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How to Decide Between Two Wedding Dresses — 10 Proven Ways.

If you have done a lot of shopping, you would be very familiar with this feeling right here. How to decide between two wedding dresses? Something perfect catches your eye and, you are thinking, “This is it; this is the one,” and you feel your search is over only to come face to face with another piece of perfection that ranks just as much as the first top choice. Just like wedding dresses, you can only wear one (except you are planning something grand).

Your wedding dress is by function one of the most important things to you on your wedding day and, you want to make sure it’s perfect. This means extra effort will go into finding the perfect one amidst perfect ones.

When you have to choose between two stunning, heartwarming bridal dresses, it’s much easier to make a choice when the dresses are alike; Having just a few differences here and there, maybe with embellishments, necklines, or material. You can even make a cross of these two similar dresses to get one custom-made, uniquely stunning dress. Who says you can’t eat your cake and have it? (wink.)

However, it’s a different ball game when the dresses are so opposite and unique from each other. Completely different styles that both happen to catch your fancy, and choosing one or the other changes the whole look entirely.

Not to worry, there’s always a way around it, and we have compiled 10 helpful ways to choose “The One”

Get Help From Your Bridesmaid

If you are going dress shopping, you absolutely should not go alone. Your bridesmaids are not just there to stand pretty in matching outfits holding flowers and smiling at guests. They are your entourage, and they are the best sets of people to take with you when dress shopping. Your bridal train will most likely encompass your close friends and relatives, which means they know your personality, your style, and what looks best on you.

How To Decide Between Two Wedding Dresses: Get Help From Your Bridesmaid

Sometimes, you need a little bit of convincing. In the same way, you ask them if that summer outfit looks good on you, and they help you decide; In the same way, they will help you pick a wedding dress. Having them with you will not only help build motivation but also decide which is best and why.

So here’s a hint

If you step out of the dressing room and get applause, and step out with the other dress and get a standing ovation; Then you know which got their attention and which you should choose.

Reach Out To a Professional

There is a reason why stylists and designers are needed from time to time. Not just to create the perfect dress for the perfect look but to also give advice. Bridal designers and consultants have the in-depth expert knowledge to analyze both choices and help you choose the best one. With so many years of experience styling brides, more so not being a friend or relative, you are sure to get expert feedback and assistance on picking the perfect wedding dress in functionality and style.

Have a Look In Mind

It is highly advisable to have a look in mind before going dress shopping. If not, you will get swayed by every fancy-looking dress on a mannequin. Considering your wedding plans, themes, events, and program, picture out a wedding dress that is both stunning and functional. Match it with your accessories, your shoes, or maybe even a trendy hairstyle in your head. Picturing your gown with these essential details will make choosing a dress much easier.

Trust Your Gut

There is always that perfect dress that seems to keep calling out to you. If you are dress shopping, you got one, then got another, and can’t make a choice. Don’t rush. Take it slowly. Give yourself time to listen to yourself. Remember, you are the bride. It is your special day. Don’t listen to everyone and forget to listen to yourself. Trust your instincts. That dress that doesn’t leave your mind. You keep thinking “there’s something about this dress, but I can’t put my finger on it” Note, with just a little more time, you will make your choice.

Weigh The Options

Just like when you are gadget shopping, pros and cons can help determine which choice is best and why. Get a book and a pen and get thinking. What makes you want this dress? What’s so good about it? What makes it special enough to stand out to you amidst other stunning wedding dresses? Answer these questions in the form of a list. List out the things that make the dress one of your top choices.

All its pros, from the material choice to how well it goes with accessories or theme. When this is done, do the same for the cons. What are the not-so-favorable features of this dress? What makes it off? Is it in line with the style of the theme? Would you prefer a heart neckline over a sweetheart? Is that zipper giving you the chills? Do this for both gowns and compare. The gown with the most pros is the one you should choose.

Think Beyond the D-day

This might sound a bit odd, but your wedding dress should not only be about your special day. Think a bit about the future. If you are planning to get the gown sold after the wedding or pass it on to a loved one as a family tradition, you will be doing yourself and the soon-to-be owner of a huge favor by choosing one that can stand the test of time. It will mean considering the style, considering trends, and considering material choice. With these in mind, it will help better scrutinize your gown choice when things get too confusing and cloudy.

Check Back With Your Top Choices

There’s no reason to be too anxious about choosing the perfect wedding dress that you choose in a rush. Yeah, that bridal dress salesperson can be convincing but, sometimes, all you have to do is go back home, freshen your mind, check online, run through your choices again and go back to check with them again.

Play The Chance Game

You may try so many options, and you can’t still seem to make a choice. Well, maybe it’s time to make things a little bit more fun. You and your girls could take a vote, a bet, or toss a coin to determine which dress you’d be choosing. Leaving it to chance can help spice up the choice dilemma and sort things out finally. Both dresses are too perfect, and you can’t seem to pick one? It’s time to toss that coin.

Monochrome Photography Of Round Silver Coin

Go Double, Go, Grand

We mentioned this in the introduction, and we are bringing it back. No rule says you can’t have two wedding dresses. If you have the funds for it, then get the two. Plan your wedding to feature a double bride reveal!

Go Custom

Last but not least is the real jawbreaker. A cross of both stunning dresses to create one exquisite wedding dress. With the pros and cons all listed out, you can cross both dresses with your favorite features and leave out the cons to create the perfect wedding dress. Get a professional like 3rd-floor-tailors to handle this for you and get that perfect wedding dress in no time at all.

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Choosing your bridal dress is certainly one to look forward to, though it can also be stressful when you can’t make a choice. The same goes for your accessories and even hairstyle. These vital decisions are sure to pop up when planning a wedding. Try these 10 methods to make that choice much easier.