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How to Choose a Flattering Wedding Dress for Your Figure

Picking out a wedding dress can be exciting and terrifying. It can look good on the mannequin and not so good on you. Does that mean you are the problem? No. The issue is just that the wedding dress is not tailored to suit your body type and shape. You want to look stunning, and getting the right dress takes time and effort. Determining your body shape and how best to have the dress fit can be a challenge. It means you need to know how to choose a flattering wedding dress for your figure.

One of the reasons why most brides opt for a custom-made dress is because they are aware of the uniqueness of body shapes. It is possible to walk into a bridal shop and find your dream dress sitting pretty, staring you m the eye, and you want to get that one. However, it will be of minimal benefit to you if the dress is pretty alone and ends up not complimenting you or your body shape perfectly on your special day. So let’s walk you through how to choose a flattering wedding dress for your figure.

How to Get a Bridal Dress With the Right Body Shape

There are three ways you can get your dream bridal dress that fits and suits you perfectly as well.

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Get One From a Bridal Shop.

While most bridal shops use standard measurements to make their show glass wedding dresses, some are aware of body shape differences and create gowns in categories to cover these differences. So yes, you can get a ready-made wedding dress of your body shape. However, these kinds of bridal shops are not too common.

Get a Custom Made Dress

Custom-made bridal dresses designed, sewn, and fitted just for you. You have a higher chance of loving your look on your special day with a custom-made wedding dress. Since your designer has you and just you in mind when making the dress, it is fitted and suited specifically for your body type, making it sit pretty and comfortably. One setback to getting a custom-made wedding dress is the cost. Custom-made wedding dresses are more expensive and time-consuming. Indeed not as fast and easy as a walk-in and purchase method with bridal shops

Not to worry, we’ve got a third option for our unique bride

Buy and Alter

While this is a bit more costly than getting the dress straight from the bridal shop window, it certainly doesn’t cost as much as getting a custom-made dress. The Buy and Alter option combines functionality, affordability, and time efficiency in one beautiful bridal dress.

You can walk into a bridal shop and pick out your unique, love-at-first-sight wedding dress. Once you have the dress, hand it over to an expert bridal designer and stylist. Now they will make alterations to the wedding dress based on your body shape and type. You can also add and remove specific parts to make that dress pop! One con to this is that you need a professional or expert tailor specializing in wedding dress alterations as there is a high chance the dress will not come out well if not done right by a professional.

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Each of these options has its pros and cons. It is all about finding which of them work best for you and making a choice. Friends and family can help you with their opinions, but ultimately, you’ll want something you feel fantastic wearing for your big day.

So here’s the thing, whichever option you are going for, it all starts with knowing your body type and what works best for you! Body types vary and alter your entire look. If you wonder why a dress looks so good on one person and doesn’t look right on another, yet they are both a size 10, then their unique body shape is the reason.

We’ll go through a few body types and some general tips to ensure that you have a place to start before you go wedding dress shopping.

Different body Types and What Looks Best For Each One


Body type: Typically straight, with bust and hips being about the exact measurements. They are sometimes mistaken for an hourglass figure but not that defined. Athletic body shapes are familiar with growing teenagers and young adults. Bridal shops usually have dresses with this body type compared to the others.

Options: The dresses that highlight aspects of your balanced figure are dresses with flared skirts like an empire or A-line dress. Hip-hugging and form-fitting dresses are usually not as flattering as a fuller dress that sweeping and enchanting.

Inverted Triangle

Body type: Broad shoulders with narrow waist and hips. The inverted triangle body type is known for its broader upper body area, which becomes smaller as it approaches the waist and hip area. This body type is perfect for stunning neckline type dresses, creative dress sleeves, off shoulders and even one shoulder dresses where they can show off that beautiful clavicle.

Options: Cinch-waisted dresses are fantastic for this body type because they can show off beautiful shoulders and a narrow waist. Pay more attention to the pros of these body types than the cons. Flaunt that tiny waist and stunning shoulders in the best ways with the best styles. Mermaid dresses and ball gowns are lovely on this body type since they don’t accentuate hips and focus on the overall bride’s figure.


Body type: Wider hips than shoulders and bust make for a pear-shaped body—a body shape associated with size ten upwards. The hips in this body type are the most apparent curve in the body and do well enough to draw enough attention and is a helpful perk when looking to hide upper body fat in some areas.

Options: Dresses that minimize hips can be a friend for a pear-shaped bride. In the same way, dresses that draw attention to the hips could also help achieve a lot. It’s a win-win with this body type, provided you have a good stylist and tailor. Big, full skirts are ideal, but something that cinches at the waist and then flows outward will often flatter this type of figure. Think A-line gowns for a classic look.


Body type: Narrow waist with wider hips and bust. It is often said that nothing ever looks wrong with you when you have an hourglass figure. Designers are pretty acquainted with this body type, and thus, there are higher chances that you will find a stunning hourglass wedding dress at the bridal shop, just waiting for you to slip right in it.

Options: Something more form-fitting can look very flattering on this shape. A dress with minimal sleeves or straps can show off shoulders, while something fitted near the hips can be sensual and classy. Ball gowns and sheath gowns are great places to start.

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General Tips on Getting The Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Body Type

  • Highlight aspects of your body that you love — forget about what particular shape you may be. If you’re proud of your shoulders or hips or legs, show them off.
  • Sleeveless and plunging necklines draw attention to your torso and shoulders, which you can further accentuate with jewelry and a fancy updo.
  • It’s hard to go wrong with a cinched waist, regardless of shape. You can minimize or maximize the cinch with how the dress tapers and the kind of accessories you add or not.
  • Flared skirts and high-waisted dresses are an excellent place to start for anyone since they are most accommodating for many body types.
  • Pick something that you love and have it tailored. A good tailor can help you pull together a dress that makes you look your best.
  • Above all, never forget that it is your special day, and your dress should be just as unique, not to anyone else but you. Pick something comfortable, something you can think back on and smile.
  • Go with a few friends who have seen you in different outfits when dress shopping. They have a better idea of what suits you and send the sparks flying. However, be careful not to go with too many, so you don’t have conflicting opinions. It is possible to be so in love with a dress that you ignore how it looks with your body type. Here is where your shopping buddies come in.

The wedding dress shopping process is the part where most brides get frustrated. You never know how much stress it is till you have to make a decision.

Girlfriends Are Helping Bride To Choose A Dress

Final Thoughts on How to Choose a Flattering Wedding Dress for Your Figure

What is most important is that you look and feel good on your special day. Having some honest and caring friends by your side when you pick out your dress can make the experience less daunting. Wedding planning tools can be beneficial as well. Try on as many options as you can to get a good sense of what kind of dress you’d like and narrow your choices from there. That’s how to choose a flattering wedding dress for your figure.