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Fashion Week 2015 Fall/Winter: 70’s and 80’s slightly altered

If you have been following the Fashion Week 2015 Fall/Winter you certainly noticed a very strong trend being followed by few major brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Miu Miu, JW Anderson, Loewe etc. Seventies and in some cases Eighties are in full swing again! Maybe not that literal as we don’t see the as much “flower power” prints and huge shoulder pads but definitely the sensibility of those times, the styling, silhouettes…

Fashion Week 2015 Fall/Winter
Fall/Winter 2015, 70-80ies influence: from left to right: Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, Loewe, Gucci.

Celine, Gucci, Dior & others at Fashion week 2015

And after last two seasons of pretty safe “normcore” collections (still dominant on New Yorks catwalk) the best thing to see was the blossoming of individual creativity especially on European catwalk! The outstanding collections by Celine, Gucci, Dior and of course the Japanese designers who are the true revolutionaries when it comes to design and innovation. The most spectacular collections were produced by “Comme des Garçons” and “Anrealage” with an outstanding development of textile printing technologies. Fascinating!!!

Comme Des Garçons, Undercover, Alrealage
Fall/Winter 2015, Japanese Designers: from left to right: Comme des Garçons, Undercover, Alrealage.

But what a beautiful time the Seventies were! The youth of our parents and grandparents! If you are lucky enough to have kept some of their clothing pieces, it is time to pull them out and with a little alteration they will be the coolest things out there.

Detail alteration such as of the collar or the cuff and slight change in the fit will make the piece almost as relevant as anything you can buy from a rack. Of course, there is no denial, that Louis Vuitton’s or Miu Miu’s pieces are made of exceptionally good fabrics that are inaccessible for “little people” like as, but 3rd floor tailors can make your piece to stand out, be exceptional, one-of-a-kind.

Jane Birkin And Serge Gainsbourg In 1970
Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg in 1970

At least it will stand out on a street filled with mass-produced clothing like Zara, H&M. with all due respect to their design teams (we find them fantastic!), very often the low quality of material and technique and huge quantities devalue the clothing they produce. You can’t escape from owning Zara or Gap pieces.

But they almost always need some kind of repair or alteration exactly because of the low quality production. If you are going to spend the money on Zara piece plus alteration, invest in a vintage piece. It’ll be unique and special and you won’t see another ten people wearing the same. Be bold, be courageous in your choice. Be a stand-out person in our mass market.

Missoni 1970Ies
Missoni 1970ies

Probably never before the vintage clothing garnered so much attention and in some cases was regarded as a treasure. Some vintage pieces by Chanel and Hermes are sold at 200-300% inflated prices as with times they become collectibles. Now and then our customers bring us very nice vintage pieces for alteration and repair.

There is probably nothing more interesting and exciting in our field as to give an old piece a new life and make it even more precious than before. If you are looking for a special dress or an accessory to go to a party or a wedding and you want to stand out in a crowd, check out the vintage store in your neighborhood. Guaranteed, you will find something very interesting. Don’t be put-off by an unraveling hem or missing beads or not so perfect fit. We can repair and do the necessary alteration on almost everything from an evening gown to a fancy hat.

Please come by to show your found treasures and find out how we can help to extend their lives.