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How To Dress To Look Thinner In Summer: 8 Proven tricks

What’s one thing summer and clothes have in common? They are both hot! But clothes? Only when done right. Summertime is that season with the ever-rising temps and inviting beach getaways. It’s also the season of increased heat that demands smaller clothes to let in a lot more breeze for your comfort.

When summer is approaching, everyone gets so caught up in getting the right summer clothes and toning up for the perfect summer body. There is that need to look a few pounds smaller than our actual size. And there is that question – how to dress to look thinner in summer?

We all used to believe that looking thinner could only be possible with a diet and studious workout routine, but hey! Here’s something for you. With the right outfits, you can have yourself look however you want, whenever you want without cutting out those extra carbs? Yeah, you read that right. So if you are on this page then you are looking for ways you can match up those outfits to make you look thinner in those gorgeous looking summer outfits.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you. We have compiled solid wardrobe-worthy hacks that set you on the path to the perfect summer look. And here are our 8 ways to dress to look thinner in summer.

Layer it up

Chances are that you have been doing this but just not doing it right enough to pop that summer look. When layering to look thinner, go big. Sounds funny but it works. It helps you look much smaller than you are with no excessive workout routines. A perfect one to start with will be a crop top.

Crop tops are cute and all but are best when worn with a mission in mind, and in this case, is to look thinner. Get a plus-sized crop top that stops just a bit above your belly button then match it with a tank. This way you get to hide the excess pounds while flaunting the assets (your curves)

A-line dresses are faves

To be fair, A-lines do a whole lot more than we give credit for, and if you are looking to look a few pounds thinner for summer, then a-lines should not be far from your wardrobe. The shape of an A-line in itself already lets you know that “hey! I’ve got you” A-line dresses have an amazing way of bringing in the perfect silhouette image with the right curves in all the right places. With the flay lower part curving just enough and hiding just enough, the shaped upper part complimenting the even more shaped waist area.

To rock the A-line, go for shorter A-line dresses which not only help pop that summer look, it also gives you enough room, makes you look taller, and perfect for vacations

The smaller waist illusion

One thing about smaller waists is that they have a special way of making you look thinner and curvier. Now not everyone comes with the perfect waist size, and for some of us, we have to chip in workout routines and diets to get that mini waist in time for summer. Here’s a trick, you can create an illusion of a smaller waist with just the right clothes. All you need to do is one simple thing, contrast the waist!

This could work in many ways, the most common of which is tucking in at the waist. Another way to get this done is to slide in a sash or a belt. This way, you are not just getting that waist in shape, you are also killing it with spiced-up fashion sense.

Huge tip: Taller and slimmer go pretty much hand in hand so match up your waist hack with shorter hem skirts or dresses. That’s just perfect to do the trick!

Mix and match

This one is more or less the oldest trick in the book but still highly effective. From plain and patterned to plain and stripes, mixing and matching have been a great way to alter looks and bring out a specific final look that you want. Good news! They also work well for summer outfits and are also a great way to keep up with the trend and look good doing it. With just the right prints, you have yourself looking like summer is here for you alone.

Mixing and matching is the ultimate summer illusion hack that anyone can pull off. It’s also very easy. All you have to do is pick two prints that are completely different from one another, one for the bottom part of your body and the other for the top. You can now combine these print choices with other match-up hacks like high waist shorts and a crop top and you are good to go. This is the simplest and oldest trick on how to dress to look thinner in summer.

If it’s shorts? Go high waist

High waist shorts are another great way to ditch the extra pounds without actually ditching the extra pounds. Especially when coupled with a tank or a crop top, maybe even both, or even a classic button-up shirt and you have a slimmer version of yourself ready to hit the beach. All you have to do is pick the right color and the right size. Black is always a top pick to add to that minimizing look. In a way, you can call it the cherry on top.

You can’t go wrong with ripped jeans

Not only are they topping the trending boards, but they also have a special way of enhancing your silhouette and slimming you right into shape. Match them up with soft colored tops and you draw the attention away from the extra pounds, to the extra style.

Go vertical

Going vertical, especially with stripes is the second-best trick in the book right next to mix and match. What’s better? They both also go great together. Vertical stripes work wonders when it comes to making you look taller and slimmer. Your shorts, a-line, and even belt or sashes could come in stripes. A striped belt around the waist that not only shapes in the waist but also give the tall slim image with stripes is a great way to go

Ruffle it up

Truth be told, not many people like ruffles. This is due to its tendency to make you look much bigger than you are. Now, this might have you kicking it off the list out-rightly. However, you need to know, that if done right, they are like a magic trick waiting to appear.

Ruffles at the tip of crop tops resting just above your waist will have that waist looking much thinner than you could have imagined. Or a short dress that’s on the plus size but with ruffles at the waist, just a little below the belly button, and boom!! You have that look in the bag!

Woman In Summer Dress Standing In A Field


Now that you have all these hacks on how to dress to look thinner in summer and just waiting to rock, match it up with great accessories. From handbags to pieces of jewelry that compliment your outfit. Now one last tip, the best way to rock that outfit is to wear you. That’s right! Wear your confidence. It is the best outfit and will have the summer slaying in the bag!