Weddings should be perfect! Not precisely the fairy-tale kind of perfect, but enough to rank as one of your most memorable moments. When planning your wedding, a lot of processes, arrangements, and tasks are involved. Most of the time, we get carried away with the seemingly bulky plans and forget the little details that make for a perfect wedding. In every ten, the chances are that seven of them will encounter issues with the wedding dress. From sizing and fitting to little tears and rips, the wedding dress problems are one of the most common ones that pop up during the wedding. While it might seem like something you can overlook, it can ruin your special day when it happens.

You realize that your wedding dress is a vital part of your wedding preparations; what you look, what you wear, and how comfortable you will make a real difference. The truth is, chances are pretty high that you might encounter an issue with your wedding dress, but none of this matters if you can get these issues fixed up in no time (No bride wants to run around to fix a dress on her special day).

Not to worry, in this post, we will take you through how long it takes to make alterations to your wedding dress, from the common issues you might face to how to get them fixed in a jiffy! Wanna learn how to keep the magic on your special day with the perfect dress? Keep reading!


The Perfect Wedding Dress: Try-On Fittings And Alteration Fittings

Everyone wants to look great on their wedding day with a perfectly fitted flowing gown sitting comfortably like the icing on the wedding cake. This is why you need a wedding dress alteration.

Try-on fittings are the ones you go for before alterations are made. Try on fittings are very different from alterations. While try on fittings makes up a large part of making your wedding dress, alterations bring out the beauty of the dress.

Why Do I Need Alterations On My Wedding Dress?

When it comes to getting the perfect wedding dress, the chances are that you might have a gain or lost a few pounds, especially in certain parts of your body while preparing for the wedding, which might alter the final look of your wedding dress. Alterations are those final touches that ensure that everything remains perfect as it should be. It is more or less fine-tuning your wedding dress to spot possible errors, make corrections, and put everything in excellent shape.

A wedding dress should be comfortable, and the truth is, some wedding dresses come with such an intricate design that gives a lot of discomforts. At other times, it might just be an error on the inside on the part of the tailor. It does happen! Alterations will help replace that discomforting look on your face with a bright smile by giving you the perfect fitting. Sometimes you might need to make a few changes to your wedding dress, add a few things, and correct a few things; alterations are what make them happen before the D-day.

Wedding Dress Alterations And How Long They Take

You said, yes! So you must enjoy every step of the journey. Your wedding dress is the most critical piece for you on your special day, so you should be prepared for the possible issues you might encounter. Here is a list of expected wedding dress alterations you might need to make on your wedding dress, and fast!

Size adjustments

Size adjustments remain one of the most common alterations of all time. The chances are that somewhere at some part of your body, your wedding dress won’t fit! Most commonly, it is either an issue with the hips, bust, hem, or armhole. It could be because you have gained/lost a few pounds from the last time you visited for try-on fittings. It is possible and could drop that smile on your face when your dress doesn’t look the way you want it. Not to worry, size adjustments are one of the quickest wedding dress alterations.

Once the issue is spotted, it could be fixed up in a jiffy while still preserving your wedding dress’s general design. It could be done within a week or two depending on the size alterations needed to be made. However, custom-tailored dresses could attract a more extended space of time, but your dress will be up and ready in a month

Vintage dress alterations and remodeling

Let’s face it; some dresses are hard to let go of. Sometimes, it’s just a family tradition that everyone wants to be a part of. Wedding dresses and fabrics are no exception.

How Long Do Alterations To A Wedding Dress Take: Wedding Dress Size Adjustments

Wanting to preserve a family gown is one thing, and re-modeling it is another. The good news is, You can do both! Vintage dresses most often than not, come with quite several worn-out parts. There is also the issue of being a different size from the last person who wore it. Finding a tailor that helps remodel your vintage gown, retain and revive the evergreen fabric’s beauty without damaging the material is quite a daunting task. Even when you find one, it takes a lot of time for the alterations to be complete. With the help of a good tailor, you can have that vintage dress up and stunning in a month or two (rush fee included)

Zipper Repairs

Zippers might look like little additives that don’t add much to your dress but are as important as the expensive fabric itself. Having a broken zipper means no wedding dress since it ruins the fitting and makes it almost impossible to wear. You can repair or replace a broken zipper, even in custom made wedding dresses, in less than a week.

Wedding Dress Zipper


Although not as common as size adjustments, they also pop up a bit too frequently when it comes to wedding dresses. Getting the perfect hem length, especially with custom made wedding dresses, could be a bit tricky. However, the alterations could be done in 2 to 4 weeks; custom-made dresses may take longer than that but could be quicker if a rush fee is paid.

Other Special adjustments and alterations

Adjustments and additions like straps, necklines, bust, hip, and waist fitting could also be done in a matter of weeks. However, some alterations, like the chest area and the neckline, are trickier than others. You could even want to switch up the style from your initial choice. Maybe you want a fuller hem, added lace, or even a big train; these alterations, adjustments, and additions can be made to your wedding dress in less than three months max.

A Seamstress Is Working On Wedding Dress

Now you have an idea on how long do alterations to a wedding dress take. Making alterations to your wedding dress takes time and expert touch to bring out the perfect outfit. However, it all burns down to the item (the dress) and how complex the alterations must be made.

The good news is, you no longer have to wait months to get your wedding dress in perfect shape. With our expert help and YOU, the special bride, we will make your wedding dress one remember!

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