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Choosing Your Wedding Dress Style: Inspirational Ideas From Top Selected Couture Shows

The months following Christmas are considered sleepy months for fashion retailers. After hectic shopping for Christmas gifts and new outfits to celebrate beginning of the New Year almost everyone settles into a reflective mood anticipating spring’s arrival and shedding off layers of heavy winter clothing.

We at 3rd Floor Tailors have been very lucky to keep busy this season as small alterations and adjustments are always needed. Plus some smart young ladies are starting to prepare for the most important event in their lives – the wedding. They come to us, 3rd Floor Tailors, for consultations.

As fashion retail goes into its winter snooze fashion industry is getting ready for it’s next big presentation – Fall/Winter Collections.

The calendar starts with the couture shows. But even before that the bridal weeks kick off. Being so close to each other in terms of timing these to branches of fashion industry seem to be quite disconnected when it comes to trends. Why? In our opinion Haute Couture can be an amazing source of inspiration for bridal and evening wear and the trends can successfully trickle down into more commercialized products found in wedding salons and stores selling evening gowns. Unfortunately it is not quite the case unless your budget allows you to deal with a heavy five-digit price tag on wedding dresses and gowns by renowned European designers.

The well-traveled 21st century young professional woman who follows fashion has very little choice when it comes to choosing her wedding dress. Just try to google images of wedding dresses! Don’t they all look all the same? Princess-y? Mermaid-y? Fairy-tale-y? Didn’t we change since Cinderella time? Why do we all want to be Cinderellas? Where is the cool, independent, professional woman of 21st century? Hidden behind tons of white tulle and lace??? Not me!

After this year’s Couture shows there was a big debate about couture not adapting to 21st century. Yes, we quite agree! The gowns you see on the couture runway are impeccably made but are rather museum pieces that can be from 80ies or even tries. But we love what Raf Simons did for Dior Couture! He preserved the typical New Look silhouette of Dior but breathed new life into it.

The smart T-shirt resembling little tops with magnificent pleated skirts were so refreshing. The whole collection was incredibly luminous, sunny, light and felt profoundly contemporary. What a perfect approach to a fancy 21st century dressing! Wouldn’t you like a wedding dress like that! Think about it, when choosing your wedding dress style.

Choosing Your Wedding Dress Style

And look at Chanel’s recent collection! Being quite bourgeois it feels incredibly modern due to the fine silhouette, beautiful proportions and exquisite surface work.

We at 3rd Floor Tailors are there for you girls who want to look different, to be as precious as “Dior” or “Chanel” girl without paying Dior price, be cool, be yourself!

There is another question that new brides rarely ask themselves. What are they going to do with the big, heavy and expensive wedding dress after? Let your sister wear it? we are not so sure about that! Donate? Maybe…

We at 3rd Floor Tailors have a better idea. Come to us! We’ll make your custom wedding dress and can give you the option of altering it the way you can wear it again.

Please call in to see what we can do for you. Come to see our samples of incredible hand-made fabrics and discuss your very special and unique wedding or evening dress with us.

Thank you for being with us.