a hint of personality that shows a bride who dares to step out of the norms. A bonus that all women love? It’s got pockets!

Boho Dress
(Honor NYC – Look 7)

Unusual Wedding Dress - Boho Dress (Honor Nyc – Look 7)
Boho Dress (Honor NYC – Look 7)

It’s not exactly a dress, but the flair of this jumpsuit definitely feels reminiscent of full skirts. It’s a beautiful, wispy outfit that evokes woodland thoughts of nature and earth. A boho-inspired piece that shows you’re a bride who isn’t high-maintenance and still loves to have fun. The wildflower print is subtle and endearing. And the ruffled off-the-shoulder sleeves add a touch of whimsy.

Princess Attire
(Vera Wang – Maria Theresa)

Unusual Wedding Dress - Princess Attire (Vera Wang – Maria Theresa)
Princess Attire (Vera Wang – Maria Theresa)

No wedding dress guide would be complete without a piece from Vera Wang. This dress is a beautiful testament to her work, which features a lot of unusual couture. The colouration is nude and ivory, a play with fabrics like tulle and Chantilly lace to give the air of rogue princess. The wispy tulle layers asymmetrically over the A-line gown. Long-sleeves top off the classy dress and the lace bodice really accentuates the feel of royalty.

Lightweight Couture
(Reem Acra – Gold Plated)

Unusual Wedding Dress - Lightweight Couture (Reem Acra – Gold Plated)
Lightweight Couture (Reem Acra – Gold Plated)

This dress is a perfect summer dress to show off a little bit of skin for a daring bride. It’s still classy while being a little risqué. The plunging neckline is accented by gold stitch work and lace that creep up and down around the dress. It’s got a flair that looks like baby’s breath flowers. The skirt is translucent with alternating semi-opaque stripes that are very subtle. It’s sleeveless and a classic A-line with a jewel-studded bow for something that toes the line between traditional and unusual.

Crochet Lace Dress
(Claire Pettibone – Laguna)

Crochet Lace Dress (Claire Pettibone – Laguna)
Crochet Lace Dress (Claire Pettibone – Laguna)

This stunning dress is super ideal for a beach wedding. It’s lightweight, breathable and form-flattering. The tiny peekaboo of skin is sweet and endearing and the whole dress can be matched with pretty much any hair style and accessory. It’s an easy piece to go casual in or dress up due to the lace. The weave has repeating patterns of fleur-de-lys swooping curtain elements. Sleeveless, as a summer dress should be, it’s ideal for the sweetheart bride to show off a playful side.

Finding a purely unusual and still gorgeous dress can be a challenge, but there are a lot of ideas out there for a resourceful bride-to-be. Whatever your style and personality, there’s a designer that has thought of it. At 3rd Floor Tailors, we can help match you with a dress you’ll fall in love with.