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& Sample Making

From sketch to product

Prototype & Sample Making

Making a prototype or the first sample is a vital step in garment making. 3rd Floor Tailors specializes in creating soft goods prototypes and garment samples from design ideas, hand-drawn sketches, virtual prototypes, or existing garments.

Our highly skilled sample makers can create a sample that you can keep and use for sales, production, marketing, and fittings. We have expertise with a wide range of product categories which includes (but not limited to);

  • Bridal wear
  • Evening wear
  • Leather
  • Prom dress

We simplify the process of having a custom design made and manufactured. We build prototypes based on your design specs, then we test and revise multiple times. Not only that, we ensure the product looks, fits, and performs as required by paying the utmost attention to every detail.

Both small and large projects are welcome as we will guide you through all the technical requirements of transforming your idea into a production-ready sample at any level of difficulty.

We create prototypes and samples for the following categories of clients. 

Prototype for Production

Prototype For Production

Samples are inevitably necessary before starting bulk production.

We can make pre-production samples that reflect all details needed to produce the style. You will not only get a prototype; we’ll develop the methods in which the product will be manufactured efficiently with the best quality. We will ensure your product will surpass your customers’ expectations, and this is a sure way to keep your customers coming and referring your product to others.

Start-ups for Runway Shows

Samples For Fashion Shows

If you are a fashion start-up and need help, we do that too! We will help in creating a dress for your fashion show.

Prototyping for Private Clients

Prototypes For Private Clients

Once you have a prototype, then we can do quality and design testing and modification. At each stage of this development, we can refine the newer version of your product each time.

Samples for Photoshoots

Samples For Photoshoots

If you need a sample to promote your style in the media like TV ads, promotional clippings, and catalogues, we got you covered. We will make the photo shoot samples according to your intended model’s body fit.

Prototype for Small Fashion Brands

Prototype For Fashion Brands

All you need is just a drawing!  Our professionals will discuss your idea, feasibility, sizing, fabrics, make the mock-up muslin, and fit it on your fit model.

Samples for Fashion Students

Prototypes For Fashion Students

Do you have a design idea but don’t know where to start? We can help!

The Process


Our in-house professional will look at what you’re trying to achieve and make recommendations regarding construction, fabric choice, colour, and finishing.



We can use your work with physical objects and “create” them or use your drawings.



We then work with you to ensure the prototype meets your exact specifications and will fine-tune where required.


After your prototype is complete, we can make you a pattern. Attention to detail is of absolute importance to us to ensure our clients always get the expected results.

Also, at 3rd Floor Tailors we have experience with a wide range of tailoring services. Services available include: Professional Alteration and Repair, Custom Tailoring, Wedding Dress Alterations, Custom Tailored Wedding dresses

To learn more about our service, Contact us today to make an appointment.

What our customers say

Our company has been using Lilit for our soft good prototypes. Amazing professional work and very competitive pricing. Thanks 3rd Floor Tailors for the incredible work.
Mako Design
Old school quality and sound style advice you can trust. Genius at coming up with cost effective design solutions for unusual requests/alterations. Keen attention to detail. Up your style and pay them a visit.
Winston Dalip Jr
Lilit is just wonderful, I went to so many places around the city to find someone who could help alter my wedding dress at a reasonable price. And Lilit fit the bill perfectly. She's warm, kind, very friendly and great at what she does. Where other places wanted to cut parts of my dress, she found way to preserve the pattern and it looks amazing! Can't recommend her enough!
Ria Jem
I've never been happier with an alteration. I love my dress. It needed a shortening of the lengths of two layers but it was not a straightforward job and I'm glad I didn't take it to just anyone. I didn't have the time to try it on before I took it home, but it was exactly what I wanted. And also, you two are lovely people. I'll be back soon!
This place is amazing, Lilit and Lana did a fantastic job and did their best to meet my deadline.They are incredibly nice and professional.They know what they're doing! My dress came out PERFECT. Thank you so MUCH..... I would highly recommend this place.
Amani Shaaer