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Top 5 Minimalist Wedding Décor Ideas

Your wedding is finally approaching. Like the big day it is, you need to make it a memorable one; therefore, the décor is of utmost importance. Your wedding décor is the part that sets the mood by enhancing the wedding venue. Getting the best wedding décor is fun. But can sometimes be a pain when you can’t narrow them down to your style, even when you search them online. In this article, we will show you 5 minimalist wedding décor ideas that might seem little. But this simple ideas will definitely make a big impact on your wedding, especially when used together. So, let us get right to it.

Here are our Wedding Décor Ideas You Can Pick for Your Ceremony

The first thing you should know before going along with any wedding décor idea is to be sure of the theme you plan to use for your big day. You won’t want to have ideas from different themes clash and make a contradiction in your wedding. In situations where you don’t have a theme yet, you can search for quizzes on wedding style.

These quizzes help you discover and get a theme that suits you, which also narrows down the ideas you will be open to. Now, without wasting too much time, let us get to it.

Simplify the Centerpieces

One thing you should have in mind is that simple things can be big and sophisticated at times, depending on how you use them. The centerpieces on each table are components that should not be overlooked. It is natural for guests at a wedding to mingle and relate during the event.  In this situation, distractions can come in place when these centerpieces tower too high. Making your table décor simple with the use of things like table runners, delicate vases, and minimalist type floral clusters can leave quite a statement.

The most important thing you should know when planning your wedding décor, especially the aspect that goes into the reception, is how to manage your space and make your centerpieces complement that space. There has to be space but not too much and not too small while complementing it with the centerpieces.

Use of String Lights

Regardless of how cold-hearted anyone might be, romance will surely get to them at least once throughout an event. This is part of the role string lights plays in your wedding décor. Hanging string lights creates a romantic feel in your event and sets the mood. Are you wondering if it only fits an indoor event? Well, think not; this particular idea is not restricting.

Aside from the fact that you will have to hang it differently and it works better in the evenings and night, nothing stops you from using it for your outdoor event. Create a whimsical vibe by weaving the lights through the trees and branches you have around. Make a transformation in the space by using aesthetics that visually welcome your guests, neon signs and tea lights work well in this kind of setting.

Setting Up A Greenery Wall

Nothing beats the beauty of nature which is why a greenery wall is also one to be taken note of. In case you haven’t heard about it initially, a greenery wall is a wall made from a cluster of fresh green artistic plants. The good thing about a greenery wall is that most times, you don’t need to go through the stress of setting it up yourself; you can always purchase it at a flower store.

Another great benefit of having a greenery wall aside from just decoration is that it makes a great backdrop, and guests are sure thrilled when they get a good place to take pictures. You can choose not to stop at just having a greenery wall and decide to add a few things like some beautiful flowers, lights, or neon signs probably around the edges.

Explore the Minimalist All White Wedding

An all-white wedding is one of the minimalist décor types that can be simple but yet so sophisticated. The beauty of this setting is that it not only goes well for the reception but for the entire wedding, which means you get to enjoy a glamorous setting when you are taking your vows. An all-white wedding goes from all-white dresses to white gowns and drapes. It also entails all white flowers with touches of greens, white candles, white table covers, etc.

Aside from the fact that it beautifies the entire space, it also eliminates distractions in the décor, and you see it for what it is. An all-white cake with few touches of complementing colors will also give off the artistic feel, so if you think cakes are just for eating at a wedding, then you need to think again.

Country Type Weddings

Want to go in a different direction and not the regular modern wedding theme? Why not try out a country-type wedding. You might think it’s old school, but it is actually pretty simple and sophisticated when you do it in a creative way. One thing you should know is that the country also varies so be sure to always stick to the countryside that you are not just familiar with but one you really love.

5 Minimalist Wedding Décor Ideas: Country Style Wedding

Picking a stone cabin or making use of rusty old barn having weathered wood really do serve as good backdrops if you look closely. Also, the fields with the mixed colors of green and yellow add a good feel to the setting. Most times, you also have the liberty of having things like stone walls, wheat fields, and rail fencings around the location.

For the love of weddings, Let’s have a bonus minimalist wedding decor idea!

BONUS: Get on A Beach

You might think a beach is just a place to cool of or play around, but it can be a good setting for a wedding. This setting is partially restricting and great in the sense that a full reception might not go well with it. On the other hand, it is a good location for a minimalist wedding. The waves of the sea make the perfect backdrop, and you don’t need to get much for the wedding except a light shade if you wish.

Regardless of the number of guests you might have invited, this form of simplicity goes well and matches everyone. So why don’t you try this one out? Be it the first wedding or the third that your guest will experience at the beach, you can still captivate them.


When thinking about a minimalist wedding, the term “more is better” should be overlooked because it is all about simplicity. Making the décor as simple as possible but in a way that captivates the guests and brings out the mood in the wedding is the important part. What you really need to do is not add more but make do with less, so you should try and bring the best out of the little things you use. This is the basis of a minimalist wedding. The elegance doesn’t require too much. It just requires the best creativity, so have a go and let your creativity run wild with the simple things.