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How to Build Your Wedding Website. Most Important Tools and Tips

Your Wedding Website is more than just a digital platform; it’s the long-lasting place that you create after your engagement (most probably) for yourself, your family and your wedding guests. It is more than just a mere formality, and you should approach it as an inseparable part of your wedding preparation. The website is the primary source for guest information, dress-code, theme and a lot more. Not only will you compile the needed information in one place, but also you will have your own platform to share your incredible love story. In this article, we have rounded up all you need to know and share our insights on how to build your wedding website.

Let’s start with analyzing what type of information you need for your wedding website, and then we will review the tools (both paid and free) that will help you get the job done. 

Theme and Style

First and foremost, tell your guests about the theme of your wedding day. Whether you decide on a tropical gateway or a floral style fairytale, your guests should dress following the wedding style. So, when you have already decided on the dress code, add the information to the website. The guests will be happy to learn about the theme so quickly. 

Location, Routes & Shuttle Information

Have you decided on the location of one of the best days of your life? Is it a medieval castle? Maybe a romantic beach? Or is it a stunning venue prepared to host your love day? In any case, you should inform your guests about the finalized location. There will be lots of people who will have to plan and schedule accordingly. Additionally, keep in mind to include routes and shuttle information. This will guide your guests to the final destination of the love celebration.

Local Activities

In addition to the location details, be sure to include relevant activities nearby that will keep your guests entertained and happy. If you plan to invite all of your guests to a different city or country, create a checklist or maybe a travel guide for them to explore the destination to the fullest.

Registry Details

According to wedding etiquette, it is forbidden to include any sort of registry information on the invitations. Your wedding website is the ideal place to add this type of information. And to answer the question in your head, “No, it is not going to look like a cry for gifts”. Make sure to include all the necessary information like direct links to the registry of your choice. Also, it is a great place to contain Charity Information you are willing to contribute.

Your Wedding Story

It’s a beautiful day of celebrating love and family, and the guests are all coming to share their happiness and excitement with you. Let them have a glimpse into your love story, share some romantic photos and magical moments of your couple. All the invitees will be delighted to get to know your couple better. Also, some relatives might haven’t had the chance to get acquainted with your partner. So, this is the ideal opportunity to solve so many issues.


This recommendation may not suit everyone, but we will present you with both sides of the digital RSVP. It is entirely up to you and your partner what to include on your wedding website. The online RSVP confirmation is one of those controversial things. Since you know your guests better, you should evaluate how seriously they will take the digital version of presence confirmation. This system is relatively easy to integrate into your website, and most builders already have a template for it.

Some people argue that the handwritten RSVP gives an entirely different experience and responsibility to your guests. In contrast, others believe that the digital version does a great job without harming the environment. The best solution here is evaluating your budget and understanding the need for paper invitations with your partner.

Wedding F.A.Q

Lastly, compile a section for questions you feel are going to arise. Is there a specific rule for children? Will you have vegan choices on the menu? Or is there a particular colour for the wedding? Add whatever you feel is necessary for the guests to keep in mind and finalize building your wedding website.

The Tools To Help You Build Your Wedding Website

The Knot

Wedding Website Builder:

The Knot lets you express your love in great templates and designs. You are free to choose from various classic, modern and floral website designs to showcase your love story and wedding information. It is free and reasonably easy to navigate. There is an added function that lets you buy a wedding domain for $20. It can assist even the ones who are not that friendly with technology.

Additionally, there is a section allocated for hotel room bookings near the wedding venue. So, if your guests need an accommodation to stay at, the website will provide them with some choices as well. Also, The Knot lets you integrate a messenger into your wedding website. Just imagine how comfortable it is for the guests to chat directly through your website if they have any questions.

Overall, The Knot provides you with a great variety of templates to choose from, easy and quick navigation, messenger, controls of privacy and customization.


Post How To Build Your Wedding Website 02 is one of the best-known website builders ever to exist, and it also comes in handy when creating a wedding website of your dreams. There are lots of templates to choose from and an easy navigator to organize every detail. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to use the drag-and-drop function and create your website.

Also, you have privacy control, meaning the site can stay hidden for as long as you need it to, and you can add passwords to specific pages. There is an option to upgrade to a premium level with a monthly subscription of $10. Overall, Wix is a great tool to help you with your wedding website preparation.


Post How To Build Your Wedding Website 03

The next website builder we are going to discuss is Squarespace. It is a professional website builder offering a variety of customization functions and great designs. Even though building wedding websites is not the primary function of Squarespace, the ease of navigation provides you with an excellent building experience. You can view the changes you are making instantly with its live process, making it so easy for you.

On the financial side, the website builder is only free for the first two weeks; then, you have to pay $12 to get back the editing access. Also, there is an option of domain purchase for $20. Frankly, there are some drawbacks that we have encountered while testing Squarespace. There is no section for RSVP and some other wedding necessities. As mentioned, Squarespace offers building websites of various kinds. So, there are functions for eccomerce or blogs that you are not going to use but will be charged anyway.  Lastly, as you have a monthly subscription, it won’t be an optimal choice to keep the wedding website live for a long time.

What did we understand? Squarespace is a great professional website builder, with so many functions that may turn out to be unnecessary for your wedding website.

To sum up,  you should consider building a wedding website a crucial component of your wedding preparation. Not only is it going to be the informational source for your guests, but it is also a long-lasting digital memory of one of the most romantic phases in your life.