Are you looking for a way to hide belly fat in your wedding dress? Then this is definitely for you. From summertime to special occasions, looking thinner in a dress always poses itself as a primary challenge. The struggle to look thinner, especially where belly fat is concerned, is not far from wedding dresses. On your special day, you want to look stunning, which means bringing in a well-shaped, slimmer look. So, how to look thinner in a wedding dress and, which is more important, how to hide belly fat in wedding dress?

A lot of brides try to lose weight a few weeks before the wedding. Some start diets, others start sessions, but things don’t always go as planned. That’s not bad; It’s normal. The good news is, there’s always another way around it.

There are tons of ways and tricks to look thinner in your wedding dress. Right from dress shopping, all the way down. We have compiled the best 5 ways to look thinner and hide that belly fat on your special day.

How to Hide Belly Fat in Wedding Dress: 5 time-tested methods

Use a Belt

Using a belt remains one of the surest ways to shape up your midsection and have yourself looking much thinner in that wedding dress. One great thing about belts is that you can customize them and style them to look more like a part of the dress as an effort to hide the belly fat. Belts are fashionable pieces that function as embellishments and additives used over time by bridal designers to add style to plain-looking wedding dresses. Since they are worn around the waist, they are the perfect addition to look thinner, hide belly fat, and look stunning while you’re at it.

Here’s a Great Way To Add Belts To Your Bridal Dress.

Make It a Convertible

Convertible wedding dresses are an evergreen trend in wedding dresses today. They not only help rock two styles in one day but are also very functional and stylish. Most convertible bridal dresses are done at the waist area. The dress train is usually attached to a belt that you wrap around your waistline and take off after a while to reveal a smaller/shorter, more comfortable wedding dress, especially during the reception party. So you can get two dresses in one and at the same time get that belly looking shaped and perfect in your wedding gown.

Go With Just The Belt

Belts are also perfect when used as just belts rather than as convertibles. You can use it to add a little bit of color and choose an eye-catching material that pops with the dress. It could come as satin, lace, or silk. They can complement the lace material of the hem or be all beaded up to look stunning while holding that belly together and giving the thinner look you were aiming at getting.

Wearing belts help shape you up from the waist down. It outlines your shape and is even better with a flowing skirt. All you have to worry about is that the belt is not too thin, thick, tight, or having the wrong colors. Other than that, belts work just fine.

Pick The Right Style

Are you looking for how you can hide that belly fat? It all starts with picking the right style. Style of dresses can influence how a dress looks on you, from the shape to the outline. Picking dresses that give a tight fit should not be on your list when dress shopping. Mermaid gowns are another major No-No. Your best pick would be a dress that tightens around then bust and frees up as it progresses downwards.

Two top picks would be an A-line styled dress and an empire dress. Not only do they hide that belly fat perfectly, but they also give room for comfortability compared to using corsets. To get that defined perfect look, try starting with picking the best style for your body shape.

Use Corsets Or Spanx

Corsets have always been a primary feature of wedding dresses since the 80s. The reason was that thinner waistlines were trendy and prioritized. So if you are looking to get that waistline and an effective solution to how you can hide your belly fat in your wedding dress, then it’s time to bring in a corset or a Spanx.

Corsets have become a trendy part of wedding dresses this season and, it doesn’t seem like it will be leaving the trend train anytime soon. Not only do they add support to your bust and waist area, but they also help you look slimmer and give a more defined look. The trick to this is getting the right size and material.

You can always reach out to a professional to help check your size before you go shopping. Also, when using a corset or Spanx, be careful not to overdo it. Making it too tight will have you feeling uncomfortable for most of the wedding. Always try it on with the wedding dress to ensure you have the right size and get the right look.

Choose The Correct Materials

Be careful with your material choice when shopping for a wedding dress. Since the aim is to hold in the belly and shape out the waistline, satin or stretchy laces are certainly the wrong way to go. Light fabric materials that will be functional and comfortable should be your target when shopping. In most cases, trust your bridal dress designer or stylist to make the best choice for you. What you need to do is to go for lighter fabrics that won’t make you feel uncomfortable.

How to Look Thinner in a Wedding Dress? Control the Attention!

An effective trick to look thinner and hide the belly fat is to take the attention away from the waist area. By distracting the eyes from the waist and making it focus on something else, your belly fat is away from the eyes. Choosing the right accessories with the right embellishments in the right location is key to achieving that slimmer look. Long sleeves, beaded or shimmering necklines, capes, off shoulders gowns are great ways to divert attention.

How To Look Thinner In a Wedding Dress

Going grand on the jewelry around the neck and ears and topping it all up with a stunning hairstyle would do the trick. Make a statement with your neckline, dress hem, jewelry, or even your shoes. The attention will automatically shift away from your midsection and be more focused on the overall look.


There is a common saying that finding the perfect wedding dress for the bride remains the most stressful part of planning the wedding. Of course, this is true, but it doesn’t have to be the same for you. You can change that! Choosing your wedding dress can be fun as you try out so many different things, explore your options and decide which works best for you. You don’t have to do it alone. Go with your friends, maybe the ones that make up your bridal train, and together pick out which work best for you.

At 3rd-floor-tailors we are intentional about creating a stress-free, fun-filled, memory-making, dress picking experience. So if you land here in your search on how to hide belly fat in your wedding dress or how to look thinner in your wedding dress, our compilation of 5 helpful tips and tricks would help you achieve that look.

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